What's the Worst Book You've Ever Read? discussion

Did you guys ever read a bad book that's considered a classic?

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message 1: by Maya (new)

Maya Zauberman | 1 comments Did you guys ever read a bad classic?

Unfortunately, I once made the mistake of reading Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens. The writing was okay, but the characters were absolutely awful. Kate was an idiot, Nicholas not much better. The only characters that I felt any sort of connection to were Uncle Ralph, Mrs. Minchin, and the Cheery brothers (I believe they were called that. It's been a long while since I read the book).

message 2: by Teresa (new)

Teresa | 1 comments author: Paulo Coelho (Brazilian)
Book: The Alchemist (1988)
Why I gave up: terrible writing.

I'd say Paulo Coelho's books are considered classics here in Brazil and his books usually turn into bestsellers overnight. I once tried to read one of his books (The Alchemist). For someone with a degree in literature it was a torture to come across so many common place depictions of characters and scenes. The plot may seem interesting and enlightening to those who are searching for some meaning in life and have never had the chance to read skilled writers, but to me it was just bad writing. Maybe his translators have done a better job than the author himself.

message 3: by Spandana (new)

Spandana Nandamuri | 1 comments I don't know whether it is a classic or not but Iam sure it is soooooooo boring.
Book:Three Men In A Boat
The writer himself is one of the three men.They go to a boat journey and fight about silly things.

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