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hey, it's layne. Owned by the Aachens-Mitchell Family

hey, it's layne. Ryan sighed thoughtfully as he leaned against the counter. He wasn't exactly thrilled to be working, today, especially with it being so beautiful. He'd hoped that he could go for a ride with his sister. But he knew that she was pretty busy with that problem horse of hers, and since his mothers newfound pregnancy and his stepdads shortage at the store, he had to step it up.
Soon, he would be going off to college anyway, so it wouldn't matter what he did or what he wasn't doing. Truth was, he wasn't planning on going the first year, but he wanted to see how well he could do with this horse riding thing. Because, surprisingly, he was pretty good at it.

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Kyler walks into the store, she needed to buy some things for her horse as well as herself. Pulling out one of the ear buds she continues on into the aisles not really in a hurry. Whilst she planned on riding today she wasn't one to rush things. Wandering through she picks up an abandoned basket someone had left and stuck some carrots, apples, and a box of cereal into the basket as well as a water and a lemonade. Kyler stopped watching some people pass with mild interest before continuing on down the aisle heading towards the checkout area.

hey, it's layne. I love the name Kyler, by the way! :) My best friend's name is Kyler, even though he's a dude.... I still like the name C:)

Ryan leaned on the counter and watched curiously as a girl walked in. She was the first customer he'd seen all morning, and frankly, that was shocking. The grocery store was one of the only family owned businesses left in the decent sized town, and still one of the most profitable, however, it didn't make sense why business was so slow. He watched her for a moment, then glanced up to see more customers come in slowly and suddenly grinned as she walked up to the counter. 'Hello there, miss. Will that be all for you today?' His somewhat thick German accent played onto his words as he grinned sheepishly down at her.

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((Yea..I dunno I don't really mind about the differences of names. Unless it's like..john or something obviously masculine xD))

Kyler raises her head and nods slightly the edge of her lips tipping up into a small smile. "Well if it wasn't then I wouldn't be at the check out now would I?" She asks a teasing but polite lilt in her voice as she pulls out her credit card. Kyler busies herself in unloading the basket easily before setting it at the end of the stand with the others. Straightening she turns towards the small screen and waits for him to ring up her stuff before sliding the card. Looking over at him she notices his name tag Ryan. She thinks before turning her attention back to the food and water as it goes down the small belt towards Ryan.

hey, it's layne. ((One of my friends' names is Ameila John, and she's a girl, so... :3))

'Well, you know what I meant.' He grinned mischievously at her as he began scanning the items, glancing up at her quite frequently as he studied her. Ryan glanced at the girl with his pretty boy smile the smile that he gave the girls who intrigued him, which were far to few. He glanced at the credit card, 'Is this your brother's card, or dads, or something? Kyler's a very...unusual name for a chick.' He stated in slight surprise as he scanned the apples and then the carrots, 'I assume you're one of them Pelham Lane kids, eh? Just guessing with all the horsey-esque items you're buying, Kyler.' Her name rolled off of his tongue in his thick accent, and it was something new, something he immediately liked the sound of.

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((Well that's different. Ameila is in front of it. Nvm bad example. :P))

Kyler raised an eyebrow ignoring his smile before rolling her eyes in an exasperated manner. "No Kyler is my name, but thank you for that." She says curtly and then scans the card. "If you really must know my mother happened to be drunk off her ass when she named me." She says simply before signing the small electronic screen and then pressing accept. After a moment she walked to the end of the belt and shrugged slightly. "Yea no, I am not one of those kids." She says a tinge of distaste filling her voice before her face goes blank and she runs a hand through her thick dark brown hair.

hey, it's layne. ((Haha, syders. C:))

He was surprised at her sudden contempt, frowning slightly as he bagged her items. 'I think it's pretty cool.' He stated, 'Not that it helps my case.' He said with that mischievous grin of his showing up once again. 'I don't mean one of them tight pantied rich kids, I meant the kids like my little sister. You don't seem like one to put up with all that A-Circuit drama and shit like my sister does with her friends.' He said simply as he set her bags on the counter. 'If you haven't' already guessed, I'm Ryan. Ryan Mitchell. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.' He smiled and offered a hand.

