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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) [image error]

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Will walked out onto the field where the rest of his baseball team was waiting, the girls softball team was using the field for pitching practice so they had moved baseball over to the football stadium to do sprints and some other team activities. Giving high fives to some of the players he grins as he easily slips into the conversation. Will was almost accepted right on just because he was so likeable and easy to get along with. Freshman year he was voted captain and has been voted captain ever since. Will grins as the coach come out and blows his whistle. "Ok boys! Get ready! We're doing sprint work!" He calls and the team all heads into the locker room to get changed out of their school clothing.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((There is mostly likely more than one baseball field...just saying:) ))

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((Haha I know but I've done print sets at a football stadium before...not fun xD plus I was bored.))

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Jaidyn Alexis, who hadn't been feeling too well after she had to give two dummies a prostate exam, decided to get some fresh air and visit some of the sports stadiums. She was friends with a few of the baseball players, but it wasn't like she was close to them. She leaned against the entrance to the stadium, arms crossed, shadows covering her face from view. She held her purse close to her side, and watched the teams with a half-smile on her face.

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Chantelle always came out onto the football stadiums for the fresh air and serenity, if not for the existing teams that played out on the vast fields. Today was one of those days where a team already took claim of the field; a baseball team. Chantelle sighed, plopping herself onto a bench, setting aside the stack of heavy tomes next to her. She had a good attention span, useful for studying, but with constant disruption and loud proclamations, it would prove difficult for her. Nevertheless, she bit her lip, the wind tousling her ebony locks as she proceeded onward to going over sideline quasars and the inflation theory.

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The baseball team came out, dressed in tight fitting white pin stripped pants as well as loose fitting shirts. The shirts weren't uniform, they saved those for the actual games. Will looked around before jogging out into the middle of the field and stopping next to the coach. He whistles loudly and they all line up along the far edge of the field. Will positions himself along with two of his best friends before looking at the coach who, about 50 yards away raised his hand. Everyone tenses waiting for his mark before the coach drops his hand and all of the baseball team sprints forward.

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Jaidyn Alexis watched thoughtfully as the very good-looking baseball team padded out and began warming up. She cocked her head to the side and bit her lip, smoky eyes examining each player.

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Chantelle could care less of the football team; she knew she was too ugly to fit their standards, too short, too small, too...nerdy. It also didn't help that she didn't spend time making herself known in terms of popularity, though she was repeatedly renowned for her academic achievements; the only time anyone talked to her was when they 'needed help' with their homework and studies, and even then, she couldn't stop herself from stuttering and blushing shyly. Even so, today proved to be an untypical day; Chantelle took the time to watch the baseball players instead of focusing on her studies; it was a known fact that they were all quite handsome.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((Hey sydney, we should have a little competition between the baseball and softball team, Parker and Will could be like the leaders or something:) ))

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((Oh that would be fun, haha sorry Wise and Jaidyn! I'm answering now! >.<))

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Seeing as this was warm up, the whole team crosses their coach around the same time, there's an easy air of arrogance, one that really is only distinguishable whilst out on the field but it comes across as good natured and relaxed. Turning towards the others, the coach nods slightly before looking down at his clip board. "Ok guys I need all of you to line up, we're going to do some just regular partner stuff and if you all don't take it serious then you'll here from me, got it?" he barks although not coming off as rough, Coach Watkins had a good relationship with his team, he was never cross unless needed and respected them whilst still being firm and pushing to them do better. After everyone teamed up, the coach nods and a snicker goes through the crowd. Will turns listening curiously as one of the guys from the team was rolling his eyes sarcastically at something said about the softball team.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Eight of the softball team members walked onto the field with their coach. They all looked confused when they saw the baseball team there also. Parker stood next to a girl talking about an upcoming party. Coach Victoria walked over to the baseball coach and they started whispering about something.

graham cracker ((wait I'm confused... why are you talking about the baseball and softball team in the football stadium when we have a baseball field?))

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((They are running the steps at the football field ))

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((Sprint sets! :P))

graham cracker ((ohhh!!! HAHAH okay I get it. Sydney lets bring our people here because my dude it on the baseball team))

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((M'kay oh yeah..I'll reply to you! Haha sorry!))

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Jaidyn ((Haha, I'm confused. xD))

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((Ok soooo Will and the whole baseball team are at the stadium running up and down stairs basically...doing..sprint sets...yea..))

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Jaidyn ((Well, I know that much...xD))

graham cracker Jax pulled into the parking lot of the school. He ran out if his car and paused. "Damn!" He said and ran back over to his car and pulled his keys out of his car and slipped them into his pocket. He heard that they were at the football stadium but wasn't sure. He looked back at Falon and shouted. "You can come if you want!" He said before he started to jog down the parking lot and down to the football field.

