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message 1: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Hey hey hey!

message 2: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Hey gurl hey. c:
Have any plot ideas?

message 3: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod

And *thinking face* Well, I can be the guy, or girl. First off, let's figure that out. :)

message 4: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Haha, okay! I can be either, too. Do you have any preferences?

message 5: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
I like being the guy. :P Have you ever seen an Ash VanDel?

message 6: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments I hadn't but then I googled it and found a picture on dA... I'm assuming that's your account? c:

message 7: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Oh, yes. Heh, I meant on GR but yes, he's mine. XP

Do you have any ideas before my mind explodes randomly with them?

message 8: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Oh... oops. :P
I'm a bit bad with ideas, but I was thinking a medieval fantasy. But I'm open to any ideas your mind feels like exploding c:

message 9: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Still, :D At least he got another view!

That sounds good. :D ((Brb. Food. O.O))

message 10: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments *steals food* nomnomnom. :3
I need to get some food. but lazzzzy. :c

So, for plot... maybe a kind of Romeo / Juliet thing? Opposing kingdoms but then two kiddos fall in love and have to keep it secret and stuff.

message 11: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Haha, I haven't eaten all day. And ohhh are you nobodygirlxy on DeviantART?

Haha, alright. Except, no dying. XP

message 12: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Oh wait, heh, that's a favorite. Nvm.

message 13: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Okay, no dying. c: Sorry for the late-ish reply!
no I'm chikomeeta on dA. c:
So.. do you want to be the girl or guy?

message 14: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
It's alright. And no thank you. My life is going alright right now, I don't wanna ruin it! ;)

I'ma have to check ya out.


message 15: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Sorry for the heart attack but.... GUY! I make um sexah.

message 16: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments You better make 'em sexeh. ;)
LOL I apologize for my dA account it hasn't been updated in like 50000 million years ;___;

message 17: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Dang! You old! O.O

And he will. He always is. And he's a total sweety too!

message 18: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Now I'm all excited. c:
I'll be working on my shmeexy princess too.
Brb, though. My mom just made me some delicious tea.

message 19: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Haha, alright. I shall work on meh sexy prince. Awww Ashie's going to be a prince!

message 20: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Actually, I have to go now, but I'll be on later / tomorrow! Sorry :c

message 21: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
It's alright, :) talk to you tomorrow.

message 22: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Name: Ash VanDel
Age: 16
Personality: Quiet, goes through depressed spells, funny, witty, loves to have fun and be weird.
History: Ash was born into royalty, he was the first born prince of the VenDel Kingdom. His parents were very happy about his birth and protected him with everything they had, one day, his mother and him were walking through the woods when a bear attacked. His mother protected him and was killed in the process, she was pregnant at the time with a little girl. Ash now blames himself for his mother's and baby sister's death. It was his idea to go walking. He now lives with her father, who has distanced himself from his only child. Ash was 10 at the time, after that he was often with his uncle. His uncle beat him whenever he did something wrong of that he was drunk(The uncle). Ash had to learn how to fight, and his uncle was his teacher. Ash wasn't one for fighting either....

Ash also loves to play instruments and music is his life. He learned to play the guitar and banged around on some pots when he was a kid. By the time he was 16, he was skilled in the drums and the guitar. He can also play the flute rather well. He learned from his best friend, his only friend and that friend was his cousin.
Kingdom: VanDel Kingdom
Fears: Being beaten
Someone he loves dying
His uncle
Not coming out of his depression spells
Joys: Singing
Playing the guitar
Listening to music
Playing the drums
enjoying life.
Hobbies: Singing
Weapons?: Sword
Throwing knives
Other: The kingdoms colors and purple and black (The colors of my school also). The black was for Ash's perfect black hair and the purple was his mother's favorite color.

message 23: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Hey! Sorry I haven't been getting on lately... I'm afraid I can only get on the most on weekends. :c

message 24: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
That's alright.

message 25: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Again, I'm sooo sorry for delaying the roleplay... I feel bad. :c On weekends and breaks I'll definitely be on more.
Character coming up next :)

message 26: by safia ☼ (last edited Oct 28, 2013 04:46PM) (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Name: Elaine Claire Swann
Nickname: Ellie
Prefers to be called: Elaine
Kingdom: Swann Kingdom
Colors: Red and yellow (Gryffindor!), because the Swanns thought it was regal and bold.
Age: 17
Birthday: May 17th

Eye color: Light green
Weight: 135 lbs
Skin color: White
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Habits: Tends to talk too much when nervous.
Personality: Elaine is what everyone would describe her; friendly and sweet to everyone she meets. But that is only the outside of her. Deeper, she is lost and angry. She doesn't show this to her family and friends, only to people she gets to know really well. In other words, practically no one. Elaine feels this way inside because of her resentment of kingdoms; she never asked to be a princess. Instead, here she was, born into royalty, forced into marriage, and unsure of what to do with her future. She feels as if she'd much rather be an entertainer who plays music and acts for an audience, but instead, she's stuck inside debating about politics.
History: Most would say Elaine lived an easy, non-troubled life. Elaine would disagree. Although she didn't go through anything traumatic, she hated her royal life. Her parents thought she loved it, because she never let it show. Instead, Elaine would run away from her troubles by going to her room at the end of each day, dressing up as someone else, and going into town to act and sing. To this day, she still does this; she doesn't think anyone recognizes her, and her parents aren't aware.
Fears: Being stuck in her royal life forever, swimming, people discovering her when she's acting.
Hobbies: Acting and singing.
Weapons: She doesn't normally fight, but she usually carries a pocketknife around just in case.

