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message 1: by Perenelle (new)

Perenelle | 31 comments I loved the part where Tessa first met Will, and how she asked "are you intoxicated at the moment?" or something like that. Good times, good times :D

message 2: by Perenelle (new)

Perenelle | 31 comments oooh, and the part where Jem and Will are talking about biting vampires!

message 3: by Perenelle (new)

Perenelle | 31 comments Um...what else?
Well, I know this isnt part of TID, but in one of the bonus content of the books, there was a short story where Magnus was remembering the past and was looking at the picture with everyone from the London Institute in it. I thought it was so sweet! <3

message 4: by Perenelle (new)

Perenelle | 31 comments omg, yes! I wonder who...?
And that one quote I wrote on my binder, it was what will said. I think it went like "We may be born of angels, but we have no more knowledge of what lies beyond death than you do."
Something like that :D

message 5: by Jahnavi (new)

Jahnavi | 11 comments My most heartbraking moment in this whole series so far was when Will was so excited to tell Tessa 'bout his love towards her and all about the curse when suddenly, Tessa says that Jem engaged and said yes... I WAS BAWLING MY EYES OUT AT THAT POINT!!!!!!!!!!! POOR WILL HERONDALE! Why does he always have to suffer?:(

message 6: by Jahnavi (new)

Jahnavi | 11 comments Mariam wrote: "I did that too. I still do. I was watching Doctor Who A Christmas Carol and the guy when he was young looked like Will that I started crying for HIS broken heart too."

IKR?!?! I think most Will lovers could relate to this because of the misery and tragedy of the love story between Will and Tessa... Hoping for the best from CP2...

P.S I'm thinking you, Mariam, are team Will, right?

message 7: by Lizbeth (new)

Lizbeth | 22 comments My favorite part was probably meeting Jem for the first time. Although I am a HUGE Will fan, that was one of my more favorite parts of the series.

message 8: by Perenelle (new)

Perenelle | 31 comments YES, that IS true. And with him playing the violin and all?? Um...well, I especially loved the part where Cecily comes in and says that she's Will's sister and all. It wasn't heartbreaking, but...

message 9: by Perenelle (new)

Perenelle | 31 comments I have a feeling she may be doing that for Mortmain or whatever his name is. Idk, just a hunch

message 10: by Perenelle (new)

Perenelle | 31 comments I KNOW!! CANT WAIT TO GET MY COPY!!! :DD

message 11: by Perenelle (new)

Perenelle | 31 comments ooh, exciting! Idk when I'm going to get mine :C

message 12: by Perenelle (new)

Perenelle | 31 comments Heard the ending was sad though o-o

message 13: by Perenelle (new)

Perenelle | 31 comments Aweh, I'm super nervous now...

message 14: by Sara (new)

Sara (rebelliouscherub) I love when Will and Tessa first meet and when Will, Jem, and Tessa are the train. The most heartbreaking moment in the whole series is in the epilogue of Clockwork Princess but I won't say what it is cause of spoilers.

message 15: by Meagan (new)

Meagan | 8 comments I love when Tessa and Jem are standing on the steps if the institute and Jem is leaving for something and Tessa says that one word that Jem told her and I'm just thinking about Will at that point, watching the whole thing.

message 16: by Michaela (new)

Michaela (KylaReads) | 2 comments Just the epilouge in Clockwork Princess. It broke my heart but it gave me hope that it's not the last we see of them.

message 17: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (Miss_Nacii101) | 6 comments My favorite scene would have to the balcony scene.BY THE ANGEL! I LOVE WILL

message 18: by Perenelle (new)

Perenelle | 31 comments Omg, the part when Will speaks in Welsh to Cecily <3

and the part with Cecily and Gabriel, Will and Tessa, when they're meeting the Herondale's parents!!

message 19: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (Miss_Nacii101) | 6 comments Yessssss I LOVE WILL. It was hilarious when The maid saw Will and ran into the house. Will then said that he had that effect on women Lmfao!!!!!!! Plus I love how Will jokes around with Gabriel and calls him Gabriel Lightworm...

message 20: by Najoie (new)


My heartmelting moment was when Cece gave Gabriel a 5 on his kissing.

My heartbreaking moment was when Will felt the parabati (Not sure if I spelled it right) break.

message 21: by Joya (new)

Joya | 2 comments like all Will's hilarious comments:)

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