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Falon rolled her eyes before huffing and getting out of the car. She really didn't see the point in staying inside. After walking across the gate that held the admissions stand and ticket booth she leaned against the fence watching as the baseball team ran up and down stairs before pausing at certain intervals and doing other random stuff she couldn't possibly identify. Shrugging, she goes and sits on a bench and pulls out her homework. She might as well do something while she was there. Huffing, Falon notices two other girls before smirking slightly to herself. I winder if they came here to admire them, she thinks before shrugging slightly and after pulling out a pen begins scribbling down notes from her textbook.

Will looked up and frowned, "well look who it is. Hey Jax! Over here," he calls before noticing the softball team. Will eyed them curiously seein as they had booked the field the baseball team usually played on. There was more than one field of course, but that was the lucky one. Or so the sports teams say, plus it's also the one that got recent updates so most that had been fighting over it where now fighting harder. Will cocks an eyebrow at Jax and frowns slightly, "what you forget you had practice?" He asks his voice light but with an under current of curiosity and what was sure to become a rough practice for the rest of the team. Coach Watkins looked over and seeing Jax shrugged before marking a small note next to his clip board. "Ok boys! Only five more circuits and then we'll switch!" he called before noticing the softball coach. Walking over he cocked his head slightly and raised an eyebrow. "What can I do for you?" he asked directing the question to their coach.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) "I was wondering if you'd be interested in having that little competition between the two teams like we talked about." Victoria said as the other coach came over.

Parker growing bored Sat down in the middle of the field, her tanned legs curled beneath her.

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Coach Watkins grins slightly before shrugging, "sure why not? Can't be today though seeing as how the seasons barely started and I need at least two good workouts from tem before they have their first game, I can squeeze one in next week so how about tomorrow? Does that sound good?" He asks having already moved to check the time on the stop watch, "Ok guys! Switch stations!" He barks out and Will rolls his eyes before shrugging, moving with his partner, he starts doing the dips, push ups, and other various body enhancing exercises looking around at the team. Everyone was either sweating or on the brink of it and Will huffs slightly. We need a lot of work, he thinks before finishing the dips his upper arms already beginning to be able to be sore. Shaking it off he moves onto the lunges and grins and his partner falls off the bench. "Nice!" He calls catching sight of Parker sitting down on the edge of the field. He winks before glancing at Coach Watkins.

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graham cracker Jax sighed and looked down at the grass. The smell of the freshly cut grass Irritated him. He turned and noticed Falon sitting on a bench doing her homework like the good girl she is. He shook his head and smirked a bit before he jogged over to his team. "Sorry Coach," he said as he lightly tapped his back. Jax's eyes narrowed over to Will, damn did that guy really annoys him. That big hot shot. All bark and no bite, he frowned and looked at the Coach. "Heh?" He said in a confused way.

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The coach looked and and blinked once before raising an eyebrow. "Well nice to know you made it Jax," he says before smirking slightly. "You'll have to do the circuit alone unless you want to triple up," he looks down at his clip board and then back at the softball coach. "You like challenges right?" he asks half talking to Jax and half to himself as if thinking the idea over before turning his attention back to Jax.

((Wait...Kay! What are we even doing?))

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Emma, another girl from the team joined Parker in the grass as she looked over the boys, "Wow, not even ten minutes and they are sweating." She said, her face pinched in disgust.

"Leave 'em alone. They've had like two practices this season." Parker waved her off and continued to looked at all the players on the team, her eyes occasionally finding Will.

"Yes, I do." Coach Victoria said, folding her arms across her chest.

((Err...I haven't thought that far, you got any ideas?))

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Will raised his head and grinned widely over at Parker, he watched as another girl came and sat but her obviously rolling her eyes at their sweating. He brushed it off, not a big deal considering how much they haven't practiced so far. Their season was only around a week in anyways, turning his finished whatever the hell coach was making them do before running a hand through his hair and then clapped his partner on the back, looking over at Jax he rolled his eyes slightly before glancing at coach. He watches him discuss something whilst seeming distracted. The man was about as horrible of a multitasker as he was at growing two extra arms. Shaking his head everyone changes stations for the final round and there was a buzz in the air. Excitement as the others finally got ready for the up coming season, finally realized it was here. Everyone loved to play baseball, you had to or else you'd get cut. Everything went into it.

Coach Watkins raised an eyebrow stopping his time checking and looked at Victoria. "Ok so what exactly are we doing anyways?" he said obviously needing to get back to his player but he was curious. Victoria and himself had played with the idea of a competition. Boys against Girls of course but had never had the time to actually put it in motion. He wondered what in the world they were going to do.

