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Introductions - Who is who?

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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael Healy | 16 comments Mod
Hi, while we all probably know each other from Mythic Scribes we probably can't match the username to the real name for everyone. So let's fix that shall we?

I'm Darkblade over on Mythic Scribes

message 2: by Antonio (new)

Antonio Drago (deldrago) | 19 comments Mod
Good idea.

I'm Black Dragon.

Katharine (Ventureadlaxre) (skypirate) | 2 comments I haven't been seen there for quite a while, but my username is/was Kelise. I've been thinking of getting more active again - really need to get over my writers block.

message 4: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (stephienicole) | 1 comments wordnerd :)

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 1 comments MichaelSullivan ;-)

message 6: by Henrietta (new)

Henrietta H | 2 comments I'm Henrietta H - hello all.

message 7: by Zero (new)

Zero Richardson (zeroangel) | 12 comments Mod
Hi guys! If you go to my profile it says who I am, Zero Angel, but lists my name in posts as Robby Richardson. I respond to both Zero and Robby

message 8: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Hallowell | 5 comments I'm J.D. Hallowell. Tricky, I know.

message 9: by Alice (new)

Alice (chilari) | 1 comments Chilari here.

message 10: by Pauline (new)

Pauline Ross (paulinemross) You can probably see through my cunning disguise ;-)

message 11: by Peter (new)

Peter (endrak) | 1 comments I am PlotHolio, and PlotHolio is me!

message 12: by Robert (new)

Robert Bevan (robertbevan) | 1 comments hey guys. i don't really understand how goodreads groups work. i'm robert bevan. call me bob.

message 13: by Glitchieyt (last edited Mar 18, 2013 09:14AM) (new)

Glitchieyt TTV | 3 comments I'm Ty Crawford, Over on Mythic Scribes

message 14: by Anna (new)

Anna Fajardo | 1 comments I'm ArgentumAquila!

message 15: by Tristan (last edited Mar 18, 2013 01:37PM) (new)

Tristan Gregory (tristan_gregory) | 1 comments Mod
Telcontar here!

message 16: by Chris (new)

Chris Conley (thesupremeforce) | 1 comments I'm... the same.

message 17: by Steven (new)

Steven Devonport | 2 comments Hiya,

I'm Steven Devonport here, there and everywhere - lol

message 18: by Martin (new)

Martin Spernau | 2 comments Hey! Most will have figured out that in real life I am neither a Guru, nor a coyote, but that's what MS knows me by. (tricky thing there with the initials, methinks)

message 19: by Terri (new)

Terri Rochenski | 1 comments Awesome idea guys! I'm Terri just about everywhere. Real original, I know. :)

Happy to join you all!

message 20: by Brynneth (new)

Brynneth | 1 comments I'm either Brynna or Brynneth on all sites!

message 21: by L.T. (new)

L.T. Getty (ltgetty) | 1 comments Hi, my pen name is L.T., but you can call me Leia if you'd like. I mostly follow along on FB for the articles.

message 22: by Gethin (new)

Gethin | 1 comments I'm gethinmorgan.

message 23: by Dave (new)

Dave Robison | 3 comments I'm the Dreamhand. :)

message 24: by Penpilot (new)

Penpilot | 1 comments I'm penpilot

message 25: by Philip (new)

Philip | 2 comments Phil the Drill here!

message 26: by Sachairi (new)

Sachairi (sachairiah) | 2 comments I'm Sachairi (Sa- kai- ree) and saw that this community is here to help us to improve our writing skills.

message 27: by Jakey (new)

Jakey | 2 comments Saw this was here to help improve writing skills so I thought it'd be a good idea to join up and get some pointers. The name is Jake.

message 28: by Zero (new)

Zero Richardson (zeroangel) | 12 comments Mod
Hello Sachairi and Jake. Welcome to the Mythic Scribes group on Goodreads! This is the Goodreads presence for the website over at

No pressure to join there, but you'll find most of the discussions taking place over there. Welcome again!

message 29: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Cardin | 10 comments Hello all. I just registered and did a quick introduction over on the Mystic Scribes forums. I found out about them from here though! The circle is complete!

I am ThomasCardin there.

message 30: by Zero (new)

Zero Richardson (zeroangel) | 12 comments Mod
Welcome Thomas! That's great more people are joining Mythic Scribes. It's my favorite online community.

message 31: by Billy (new)

Billy Wong | 10 comments I'm glutton on Mythic Scribes.

message 32: by Denise (last edited Mar 24, 2013 11:14AM) (new)

Denise | 1 comments Butterfly fluttering in...

Why didn't I join this thing before now???

message 33: by Zero (new)

Zero Richardson (zeroangel) | 12 comments Mod
Hi Butterfly, you mean Goodreads? I didn't join until Pauline added my novel here. It's a pretty great site for book lovers though!

message 34: by Duncan (new)

Duncan Hamilton (duncanmhamilton) I'm DMHamilton over on the forum!

message 35: by Ally (last edited Mar 24, 2013 09:11PM) (new)

Ally Kelly (akfantasywriter) | 1 comments I'm JediKnightMuse on the board, if it wasn't obvious. :P

message 36: by A.L. (new)

A.L. Butcher (alb2012) | 25 comments ALB2012:) Waves.

message 37: by Nesa (new)

Nesa Miller (ladyofkaos) | 3 comments Hiy'all, I'm LadyofKaos on Mystic Scribes

message 38: by Paul (new)

Paul Horsman (graylorne) As often, I'm late at this. Graylorne.

message 39: by Rob (new)

Rob Vitaro (robvitaro) I'm a lurker over on Mythic Scribes. I enjoy your articles. Hope I can finally stick my neck out and say something now.

I'm Rob, by the way. :)

message 40: by Randy (new)

Randy Mcbride | 1 comments I am a new lurker as well on the Mythc Scribes forum. Just joined and enjoying hearing what others have to say.

message 41: by Melanie (new)

Melanie Hatfield (goodreadscommelaniehatfield) | 1 comments Sad to say that I am a lurker on the site, but I openly follow Mythic Scribes on Twitter, which is how I found this nice group. :-)

I am an indie writer with a fantasy/comedy series titled "Kingdom of the Snark." You can look at my Goodreads Author page for reviews of my stories. You can also visit my website for details on getting my "Snarky" short stories for free.

Glad to be a new member of this group!

message 42: by F.K. (new)

F.K. Hansen (FKHansen) | 3 comments Hello everyone

I'm 'Flemming Hansen' at Mythic Scribes. :)

message 43: by Karin (new)

Karin Gastreich (karin_gastreich) | 2 comments I just started following Mythic Scribes on Twitter, and rhen found this group here. I'm a writer/reader and all around fan of fantasy fiction. Nice to meet all of you.

message 44: by M.G. (new)

M.G. Silverstein (mgsilverstein) | 1 comments Hello!

My name is M.G. Silverstein (everywhere). I haven't posted in the forums very often, but I am a Twitter and Facebook follower. I also enjoy your articles. :)

message 45: by Mila (new)

Mila (camilabrun) Nihal here. ^^'

message 46: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Davis (ecdavis1966) | 1 comments I'm ecdavis

message 47: by Jakey (new)

Jakey Tamman | 1 comments I'm the Jakey that was on here before, old account stopped working for some reason

message 48: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Bailey | 4 comments Joseph J Bailey here and there.

message 49: by David (new)

David Fernau (DavidFernau) I haven't yet joined the other website... I'm a fairly new author and working on my first book, though I have lots of different ideas running around my head.

So... hi, I'm David. :)

message 50: by M. (new)

M. Kircher (mkircher) | 1 comments M. Kircher here :)

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