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Peril From Jackboots To Jack Benny by Pearl Goodman Pearl Goodman

Genre: Memoir

Peril: From Jackboots To Jack Benny

Book Description:

The daughter of Holocaust survivors, Pearl Goodman grew up in Toronto in the 1960s. In this exceptionally original memoir, written with wry humor and a sharp satirical eye, she juxtaposes popular culture with the jarring transitions and contradictions in her and her parents' lives.

Striving to make sense of her emerging identity, she invokes TV shows, ads, movies, and distinctive details of the material and ideological landscape, while interweaving them with her parents' harrowing wartime experiences of concentration and refugee camps, and the drama and uncertainty of their postwar emigration first to Israel, and then to Canada.

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Received and thank you.

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Bj Bolich | 7 comments wow, sounds interesting. bj bolich, nook please!

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sent in your request Bj.

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Simon (slimey_077) I would like to review.



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sent in your request Simon.

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