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(( not at the moment.. :( ))

graham cracker Jax huffed. "Let's get this over with," he said and pulled his shirt off of his body and threw his head. He walked over to the bench and set it down there. He walked over to the grass and jumped down, landing on his hands and tip toes, making himself in a plank position, he pushed up and down, up and down, doing about 50 push-ups in only 60 seconds. He jumped back up and started doing what the rest of the team was doing. Lunges. He didn't really pay any attention to the softball team. He needed to work much harder then the other guys, seeing as he was already late. He needed to show a little determination.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Victoria, turned her head to yell at the girls. "Parker! Emma! I don't believe this a good time for you to be sitting around!" She scolded. Emma mumbled a curse because she knew where this was going. "Fifteen sprints up the stairs, Now!" She said pointing to the staircases opposite from where the boys where working out.

Parker jumped to her feet and ran to the stairs while Emma ran at a slow jog.

Victoria turned back to the couch, "Why don't we have the Baseball players play a game of Softball against the girls then we can have baseball game?" She said throwing out ideas.

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The coach looks over at Jax before scribbling something down and then flicks his gaze up at Victoria, "Sounds good to me. The guys could use a little wake up call I'd say," he huffed before turning and after waving walked back over to his team. "Listen up!" He called before turning so he could see all of his team. Watkins raised an eyebrow waiting for all of the guys to stop what they were doing. Looking down, he scrolled through his list of players before glancing silently taking in who was here before nodding happy with the fact that everyone was.

Falon watched from afar, growing tired of her homework she had stuffed her textbooks into her bag before settling herself between two of the benches and was both watching practice as well as playing on her phone. Not at all bothered by the coaches yelling she slipped in an ear plug before raising her head and watching as the guys on the baseball team were called over by the coach. Rolling her eyes at Jax she smirks before looking back down at her phone.

Will slowed, finished he turned and waited while everyone else was finished and glanced at Jax before turning as the coach called everyone to him. Looking around, he noticed everyone was slowly finishing and they turned to look at the coach with mild curiosity. Some glanced at the girls who had begun doing sprints up the stairs and then turned their attention back to the coach.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Victoria half waved at the couch before walking over to the stairs and waiting for Parker and Emma to finish their sprints.

graham cracker Jax stood up straight, after his workout. He wiped the sweat off his forehead. He walked over where the team as all grouped up around Coach Watkins. He sighed and took a deep breath, paying no attention to his other team mates nor the clitter clatter of the girls running up and down the stairs. He put his full attention on the coach; but caught himself looking at Falon now and then.

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By then, Chantelle had grown listless of witnessing the baseball team and had turned back to her studies, focusing on the receptors of the brain. Finals were not till May, but Chantelle presumed a little early study couldn't hurt; in fact, it would help her chances of passing the exams, modest as she was. Biting her lip thoughtfully, she spared a quick look among her surroundings and noticed Falon. Immediately, she tried to make herself as small as possible; she didn't want to draw attention towards herself; she was immensely shy, after all. However, all else failed as Chantelle's thick tome fell to the ground with a huge thud.

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Coach Watkins began giving them the run down of the season; the high lights, the games, new players, new equipment, the basic summary of what he wanted for the season to look like. At the end he stuck his clip board under his arm and nodded slightly, "ok so now that you know what's expected of you and of the team I will explain what's going to happen. Tomorrow, you will be with me and we are going to be challenging the girls softball team at their own game. They then are going to challenge us at our own game. Think of this as an actual game guys, don't underestimate and don't lose." He says seriously before nodding slightly, "the first game will be held where our regualr practice time would have been so I'm doing a double practice day on Saturday. For those of you who don't attend you can consider yourself off the team." Watkins barked before nodding slightly, "that's all. I expect to see the batters at the batting cages and pitchers on pitching mounds tomorrow. Regardless of the game," he adds before waving them all away clapping them on the back.

Falon watched them curiously, usually Watkins was rambler but it would take an awfully long time for him to ramble for this long. Shrugging, she shivered slightly and after seeing the coach dismiss them she stretched her arms before standing up. Hearing a thump, she turned quizzically and noticed that a girl had dropped her tome. Already standing, she watched it fall before raising an eyebrow slightly. Falon blinked at how large it already was considering finals were in May. She walks over to the girl before smiling slightly, the corners of her mouth tipping up in a polite but distant way, "do you need help?" She asks curtly but not without curiosity.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Parker finished the stair sprints about a minute before Emma. She leaned against a railing afraid that if she were to sit down again, coach would make her run the stairs again. Victoria looked Parker over, "that's what you get for being Lazy." She scolded,
"You see, you call it lazy, I call it selective participation." Parker smirked at her coach, who also happened to be her Dad's sister.
Emma finished her sprints and was gasping for air, "I...think...I'" She gasped. Parker laughed at her friend before walking out to the field to join the rest of her team.

