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hey, it's layne. Start!

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Dressed accordingly for the cooler weather, Hales stepped in the paddock and gave a warm smile at the sight of her stallion. They dotted gray horse seemed to pick up her scent because when the wind blew, the horse came trotting over and blew in her hair. "Hey to you, too, Ash." She giggled, stroking his mane a few moments. "I suppose we just have to wait for Jamie now." She told him, just as she glanced around, seeing if she could catch sight of the dark haired boy. In the meantime, she had already begun to slide the halter over his head with experienced hands. Ashen was very well used to her gentle touch, and let her do as she pleased, patient.

hey, it's layne. Jamie came down to the paddock with his stepdads gorgeous white Arabian stallion, Frodo. The horse wasn't his, but he could do and ride whomever the hell he wanted to. After all, he was a top rider and the equestrian center owners soon. He saw her and smirked slightly as he made his way over, leading the stocky young stallion over as he casually leaned on the fence. 'Hey good lookin'. And I wasn't talking about the horse.' He winked.

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Haley watched as she spotted Jamie and with the smirk on his face, Hales smiled widely in return, happy he showed up. His greeting sent waves of warmth rushing to her cheeks, causing her to look the other way. "Stop it." She mumbled, giggling out of nervousness. Her eyes soon fell on the pure coloured stallion. "What's his name?" She asked, glancing at Jamie, then back at the beauty that stood by his side.

hey, it's layne. Jamie smirked slightly and held the stallions reins tightly as he leaned slightly against his shoulder. 'Frodo. Being the bro my stepdad is, he named a bunch of his horses after harry potter, lord of the rings, and comic book characters.' He said and watched as Frodo became interested suddenly in the other horse, stepping towards the fence line out of curiosity. He whinnied and stomped his foot, standing his ground.

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At the name, a small laugh escaped Hales lips and her hand came up and covered her hand, though her eyes still showed their laughter. "That's adorable." She commented finally, her eyes watching the interaction between Frodo and Ashen. At Frodo's stomped and whine, Ash's ears flicked and his body jerked a little, though grew calm just as quick. "Shall we?" She asked Jamie, smiling, looking only to see that it was Ashen's turn to stomp his hoof, bobbing his head.

hey, it's layne. Jamie smirked at her as he held the reins tightly, brushing his fingers across the horses neck gently. There were two things to Jamie: He smirked...well, alot, and whether he'd admit it or not, he had a natural knack for horses of all shapes and sizes. It was surprising because he wasn't really big on horses or anything, he just did what his mother told him to do, and one day, she told him she was going to teach him how to ride. He mounted the large gelding, smirking once more at her. 'Lets go, doll.'

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Hales let out a small giggle once more and once her own horse was saddled up and ready to go, she got up and onto her Ash and made herself comfortable. She gave a soft grin over in Jamie's direction before she moved Ashen around Jamie and beside him. "Should we head to the trails?" She inquired, looking ahead before looking down at Frodo, loving how white he was. She had never actually taken the time to assess someone else's horse other than her own horses. She had more, but she ahd brought only Ash along.

hey, it's layne. Puntiipie, I'm replying now. :3))

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<3 <3 <3

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hey, it's layne. (Swooshing to the trails)

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