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layne Start!

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The outside was reaching it's highest degree of heat; or so that is what the blonde had concluded to as she stepped into the lounge, immediately opting for one of the couches. One of which that deemed to be one of the most comfortable ones. Once more, this was according to Haley. She had thought about going and taking her fellow companion for a ride, just as she had promised him bygone. But for now, as the sun decidedly felt the need to burn any skin in it's path, her choice was to bask the cooler air later. As of right now, Hales only sat down, her back against the cushion, and simply cooled off. Unknowingly, a small sigh of contentment slipped past her lips and with that, her eyes closed; thankful for the air conditioned room.

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layne ((Sorry if its short. I'm on my phone))

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layne Jamie sauntered in with an arrogant grin on his lips, fingering his hair with his hands as he casually made his way over to stand behind Haley. 'Too hot outside for you, Hales? Hmm? Maybe it's just you...' He murmured and smoothly began to massage her shoulders. 'Amongst the guys, doll, you are one of the hottest is what they say.' He said and leaned closer, placing a firm kiss below her ear on his cheek as he massaged her shoulders. He was well known as a major flirt, mostly to the prettier girls. He hadn't tried Haley yet, though.

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((this guy works quick!
dayyyyum! xD))

When a voice broke through the peace and serenity of the room, Hales jumped, startled. The hands that came to her shoulders were skilled - in massaging. The voice sounded vaguely familiar to her and it's only when a pair of confident lips touched below her ear, as well as her cheek, had she recognized him. No way. As much as the crimson tint on her cheeks lit up at his words, she brushed his hands off by leaning forward and craning her head back to meet Jamie's eyes. "Um," She blinked, racking her brain for something to say. "Jamie, right?" The blonde retorted lamely, wanting nothing more than to turn and bash her head against the wall closest to her.

((finished her person, by the way.))

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layne Jamie smirked and immediately retracted his slimy hands, a confident, cocky smirk reaching the corners of his upturned lips as he slowly made his way to settle in beside her on the couch. 'Yes, Jamie. Equestrian extraordinaire, mr. suave, the 'Bates Boy'. They're all me.' He said as he smirked down at her, slipping an arm around her shoulders. 'Hales, darling, you are a fine piece of woman, something I find very attractive, and we haven't met so I figured I would stop in on my break time and say hello, let you know I'm available tonight...' He hinted with a slight arrogant smirk.

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((layneeee is a beauttyyyyyy~
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Her eyes never looked away from the walking Jamie as he took his time, curbing around the couch and all the way beside her. In her opinion, too close for a day like this. Was she the only one who found it really hot today? "I-I've just heard of Jamie..." She mumbled, a little confused as to why his arm was around her shoulders now. Her eyes darted to the length of the arm and then back into into Jamie's crystal blue eyes. At the mention of him being available tonight, a smile graced Haley's lips and a nod confirmed her thoughts. "Well, if by then you still don't have anything planned, you should come out for a ride with Ashen and I." The thought that the offer had been said with suggested intentions hadn't passed her mind, and despite what she had heard of him, well, it was their firs interaction, was it not? Once more, as subtly as she could, she scooted away from him; too close for comfort.

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layne punteeee is a bit looneeey but she's a cuteee patuteee
I can rhyme too! :)))

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((layneeee is gonna get a kick in the boootttiiiieee
as soon as i can walkkeeeyyyy
we're poets and we didn't even know it!
or maybe we did))

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layne 'Well, at least you've heard of me.' He winked mischievously and frowned slightly as she continued to scoot away from him. 'Oh and did I mention, two time junior Olympic champion?' He boasted as he smirked confidently at her, gazing over her much more, petite frame compared to his. He was 190 pounds of pure muscle but was on the shorter side of the guy spectrum at 5'11. He was more then anything average height. 'Hmm, I'll have to take you up on that offer.' He said with the slightest of smirks.

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"And you have heard of me, clearly. Which is a little weird because I haven't spoken to many people." Hales rambled aimlessly, pushing a few golden strands out from her face. At his venting, she looked up at him for a moment and then gave a wide smile. "Wow, that's impressive!" She commented, genuinely enlightened. Of course, she knew he was boasting, and it most definitely was something to be proud of, though perhaps not to that exact extent. "I'm sure you'll win gold, someday, for the actual Olympics." When he agreed for the ride, the smile turned into a grin and she gave a nod, once more. "Sounds great! I was thinking somewhere around the time...six or seven?" She said slowly, not entirely sure with herself. "How old are you?" Her thoughts went from one thought to the next drastically; not able to help herself, her brain had no filter.

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layne Ill reply when I get home today :3))

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layne .-. Mo post didn't post... I'll have to repost in a minute. :( ))

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layne Okay punteee with the fluffy narwhals and bootay - Once again, my phone corrects stuffayyy to bootay, but it's too funny to fix it xD))

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aha, i'd reply to that rhyme but i'm in a.meeting .-.
and that made me laugh xD))

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layne ((By the way, I'm claiming your guy character :DD Francisco is my new love XD))
'Trust me, everyone's talking about you. Girls are jealous, and the guys want to date you.' He wasn't lying; Several guys thought she was hot, and some of the girls were jealous, but everyone wasn't talking about her. 'Yeah, just another one of my excellent qualities.' He said arrogantly and stood up, dusting off his designer jeans. 'Eh, I don't want to go and ride in the Olympics. I want to go on the A Circuit, maybe then after I'll model a little.' He stated smoothly and took her hand and kissed it, 'Well, I need to go take care of a riding lesson. Six sounds...wonderful.' He said huskily as he slunk off and out the door.

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((hehe okay ;3))

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layne Sacapuntas [internet killed tv] wrote: "aha, i'd reply to that rhyme but i'm in a.meeting .-.
and that made me laugh xD))"

((I know, right.... fluffy narwhal bootay. :3))

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