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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 48 comments Mod
Here Shape-Shifters are created.
All must be in BOLD

Name: (Full Name 3+)
Gender: (M or F)(Must Request through PM for Female)

Human Appearance: (No Anime Allowed, After one picture place the others should there be more in a spoiler)
Human Description: (5+ Sentences)
Wolf Appearance: (No cartoons or Anime Allowed)
Wolf Description: (5+ Sentences)

Talents: (Be detailed)

Personality: (6+ Sentences)

History: (10 + Sentences)

Imprintee: (Must be Opposite Gender despite Sexuality)


Occupation/ Job:
School Grade:

Pack Name: (Uley or Black) (For new Pack Options please request through Pm and wait for approval)

Are you for the old ways and Pact with the Olympic Coven or At Peace with the Olympic Coven and local vampire Covens:


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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 48 comments Mod
Name: Eli Zane Wynterwood
Age: 17
Gender: M

Human Appearance:
Human Description: Dark eyes seem to hold all of his fear, sorrow, and darkness shadowed by his choppy, extended, sleek, black hair. He is rather tan and seemingly lean, but well built.
His body seems well muscled for someone of his stature. He has a snaking dragon serpent tattoo on his right side of his abbs.
His general style is skinny jeans and v-necks, but even with the emo stereo type he holds a rather uniqueness about him and seems to show it off often.
He is rather timid in crowds, but once he warms up to one or two people in the group he seems to grow a true bonding of friendship despite his darkening aura.

Wolf Appearance:
Wolf Description: A black coat covers his body almost entirely. His lips and snout are horizontally lines with a streak of white and grey as it speckles all over his fur. His left front paw is grey and white speckles as well as his right rear paw. He has very light flecks of brown rolling into his fur. His eyes seem to blaze with a firey colour holding all of his full entint and emotion of his human form.

Talents: He can play guitar and is very knowledgable of almost every weapon and instrument once used by the old tribes. He holds his knowledge strongly to the old myths and stories.
His true talent is seeming to always be one step ahead of his opponent in a verbal, physical, or even complete psycological battle. He holds close to be very clever.

Personality: A deep inner desire for travel and adventure, and want to set his own pace in life without being governed by tradition.
He finds history fascinating, but seems to always want to make his own rules on tradition.
He is known to be rather competent, practical, and shows potential to obtain great power and wealth. He tends to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and is able to achieve great material dreams if he sets his mind to it. Because he often focuses so strongly on business and achievement, he may neglect his private life and relationships.
He normally is seen alone or in a fight with someone using his brain over their brute force.
Being rather tactical he shows a great potential in a pack to catch the odds on the enemy even when their numbers are greater than that of the packs.
He tends to initiate events, to be a leader rather than follower, with powerful personalities. He tends to be focused on specific goals, experience a wealth of creative new ideas, and have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination. He tends to be courageous and sometimes aggressive. As a unique, creative individual, he often tends to resent authority, and is sometimes stubborn, proud, and impatient.

Eli was born in Alaska on a small nameless island where he and his mother tended to the land. His father left him a long time ago when he was about five. He has never heard from him since.
His mother Elana Wynterwood always kept him busy to keep him from asking questions about their family.
When the time came Eli had to know the truth, but until then he was to be left in the dark.
Eli and his mother moved to Forks recently and he discovered a darkening secret coming into the light far to fast.
Upon his arrival in Forks he felt a burning rage burst through him after a doctors appointment with Dr. Carlisle Cullen. He left quickly unable to control himself and ran deep into the forest until he felt securely lost. There he shifted into his large wolf form. He felt more free than he had ever felt in his life.
Eli just knew that this had happened for a reason.
He felt the world of emotion was behind him, well for a moment anyway.
While eli was running abot int he forest feeling free he caught a scent that felt so familiar yet distant all at once.
His mother stepped from behind a tree..."You my son were born for greatness...go and destroy what threatens this world and save the world of humankind from it's own demise."

She informed him about the Cold Ones of legend. She shared all of the information needed to grow in power and stregnth.

Both Jacob Black and Sam Uley had offered for him to join their packs, but he declined both offers.
He stated he was forming his own pack, but would always remain loyal to the both of them unless they were to turn against one another, which was odd he would mention as in the past before Eli was born the two packs did have their quarrels.

With the position of being an Alpha of the Wynterwood Pack he has aquired many newly turning shape-shifters.
He has even already imprinted, but on the least of creatures in most Shape-shifters eyes.
He has imprinted on the daughter of Alice and Jasper Whitlock, Alyssa Jasmin Whitlock.

Imprintee: Alyssa Jasmin Whitlock

Sexuality: bi

Occupation/ Job: none yet
School Grade: he is in 12th grade

Pack Name: Wynterwood

Are you for the old ways and Pact with the Olympic Coven or At Peace with the Olympic Coven and local vampire Covens: He has made his own truce with the Olympic coven and any other coven who enters his lands. He will stay out of their way for as long as they do not come between him and his mate...he also made peace to allow the hunting of animals in his territory for as long as no conflict arises between individuals.