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Shit. Chantelle blushed profusely, dropping down quickly to lift the heavy text off the ground. "N-No...i-it's okay...I g-got i-it...," she stammered fearfully, teeth chattering. Great. Attention. I bet that girl doesn't even like me...Oh, what the hell...No one likes me..., she thought. She struggled to get the tome off the ground, ebony hair falling against her pink cheeks in strain and exasperation.

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graham cracker Jax raised his head and looked at the girl who dropped her textbooks. He shook his head and looked back at the coach. does this mean practice is over? he thought to himself, giving his coach an odd look. He let out a muffled yawn and walked over to the bench and grabbed his shirt. "See you tomorrow Coachy," he said and patted him on the shoulder.

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Coach Watkins looks up startled, "Coachy?" He asks before shaking his head a smirk on his face. "If you're wondering, practice will be longer from now on. This was just to see where you guys stand. Plus you missed the first 20 minutes so that could help too." He says before turning and heading towards the athletic offices.

Falon watched her, her eyes a mixture of slight amusement and curiosity although she knew she shouldn't be amused at the girls blushing. Something just came across it as funny, shrugging she nods before turning to Jax. "Thank god you put your shirt back on! I was going to puke if you had it off for one more second!" She called down from the stands before picking up her bag and turning towards the girl waved slightly. "I'm Falon by the way," She calls before starting down the concrete steps towards the stadium.

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Chantelle nodded quickly. "I-I'm C-Chantelle," she murmured shakily. She finally picked up the heavy tome, pushing away stray strands of her black hair away from her face.

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graham cracker Jax raised his eyebrow up slightly. "I'm sure it wasn't all that bad," he said and stopped next to Chantelle and looked down at the startled girl. He could tell that she was nervous. He thought for a moment. haven't really seen her around campus," he thought quickly and gave her a light smile. "Jackson," he said and pointed to himself with his thumb. Letting her know that that was his name. He never really told people his 'real' name. Although he knew he probably knew he wouldn't be seeing this girl around much. Knowing the fact that she carries around a lot of textbooks. More of a reserved study hard girl if you ask him.

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Falon rolled her eyes looking at him, "yes it was in fact that bad." She mutters before turning to Chantelle. "It's very nice to meet you," she says smiling slightly before looking at Jax. "Don't mind him, he's harmless..most of the time." She muses and then slings the bag up higher on her shoulder.

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"N-Nice to meet y-you," she squeaked, managing a shy smile. She could certainly tell he wasn't used to her presence. Of course; she always spent her free time at the library or practicing her violin or even running around the track. Sure, she had a handful of friends and could be seen around, laughing and chattering with them, but...she was a shy thing, after all. Extrovertedness didn't come easily towards her. Maybe she might have some opportunities with boys if she opened up a bit and came out of her shell; her outward demeanor certainly had no drawbacks. But as was the case, Chantelle was too...nerdy, as she presumed herself to be, and no one would like that.

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graham cracker Jax arched his head back letting the rays of the sun beam down on his face. When he heard a small little muted sound he looked down at Chantelle. Did she say something? He thought to himself. Her voice was so quiet; he could barely make out her words. "Nice to meet you too..." He thought if that was the right response he should have made. "What your name? Sorry I didn't catch it." Jax was more of the type of guy who was an all-star guy. Baseball playing, Swimming, sports kind of guy. Although he did have a smart, and somewhat..nerdy side to him as well. I mean who doesn't?

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Parker stood practicing her baseball pitch for the game the next game. The first two pitches she threw were a little wild but soon she was throwing stokes. She had grown up on the baseball field and learned how to throw a baseball pitch at a young age

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"Chantelle," she spoke a bit louder and firmer. Good. No more stuttering. She just couldn't stand how nervous she sounded. It was just a boy. A popular boy, a little voice in her mind reminded almost teasingly. She crossed her arms across her chest, absentmindedly acknowledging the tome she had been studying. She reached out, tracing the cover lightly with a small index finger.

graham cracker Jax nodded slightly. He caught her name this time. He looked down, watching her finger trace her book cover. He found it.. Somewhat...cute.
"What are you doing at the football stadium anyways? He asked the girl. He wasn't really one to have conversation with those who are out of his league. But, in a odd, or messed up kind of way; he was drawn to conversation with this individual.

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" always come out here to study and read. The weather's nice here,'s easy to think and memorize, y'know? Usually the times I come out here, there's almost no one here, but I guess that's not the case today," she laughed softly, brown eyes twinkling.

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