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Danica (arya_svitkona) | 146 comments As Longbow suggested, a general chat thread!

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Ricardo (rikkerd1709) | 2 comments Hello everyone, good idea Longbow!!!

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Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) | 122 comments (Everyone)
Awesome idea.Even thought the other chat was only 2 pages long it felt like it was way longer.This is a much better idea.

Sup Mcawesomeness28

The reason i love The Burning Bridge is because when Halt promised that he would find Will it reminded me of a memory (dont ask what it is cuz the moment i stopped reading it was gone)and it really made me bawl my eyes out.I love that book cuz of that.And i also love because it is just an awesome book .......and a little cuz it has more Gilan...he is pretty awesome

An i did enjoy the coffee. Had it with lots of honey;Ranger Style

It is really awesome how many people are RA fans.I remember when there where just like 9 people in the group

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Danica (arya_svitkona) | 146 comments I just kinda searched an RA group and this one was first. The moderator had left so I just kinda became it. I think we need to get the other members to comment more often though

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Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) | 122 comments Arya Svit-kona wrote: "I just kinda searched an RA group and this one was first. The moderator had left so I just kinda became it. I think we need to get the other members to comment more often though"

Yeah what ever happen to that person.Did they leave or werethey kicked off goodreads, so people say he got kicked off

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Danica (arya_svitkona) | 146 comments Yonina wrote: "Arya Svit-kona wrote: "I just kinda searched an RA group and this one was first. The moderator had left so I just kinda became it. I think we need to get the other members to comment more often tho..."

no idea. It just says "deleted member" I really wouldn't know because I don't think I was on goodreads when he got kicked off. I searched FOREVER when my provincial reading site closed down (because of "lack of funding") Goodreads is wayyyyyyy better then Teen RC anyway because its international and there is way more books on here and more people too!

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Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) | 122 comments I have never heard of Teen RC.It wasy librarian who showed me goodreads.Before that i only talked about books with my friend Celina

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I've never heard of Teen RC either. I found Goodreads when I was looking for quizzes on Reader's Cup books.

Can I ask you guys a few things? If it is too personal then that's cool:

1. What is your favourite food? (coffee is a beverage so it does not count :P )
2. What is your favourite subject at school?
3. What kind of music do you listen to? E.g. old/older music, "cool" music . . .
4. D you like gardening?
5. Do you have many genuine friends in real life?

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Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) | 122 comments 1. The yummy kind
2. Math and Music,thought i a no so good at each of them
3. I listen to people like Newsboys and Chris August but i also like Black Veil Brides
4. Ya i guess thought i don't do much of it
5. I have friends but know really know me enough to say that they are my BEST friend

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I like the yummy kind too :D But I like the delicious kind even better though :) (you should try it sometime ;) )

Cool. What instrument do you learn? Or do you sing or something? I have to admit though, I've never heard of those people before . . . sorry :(

And hey, I'm sure you will find a best friend sometime :)

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Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) | 122 comments Hahaha that funny (i think i will try some delicious food)

I play clarient and i am planning on starting to learn violin

I didn't really expect you to. Chris August and Newsboys are Christian artist.And Black Viel Brides is kinda of a heavy metal band,my friend Celina showed them to me.

Probably not where i live but i am hoping to find one
.And hey you haven answered your questions,you should answer them like right now

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Joseph Salmon | 64 comments I LOVE Waffles
I take archyologie
I like the band classified
I garden... I dont have a green thmb
I have plenty of friends (you guys included... hope thats not creepy :D )

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Have you tried the delicious food yet? :P

Clarinet is cool. So is violin. I actually used to play violin until my nice teacher was eaten and replaced by Mrs Dodd's (a.k.a one of the Furies from Percy Jackson) long lost relative. Okay not true but that is what everyone used to say (well technically me but everyone copied ;) ). I don't play the violin anymore though. I really want to learn piano because we have this piano that is a family heirloom, I can read music and play basic songs, and also I have "piano fingers." People will just randomly begin examining my "Weird/ Zombie (I am trained in the art of being a zombie :P)/ Elongated/ Fragile" hands. It can be quite disturbing -_- I don't think I will ever be able to get lessons though.

