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Reality or fiction?

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Thomas Hay Would treasure my readers opinions, without giving away the plot. Was my story reality or did my imagination go wild?

Plaguedoctor I felt some of it was believable and the part were Monroe said that they were from the future actually made me think of a documentary I once watched. It was about UFOs and humans from the future. It's also believable that splicing had made them look different. Scientists have been messing with gene splicing for quite a while now. Eating vegan was also another interesting concept. I've hear of a lot of conspiracy theories out there about how veganism is the Anunnaki's way of controlling humanity. So, it was interesting that you stated that it melted mind blocks. There's something in the ending though, that I want to ask you. What do you think makes someone human? Clones have always been a somewhat taboo subject and in every sci-fi movie/book there's always controversy over whether they're human or if it's morale or ethical. Even in today's age with the current technology for cloning people still get uncomfortable about the thought. So, I want you're opinion on the matter.

Thomas Hay When I first read your comment, I almost had a heart attack. I'm under the impression that these comments are viewed by the public. Every authors nightmare is a comment or review that reveals the story secrets (called spoiler's). But upon further review of your comment, I have decided that your comment didn't spoil the plot. It might actually spark curiosity.It was clever the way you posted it without totally revealing the secrets behind the story.

My opinion on what you asked might give away to much of the story. However, my answer (opinion) is in both editions. (Chapter 13 - The Surrogate, Page 167, Para. 3 of revised edition.) (Chapter 14, Page 147 of original edition).

Thank you for your comment.

Plaguedoctor Ah, I'm sorry. I didn't think about spoilers.

Thomas Hay That's okay...we be good.

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