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Jaidyn Alexis stopped at the entrance, smiling and taking a deep breath. Another morning, another day of saving lives, she thought, just as she did every day. She decided that would be what she would start thinking once she was done with medical school and working at a real hospital. Her blond hair that was not yet pulled back hung loosely around her shoulders, the layers making the style appear slightly messy. Today was supposed to be an interactive day of learning; the board had decided to choose today to have a visual of some issues the doctors may encounter in the residency or even internships. Of course they wouldn't be using real people, just dummies that had little recording devices inside of them to tell the to-be surgeons their problems. She excitedly swung the glass panel doors open took a step through, her white sneakers' shoelaces coming untied as she accidentally stepped on the aglet of one.

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