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opinion about Jem.
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okay so...... I'm really starting to feel Jem is evil. he is just too nice. TOO NICE. remember Sebastian? he was also too nice.
and actually, Mortmain wanted to marry Tessa, and now Jem wants to....... i don't know that rings some bells for me.
and as far as I know Cassie's writing style, i'm pretty sure Tessa will end up with Will... even in TMI it seemed impossible, but Jace/Clary happened, and they weren't related in the end.
so what do you guys think?

*edit: I got spoiled so I know what'll happen to Jem. I'd still like to see your opinions on this topic, especially if you haven't read the book yet!:)*

I really love them both, but I want Tessa and Will to be together, BUT I really want Jem to be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh I had never thought about that! It is definitely a possibility. Like maybe he isn't even really sick and just wants them to think that.
I am almost positive that Tessa will end up with Will but I have no idea what will happen in the events leading up to it.

i was also thinking that something was up with jem.....what made me suspicious was that even though he is one of the main characters *if i remember right* we havent seen his point of view yet (if you dont count that scene cassie rewrote in his pov). i mean weve had tessa, will, charolte, sophie, magnus, and i *think* gideon and jessamine's pov....but not jem's...coincidence????? ME THINKS NOT

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