I love waffles too Long-bow. I've only had them once in my life though. Archeology is cool. Do you want to be an archeologist?

Okay, since you told me too:
1. Homemade pizza *mouth waters*
2. Science (at our school we just have chemistry, physics etc. all squashed into "science").
3. Apparently "uncool" music because it is usually from 2008 or before. I still listen to some music that is after 2008 though but I don't really get into music that is all the rage because it is usually only singing about one thing (I presume you know what I am talking about).
4. Yes, I like gardening.
5. Ah, damn. I was hoping I wouldn't have to answer this . . . depends what you define a good friend as I guess . . .

Do you guys have any questions? Just asking because I always seem to be asking questions. *realises that I asked you another question* Ah, dammit :P

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Joseph Salmon | 64 comments 1.My favorite food is tacos (Delicious food is good too)
2.I take Archaeology
3.My favorite band is Classified
4.I like to garden... doesn't mean I have a green thumb
5.I have a lot of friends (you guys included, hope thats not creepy :P) not very many "Best Friends.

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Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) | 122 comments Yes i did try the delicious food, it was... delicious.I also try some palatable food which you should really try.

I think that it is really cool that your fav subject is science Mcawesomeness28.I really want to be a microbiologist (weird considering science isn't even my fav subject and i am only okay at it) and i always look up to people who like science.Do you want to be a scientist when you grown up?????(i have i feeling you answered this on the other chat but i don't remember)

I used to have a teacher like that.She once gave me detention for finishing my work and like gr 2 used my french notebook;they ripped it up.She was really rude to me so natural i was mean back.After she quit i promised myself i would try my best not to be mean to another teacher ever again.Do you know why?Cuz she got hit by a bus.I wasn't really sad but i felt really really bad.

And btw piano is you could probably learn on your own.I used to take piano lessons but one of my older brothers didn't and he his almost as good as me! Plus if you are lucky enough to have piano hands the teacher or not you HAVE to learn.

And i also have a question for you:D you have siblings and if so how many?

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Long bow, I thought you said that you like waffles? So you like wafcos (the word I just invented for waffles/tacos)? Yonina, I am pleased that you liked the delicious food. I tried some palatable food today; it was very palatable. Today I also had sexy food. It was very sexy . . . I've probably been watching too much Masterchef Australia because they call food "sexy." :D

Yeah, I think we all want to be scientists or have something to do with science in our future, lol. A microbiologist is cool. I too lok up to scientists, especially da Vinci, Einstein etc. I want to be a botanist - well I don't really know. I'm torn between plant science and writing. I love both so much :( . So I will try and get a double degree I guess. My Mum doesn't really approve too much but then again, I don't think she was listening. I'm so happy though. I got new plants today :D *beams* A LOT of people think I am weird for loving plants so much.

Oh . . . I honestly have no idea what to say to that . . . um, were the people on the bus okay? I apologise for my social awkwardness.

Yep. I do have siblings. They are both older. Both of them don't read much (1 book if that a year!!!) D:< .What about you though? Do you have siblings? And is it just me or is anyone else the only bookworm in your family?

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Joseph Salmon | 64 comments I have 3 siblings all younger than me. :(
(They read practically no books per year, and I read average ten)

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Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) | 122 comments I have an older sister who was an amazing track runner and started her own business,2 older athlete brother and one of them is gifted, therefore really smart,and nephew that lives with me that can do more push-ups than grade 9.......and then there is just me,but i am happy with just me :)

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That would suck to have 3 younger siblings . . .

Woah. Your family sounds really active/ athletic. Are you very good at sport, Yonina and Long-bow?

Oh and - MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! (Sorry, bad family joke). Well, HAPPY EASTER :D

I hope you get all of the . . . whatever-you-are-getting you want. What on earth are all of you getting anyway? (I'm guessing it is chocolate)

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Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) | 122 comments I try to be athletic but am very weak.I am starting to go to the gym with my brothers but still have a lots to go to actually be strong.