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Kyler blinked once before she took one of the bags from him and smiled slightly, "Really?" She asked curiously before her smile turns into a smirk. "No I don't believe it does help your case but thanks anyways." She replies before raising an eyebrow again. "Well what can I say? Maybe I am rich and like drama." She says amusement mixed with mischief flickered through her eyes. "In fact I love drama and spending my daddy's money because he's just to strict on me." She says quoting a person she once knew. Someone she didn't want to think about. Pushing that thought away she nodded. "nice to meet you Ryan," she says reaching over and slipping her hand easily into his.

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hey, it's layne. ((See, Ryans a secret horse nerd like his sister, but nobody knows, so, they could go to the stables and hang out and stuff only for him to go all nerd on her :D))

'I really hope you're just quoting that one girl, because you don't seem like the kinda girl to worry about that designer shit.' He said with a slight grin. 'Nice to meet you, Ky. I'm going to call you Ky from now on. Are you heading down to the barn?' He questioned hopefully, 'Because I'm off the clock.'

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((Hahaha that would be hilarious although it wouldn't be nerdy...but pretty funny all the same))

Kyler nods, "yea that's only from one of them though. I have more if you need to know." She says smiling slightly and then shakes her head. "Nah I don't care as long as it's comfortable then I'm good." She picks up the bags before nodding. "Yep I need to go there before this gorgeous day ends." She decides to ignore his little nickname for now and slips the credit card back into her wallet before shoving it into her back jeans pocket. "Do you want to come...?" She asks hesitantly a little confused at the hopeful not in his voice.

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hey, it's layne. 'Yeah, I spend a lot of time there, well, er, helping my sister out and I getta little extra cash from helping the Bates family.' He murmured as he ran his fingers through his hair and clocked out, shoving his hands into his pockets. 'Yeah, lets go. I mean, I'll walk you there. I'm going to check up on my sisters horse.' He murmured.

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Kyler suddenly stops, "you ride? Right?" She asks a knowing look flicking into her eyes. Kyler's face opens up completely as a real smile break out onto her face. Not a sarcastic smirk but a bright smile. Her posture relaxes slightly and she shakes her head before continuing on down towards the parking lot. "I have a car so we don't have to walk." She adds as a second thought to his previous comment.

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hey, it's layne. 'Ah, I ride a little but not like I'm amazing at it or anything. I just ride to help and get cash. Gotta save up for college, ya know.' He said, nervously. 'I have a car too, I'll just meet you there.' He murmured gently and glanced at her again, 'See you soon, KyKy.' He smirked and switched things up, giving her a nickname.

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Kyler wrinkles her nose slightly. "Excuse me?" She asks indignantly and shakes her head. "Kyky? Really?" She sighs before heading towards a black Yukon. Two dogs pop their heads out the window and bark excitedly before practically trying to squeeze out the small space between the window and door frame. Kyler laughs and kisses both their noses before opening the trunk and sticking the bag in there. Afterwards she then turned to Ryan.

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hey, it's layne. 'You look like a Ky,' He stated with a mischievous grin as he reached in to pet the two dogs as well. Then he turned to her and grinned again, 'Im just going to call you Ky. You look more like a Ky.' He said with a wink as he went to go and climb into his old, rust bucket of a truck with a sheepish grin.

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Kyler rolls her eyes before shrugging and then hops into her front seat. "Fine have fun with that," she calls before starting the car and after slipping her seat belt over her shoulder pulls out of the parking lot. Kyler then waves to Ryan before heading out down the road.

((To the stables?))

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hey, it's layne. Yeah. You start please, I'm behind :) ))

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((Ok :)))

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