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Name: Kasa Liana Whiteraven
Nickname: Kas

Age: Seventeen {17}
Date of birth: May twenty-seventh {27th}

Gender: Feminine {Wolverine}
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Human Appearance:
Human Description: Though being a descendant of the Quileute tribe Kasa is unusually pale, though this could be put down to the fact her mother herself was mixed race. Though Kasa she does have these remarkable dark eyes, some say eyes are the keys to the soul, if so her soul is black. Her hair which is a soft chestnut brown falls in tumbling cascades down her back reaching the small of her back. She has long slender legs, a thing most boys compliment on her, but they are strong and athletic most girls envy her for. She is said to have somewhat delicate but memerising features, with the wide eyes and her full sumptuous lips.

Wolf Appearance:
Wolf Description: To say Kasa was definitely one colour would be wrong, her coat resembles that of a timber wolf with the scatterings of soft shades of brown, grey, white and black. Her coat is thick, thick enough to protect her from the cold winds of Forks easily. Her build is sleek and slender, making her both highly attractive in wolf and human form, being a wolverine she is somewhat smaller than her male counter-parts, not that it bothers her.

Talents: Kasa is said to have an ‘enchanting voice’, many people and creature alike are drawn to it when she sings she knows many of the lost songs of the Indian Americans. She is swift and agile, more so than her male-counterparts, she is extremely flexible and I’m not just meaning being able to touch her toes, she is able to do many things an Olympic gymnast could. She fast, not as fast as others, but she can easily keep up with a vampire. She’s intelligent, and she knows she is, but has a tendency to forgot this and throw herself into reckless and wild situations.

Personality:Kasa is a wild and reckless creature, she lives for danger and excitement, she loves to do anything to which she is told forbidden, but she also believes in tradition so when it is called upon her to be a sensible young woman, which doesn’t seem to be often so she’s happy about that. She enjoys being a woman, having the ability to catch a mans eye and captivate his attention, to say she is a flirt is to say the least. She’s highly protective of those she loves, and once you earn her love and respect, you’ll have a friend for life, she is willing to throw her life down for a friend, she’ll place herself in dangers way just to protect them, and death is no worry to her. Being a woman she processes the natural gift of being able to talk herself out of many situations, this is somewhat useful if she is to disrupt any pack, due to the fact she is not currently aware of her ability.

History: Kasa was not born a member of the Quileute tribe, she was born to another tribe, in San Diego, but thanks to her father’s death she and her mother were forced to move to the reservation as that was where her grand-mother lived who said she would care for them. Before all that, Kasa grew up as any child would, hearing stories told of her people, growing up in the rich culture of Indian American tribes. She always seemed to play with the boys, having very few female friends, she had always had a better connection with males, though they were instantly thought of as her brothers and nothing more, it was very rare for her to come across someone who could possibly be more. When Kasa hit sixteen her father was dignosed with terminal cancer, within a year he passed away and that was the reasoning of her and her mother moving to Forks.

Imprintee: Kasa is yet to find her imprintee.

Occupation/ Job: Kasa is currently unemployed she’s new to the reservation
School Grade: She’s currently in her twelfth grade

Pack Name: Kasa has not yet discovered she carries the gene, she has not been noticed by any pack at the moment.
Are you for the old ways and Pact with the Olympic Coven or At Peace with the Olympic Coven and local vampire Covens: Kasa is unaware of this, but once she changes it is most likely she will be at peace with the covens, she dislikes conflict unless it is truly needed.

Other: She is yet to discover her shape-shifting ability.

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Name: (Full Name 3+) Hugo Peterson
Age: 21
Gender: male

Human Appearance:
Human Description: he has short black hair,that he often likes spiky. His eyes are brown that often go to a dark hazel. Very tall and well built. Hugo often wear cut out sleeved shirt to show off his muscles, which makes girls faint.
Wolf Appearance:
Wolf Description: his coat is very simple and often makes he better at hunting with his surroundings. His eyes are kind and caring reflecting when you look at them. His paws are dark brown and strangely soft.

Talents: he plays the drums, loves to make a commotion. Hugo is usually on the beach swimming. Running is something that he does when the sun is setting, because when he reaches the top he can see the sun go down.

Personality: Hugo is your typical guy next door, he's friendly, kind with a warm heart and huge smile. He's a bit of a live wire, a bright personality and an all round genuine guy. Hugo's greatest talent is his ability to get people to open up, he's the kind of guy that anyone can feel at ease with. He's easy to talk to and a good listener. He likes to lend a hand where he can, although he's not always the most helpful of people. He's a bit of a klutz and not the brightest tool in the shed but he makes up for it with his huge heart and great hugs.

History: Hugo never saw his mother- only the pictures of her hanging up on the walls in his house. Though he did not know his mother, he venerated the memory of what he would have believed to be the only parent he could have looked up to, for his father is a story he feels best not telling anyone. His father was abusive physically and mentally, and he was only released from his clutches and given to the government at the age of ten, when his father committed suicide for a reason unbeknownst to anyone. One day, he went off drinking to try and solve his problems, he got so mad at a girl that kept on saying things about his family, causing him to turn and killed her.

He left to find a better life ending up in Forks. Hoping to forget the past and move on with the future, leading him to Uley Pack.

Imprintee: none yet

Sexuality: bi

Occupation/ Job: unemployed, looking for a job
School Grade: Not in school anymore

Pack Name: Uley

Are you for the old ways and Pact with the Olympic Coven or At Peace with the Olympic Coven and local vampire Covens: he is for the old way but has nothing against vampires..yet...


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