I am probably getting soup (i am currently sick).But serious i don't know.Sometime my mom and dad give us chocolate and sometimes they don't-but to me it doesn't really matter, Easter is like one of my favorite holiday!

How bout you Mcawesomeness28

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I'm sorry to hear that you are sick :( I hope you get better. I'd ask you what was wrong but I know I really hate it when people ask me, so I won't.

Well, I did get chocolate. I went food shopping so I could buy whatever block of chocolate (eggs are too expensive nowadays) I wanted. So yeah, I bought a block of caramel chocolate :)

What kind of soup are you getting, Yonina? Is it the hot, soupy kind? ;)

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Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) | 122 comments I love caramel chocolate, it is like my favorite chocolate.If i could have caramel chocolate everyday i would.I love caramel like Rangers love coffee. Caramel....Coffee...That sound soo good.

Also i don't really mind when people ask what is wrong (as long it is not a constant "whats wrong whats wrong whats wrong whats wrong whats wrong")but i wouldn't be able to tell you cuz i don't know.Whatever it is i want it gone.

And i am actually having the fervid soupy kind.Good guess thought :)

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ughuhghughu Caramel . . . *mouth waters* I love caramel so much. I love it like old people love chicken . . . (The simile is from Fred)

Yay :) I'm glad whatever it was that was plaguing you is gone :D

Fervid . . . as in the burining hot or glowing kind? *pictures you eating green, glowing soup* :P I can never talk about soup without getting Jon Lajoie's really random "Best Song in the World" come into my head, lol :D (He sings about soup in part of it).

And HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY everyone. Make sure you torment as many people as you can :)

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Izzi1001 | 34 comments HAPPY EASTER/APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, 'Pinch and a Punch for the first of the month'(if you don't get that reference, don't worry) Glad you're better Yonina. I LOVE caramel too. I have actually had caramel coffee and it was yum. it wasn't decaf though so I was up all night :O. I don't garden and I really like LOTE (languages other than English) English ('coz we have an awesome English teacher and do absolutely no work at all) and Science (prac, even though I have an annoying prac group)

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Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) | 122 comments also if anyone is celebrating Wet Monday hope you enjoy it

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

I know it is a day late or whatever but pinch and a punch for the first day of the month too. White rabbit :)

I have never tried caramel coffee *adds to bucket list* LOTE is awesome. I like it too. This is probably a stupid question but what do people even celebrate on Easter Monday? I mean no offense, I just don't know a lot about religion (I never paid attention in religion classes :P )

Hi Savannah, willkommen.

Did you guys pull many pranks? I pulled 10 pranks :P all failed mainly because people couldn't troubleshoot enough to discover how they had been tricked :( I had to show them, lol . . .

message 27: by Izzi1001 (new)

Izzi1001 | 34 comments Ummmmmm....... I actually don't know what people celebrate on Easter Monday but it's an awesome excuse for a public holiday :) AND I go to church every Sunday AND I altar serve. I didn't pull many pranks either.

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Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) | 122 comments Izzi1001 here is a little background:Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday and is celebrated as a holiday in some largely Christian cultures, especially Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox cultures. Easter Monday in the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar is the second day of the octave of Easter Week and analogously in the Eastern Orthodox Church is the second day of Bright Week.

Eastern Orthodox Celebration
Blessing with holy water during an Eastern Orthodox Bright Week procession.
In the Eastern Orthodox Church[note 1] Easter Monday is known as "Bright Monday" or "Renewal Monday". The services that day, as in the rest of Bright Week, are quite different than during the rest of the year and are similar to the services on Pascha (Easter Sunday) and include an outdoor procession after the Divine Liturgy; while this is prescribed for all days of that week, often they are only celebrated on Monday and maybe a couple of other days in parish churches, especially in non-Orthodox countries. Also, when the calendar date of the feast day of a major saint, e.g., St. George or the patron saint of a church or one's name day, falls during Holy Week or on Easter Sunday, the saint's day is celebrated on Easter Monday.[1][2]
It is customarily a day for visiting family and friends and day drinking.[citation needed]


In Egypt, the ancient festival of Sham El Nessim (Arabic: شم النسيم‎, literally meaning "smelling of the breeze") is celebrated on the Coptic (i.e. Eastern) Easter Monday, though the festival dates back to Pharonic times (about 2700 BC). It is celebrated by both Egyptian Christians and Muslims as an Egyptian national holiday rather than as a religious one. Traditional activities include painting eggs, taking meals outdoors, and eating feseekh (fermented mullet).

