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hey, it's layne. Name

Why you'd like to be a mod

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I want to be a mod because I like taking part in helping out with whatever people need and I think I'm pretty active so I would be able to help if you weren't on or make suggestions. Pretty much whatever you need :)

graham cracker My Name? Does that really matter? What are you going to stalk me? name? I fogot my name!

I want to be a mod because I like to rule the world. Makes me feel powerful

hey, it's layne. OKAY! :)

Introducing our first ever second-in-charge mod........

Syders! - I'm calling you syders, by the way.

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Omg...I get a nickname?!?!

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Sacapuntas (Pencil Sharpener) (view spoiler)

Why I'd like to be mod?
Well, for starters, I like the idea and I'll be honest, it's my first horse roleplay ever. Like. Ever. And I'm still wondering how in the world I'm gonna pull off a horse profile [gotta learn sometime, right?].
Other than that, I'm good at enforcing rules.
Um, I'd try to keep the roleplay going if ever it were to die out.
I can be confrontational if need be, but I'm pretty nice and friendly most of the time.
And, I'd like to be mod because I like being a mod. It's fun. And I like adding a 'sub-title' under the name. >.>
Have a good day~

hey, it's layne. YUS!

graham cracker oh wow im a mod? AHHAHA!!

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i'm hima
i know things about horses and i'm kind of nice to people and uhh. i've been rping for a long time and i know how to do things and pretty much just things i'm really bad at explaining myself but you know what #yolo

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