message 27: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments We can start now, if you want! :)

message 28: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Sorry, I was at my boyfriend's. I'll be on tomorrow though.

message 29: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments That's alright; I'm not on very much on weekdays though due to a ridiculously busy schedule. :/ But I'll be on more on weekends. :)

If you want, I could post my intro first? Or you can, either way. :)

message 30: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Where do you want them to meet?

message 31: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Maybe at one of those fancy balls they always have at medieval times?
And maybe Elaine Claire could ask Ash to dance, or vice versa, without them knowing they're from different kingdoms... then they fall in love somehow?
Just an idea :P

message 32: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Sounds good. Then they meet again in the woods?

message 33: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Sure!
And maybe they don't know for awhile that they're of opposing kingdoms, and when they do find out, they're like, LOVE IS THE ANSWER~
And should they commit suicide in the end like in the real Romeo and Juliet or do you want a happy ending? c:

message 34: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
NO! NO SUICIDE! o.o Knowing my other Ashs.... ohhhh no.

message 35: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Okay, they could have a happy ending! c:

message 36: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Orrr her parents could want to exicute Ash and she ends up killing them? And then Ash gets out his bow and starts fighting to survive?

message 37: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments ..That sounds dramatic. But I'd be willing to do it!
So, EC kills her parents? And Ash... fights against his parents?

message 38: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Heh, or something else could happen and Ash kills her parents protecting her or something? Then she can kill his uncle later on because she sees him abusing Ash?

message 39: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Sounds good. :)

message 40: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Thankies! :D So.... let us begin.... *Gestures like they usually do when they are showing a play.*

message 41: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Sure! :) You first or me?

message 42: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
I'll have Ash arive. ((GAH IT DOESN'T LOOK RIGHT! DX))

Ash walks in, his head low like normal as he looks around, he was wearing the other kingdom colors so he would not be caught. He looked down at his colors, not really his style, he liked the darker and more myserious colors better. He was just hoping no one recognized him or he'd be exicuted for being on the other kingdom's land.

message 43: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments ((Sorry if I'm a bit poofy because I'm doing homework :P Is Ash going to the par-tay?))

message 44: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
((Yah, he should be there. :D And it's alright. I should be doing homework. O.O))

message 45: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments ((kk!))

Elaine Claire puts on an emerald-green dress, huffing while doing so. She's finally getting a break from the ridiculous amount of work in princessly duties. Her parents let her go to the party tonight because they wanted her to meet some boys... and hopefully marry off to them. She, of course, has other plans. She much preferred crashing the party.

After slipping into her dress, Elaine Claire walks down the stairs of her castle and into the ballroom, where quite a crowd has already gathered.

message 46: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments (( Gotta go to dinner. I'll see you in an hour or so, if not then tomorrow.. bye! c: ))

message 47: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
((Alright, later!))

Ash slips through the croud of people and looks around, not saying anything to anyone, it was his idea to crash this party. Get away from his kingdom and his abusive uncle. His wrist still hurt from his uncle taking the knife to them. Well.... at least, most of them are from his uncle....

message 48: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments Elaine Claire grins as she reaches the end of the stairs. There was nothing like the experience of disappointing your parents to brighten up your day. She tosses a small vile in the air and catches it again; she's going to spike the non-alcoholic with her vile of wine, and her parents stressed on the non-alcoholicism of the punch.

Elaine Claire walks over to the punch bowl with an innocent expression, meeting the eyes of her friend Courtney. Well, she didn't want Courtney to be her friend any more than she'd want to jump of a cliff into shark-infested waters; Courtney was smug, stuck-up, and rich. They had nothing in common, but of course, Elaine Claire's parents felt that she needed more friends and to be more social. I'm plenty social, she thinks crossly, averting her eyes from Courtney's. She reached the bowl of non-alcoholic punch and looked around, ready to make this party way more interesting.

message 49: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 2634 comments Mod
Ash seen a girl about to pour something into the punch and be laughs softly. This was going to be a blast. He didn't go up to her just yet, he was making sure to save a dance for her though. She deserved one.

message 50: by safia ☼ (new)

safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 795 comments When she was sure nobody was watching, Elaine Claire poured the vile into the punch. Mission accomplished. She walked away with a pleased smile, until she bumped into her father. She looked up, innocent. "Yes, Daddy?"
"What were you doing by the punch bowl?" Her father asked suspiciously.
"I saw a cute boy over there! Perhaps he could be a potential prince for me," Elaine Claire lied. Her father nodded, satisfied. She knew he'd buy it; if it involves boys, if it involves marriage and a prince, he would be satisfied.
"Why don't you dance with him?" the king suggested. Elaine Claire froze. "Um..." she said, looking around desperately.

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