In Ireland it is a day of remembrance for the men and women who died in the Easter Rising which began on Easter Monday 1916. Until 1966, there was a parade of veterans, past the headquarters of the Irish Republican Army at the General Post Office (GPO) on O'Connell Street, and a reading of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic.
[edit]Central Europe

Main article: Śmigus-Dyngus
Śmigus-Dyngus (Polish Dyngus or lany poniedziałek, meaning Wet Monday) is the name for Easter Monday in Poland and the diaspora. In the Czech Republic it is called velikonoční pondělí. In Slovakia veľkonočný pondelok, also called Šibačka/Polievačka or Oblievačka. In Hungary Locsolkodás. All countries practice a unique custom on this day. In Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic[3] traditionally, early in the morning boys awake girls by pouring a bucket of water on their head and striking them about the legs with long thin twigs or switches made from willow, birch or decorated tree branches. Another related custom, unique to Poland, is that of sprinkling bowls (garce) of ashes on people (starts men on women) or houses, celebrated a few weeks earlier at the "półpoście." This custom is almost forgotten, but still practices in the area around the borders of Mazuria and Masovia.
In Germany, people go out into the fields early in the morning and hold Easter egg races.[4] For Roman Catholics, Easter Monday is also a Holy Day of Obligation in Germany.[5]
[edit]United States

This section relies on references to primary sources. Please add references to secondary or tertiary sources. (October 2009)

