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Is Jack dead?

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David Eva A really good read -  I couldn’t put it down. It combines some great historical information on the Spanish Civil war and the politics and tensions of the time with some action and a “murder mystery”.  The story has some interesting twists and characters that enable the author to represent the different politics and viewpoints of the day albeit that some of them (for example the Professor) pretty unlikeable and a bit one dimensional.  It will no doubt not appeal to anyone who wants the author to firmly back one side or who thinks that the Civil War was not a horribly messy affair where the sacrifice of many of the International Brigade was unnecessary and that all wrongs were done by one side. Jack does not ride off into the sunset to fight fascism and I wasn’t sure if the ghost of his father and his suicide in face of returning to trenches was supposed to preview jacks own “way out” (in which case very deep!!). Maybe Jack has just disappeared to ride again?

David Ebsworth I've read somewhere that there was a Jack Telford working as a correspondent for the BBC in Berlin during 1948. Could it be the same, d'you think?

David Ebsworth I'm perfectly happy to do a bit more research on this if anybody would like to know what became of him.

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