One girl (right) and one boy (left) enjoy treats during the annual Easter egg roll at the White House lawn on Easter Monday, 1911
Though not largely observed in the United States, the day remains informally observed in some areas such as the state of North Dakota, and some cities in New York, Michigan, and Indiana. Easter Monday was a public holiday in North Carolina from 1935 to 1987. Texas and Maryland schools often have two holidays on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Public schools and universities are closed on Easter Monday, usually part of spring break.
Traditionally Polish areas of the country such as Chicago, and more recently Cleveland,[6] observe Easter Monday as Dyngus Day.[7][8] In the United States, Dyngus Day celebrations are widespread and popular in Buffalo; Wyandotte and Hamtramck in Michigan; South Bend and La Porte in Indiana; and Hanover, New Hampshire.
The world's largest organized Dyngus Day celebration occurs in Buffalo, New York. In Buffalo's eastern suburbs and the city's Historic Polonia District, Dyngus Day is celebrated with a high level of enthusiasm. Although Dyngus Day was celebrated in traditional Polish neighborhoods of Buffalo dating back to the 1870s, modern Dyngus Day in Buffalo had its start with the Chopin Singing Society. Judge Ann T. Mikoll and her late husband Theodore V. Mikoll held the first party at the Society's clubrooms in the Buffalo Central Terminal. The Society left the East Side in the 1980s and moved to new clubrooms in nearby Cheektowaga, where the festival attracted a new generation of revelers. In recent years, the focus of Buffalo's Dyngus Day celebration has returned to the Historic Polonia District in the form of large parties at the Buffalo Central Terminal, St. Stanislaus - Bishop & Martyr Church, the Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle, and at many family-owned Polish taverns. The World's First Dingus Day Parade, inaugurated in 2006, makes its way through the Polonia District from the Broadway Market to Buffalo Central Terminal. In 2008, the parade attracted more than 25,000 people.[9] In 2012, it was reported that more than 50,000 revelers attended Dyngus Day events.[10]
In 2006, two-time Grammy Award nominated Polka band Jerry Darlak & the Touch recorded the "Everybody's Polish on Dyngus Day" polka. "The polka is meant to capture the uniqueness of the Buffalo Dingus Day celebration," explained the song's composer, Ray Barsukiewicz. Lyrics include references to pussy willows, the sprinkling of water, polka dancing and parties that last until daylight. That same year, Lenny Gomulka and the Chicago Push released the "Dingus Day in Buffalo Polka" to recognize Buffalo's time-honored traditions. Gomulka is regarded as one of the nation's premiere polka stars, having been nominated for 11 Grammy Awards.
In 2007, the world's oldest working fireboat, the Edward M. Cotter, received the honor of being named the "World's Largest Dyngus Day Squirt Gun". "This could explains [sic] why the Cotter is painted red & white," said Marty Biniasz, alluding to the colors of the Polish flag and the Cotter's current livery. "It's only right that The Dyngus Day Capital of the World should have the World's Largest Squirt Gun. We are proud to now make Buffalo's most-loved ship part of our Dyngus Day Buffalo tradition."
In South Bend, Indiana, the day marks the official beginning to launch the year's political primary campaign season (particularly among Democrats)- often from within the West Side Democratic Club, the M.R. Falcons Club, and local pubs and fraternal halls. Notable politicos who have celebrated Dyngus Day in South Bend include the late Robert F. Kennedy; former Governor Joe Kernan; Senator Evan Bayh; former Congressman and New York University President John Brademas; former Maryland Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend; former Congressman, 9/11 Commission member and current Ambassador to India Timothy J. Roemer; former President Bill Clinton; the famous philanthropist Thomas A. White; and the late Aloysius J. Kromkowski, a long time elected St. Joseph County public servant, for whom the "Al Kromkowski polka" is named.[11][12]
Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 appearance was marked by his downtown rally attended by a crowd of over 6,000, his participation in the Dyngus Day parade, and his leading of the crowds at the West Side Democratic Club in the traditional Polish well wishing song Sto Lat (phonetic: 'sto laht') which means "100 years". Indiana was RFK's first primary and first primary victory, which set in motion momentum and victories that may have led to his nomination as the Democratic Party candidate for President had he not been assassinated. 2008 visitors included then - Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton . [11][12]
Starting in 2004, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana began celebrating Dyngus Day at the request of South Bend students. The event includes free Polish sausage for students as well as a free concert.[11][12]
In Bloomington, Electric hair wigs, flashing neon beer logos and shotskis abound Monday at Yogi’s Grill and Bar as patrons celebrate Dyngus Day by partaking in Polish foods (pierogi, hard boiled eggs and Polish sausage sandwiches) and mismatching fashions. Employees, customers and clowns alike take part in the festivities.
The celebration at the Knights of Columbus hall in Elkhart started around 1980 when two Elkhart men with Polish heritage started the celebration there after seeing its success in South Bend.
[edit]North Carolina
The Easter Monday holiday in North Carolina stemmed from the tradition in the early 20th century of state government workers taking the day off to attend the annual baseball game between North Carolina State College (Now North Carolina State University) and nearby Wake Forest College[dubious – discuss] (now Wake Forest University and moved to Winston-Salem, NC). The holiday was enacted in 1935 and remained until 1988, when the official state holiday was moved to Good Friday to match the rest of the nation.[citation needed]
[edit]Texas and Southwest
Many Independent and other type School Districts and Higher Education institutions in Texas and other southern and southwestern states do not conduct classes on Easter Monday, although it is not an official State of Texas holiday. Many, but not all Texas School Districts follow this practice. As many of the same Independent School Districts also do not attend classes on Good Friday, a mini-Spring Break of four days is often the result.

Well a bit more than a little bit of info.sooo you get it :)

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WOAH . . . !!!

You wrote SO much about Easter Monday 0___0 I tried to read it all - I really did . . . but that is like . . . like MASSIVE . . . #_# But what was with the smelling of the breeze holiday? So they literally do a few fun things outside and get a whole day off to sniff the air . . . ? *momentary silence* I totally want to have an entire day off school to do that! :P

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Izzi1001 | 34 comments Thanks Yonina, and I'm Roman Catholic. And yes that was more than a little info o_O so thanks

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Will_lll (Will_Treaty) | 55 comments Yonina wrote: "Hahaha that funny (i think i will try some delicious food)

I play clarient and i am planning on starting to learn violin

I didn't really expect you to. Chris August and Newsboys are Christian art..."

I play the violin! It's awesome!

message 32: by Danica (new)

Danica (arya_svitkona) | 146 comments Mcawesomeness28 wrote: "WOAH . . . !!!

You wrote SO much about Easter Monday 0___0 I tried to read it all - I really did . . . but that is like . . . like MASSIVE . . . #_# But what was with the smelling of the breeze ho..."

Like MASSIVE! oh McAwesomeness, you crack me up

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You play violin? Cool! I gave up long ago mostly cause of my teacher (Mrs Dodd's/ the fury's long lost relative) and also when she started threatening to put me and some other randoms from advanced-ish songs to just: "d d d d a a a a" if I couldn't play a fast paced complicated hip hop song so I couldn't be bothered anymore. Do you like Lindsey Stirling's violin music? She is AMAZING! And do you prefer playing classical or modern music?

And why thank you Arya Svit-kona. You are funny too.

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Joseph Salmon | 64 comments I was looking at some images online and this one cracked my self up.

message 35: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Salmon | 64 comments Mcawesomeness28 wrote: "That would suck to have 3 younger siblings . . .

Woah. Your family sounds really active/ athletic. Are you very good at sport, Yonina and Long-bow?

I'm not actually that athletic. I play some sports (hockey, volleyball) but not that many.

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Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) | 122 comments Hahaha that is really funny Long-Bow.I died laughing when i saw that pic

message 37: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Salmon | 64 comments Mcawesomeness28 wrote: "Long bow, I thought you said that you like waffles? So you like wafcos (the word I just invented for waffles/tacos)?

Yes Mcawesomeness28 I love both foods...
New entry to bucket list: Place Taco and waffle in blender, try new food, name it Wafcos.


message 38: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Salmon | 64 comments ------------------------------------------------
Yeah Yonina I cracked up when I saw the picture and since I was sitting with my family they looked at me like I deserved to be in a mental hospital... ;D

message 39: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Salmon | 64 comments One question how did you guys come to join this group?
I've made a group of my own for medieval and fantasy (yes I'm a nerd)and I want people to join from different countries and cultures what should I do?
(no I'm not abandoning you guys, you're like second family :P)

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Izzi1001 | 34 comments I was just surfing the net, came across this and joined. Bit anticlimax but yeah.

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

Wait . . . I don't get the photo o_O what is so funny?

Long-bow wrote: "New entry to bucket list: Place Taco and waffle in blender, try new food, name it Wafcos."

I wonder what that would even taste like . . .? I'd laugh if you became like a millionaire from the invention of "Wafcos" :P

I honestly have no idea how I came into this group . . . *scratches back of head* Yeah, I can't remember. You?

And what is your group you made called?

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Yonina (ethiopianhomailca) | 122 comments I joined because Rangers Apprentice is just too awesome and i didn't see alot of good RA clubs.If you want people to join a book club then go to the book of your choice and look at the reviews then send them a group intive

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Joseph Salmon | 64 comments Mcawesomeness28 wrote: "Wait . . . I don't get the photo o_O what is so funny?
I don't know i guess it was Jenny and Chef Chubbs

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

Ah, okay. I just wasn't sure who they were or what they were doing either :)

message 45: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Salmon | 64 comments Nope just some random people battling to the death with ladles... nothing special there :P

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

Haha, yep. Cause everyone totally battles to the death with ladles on a daily basis *rolls eyes dramatically* I thought everyone knew that . . . :P

message 47: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Salmon | 64 comments ;D

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Just a random question: Do you guys have vivid imaginations? Or is it just me here?

message 49: by ЅᎯℬℰ (new)

ЅᎯℬℰ (doyouhearthepeoplesing) | 49 comments Oh no I do very much. Sometimes too much...

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Joseph Salmon | 64 comments I have a crazy imagination not that im chaotic but that i tend to draw... interesting things

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