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Describe the setting of your SSR book and how it impacts the story

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Liemberger | 6 comments Mod
After you provide the title, author and page you are currently on, describe the setting(s) of your book. If your book has various settings, explain this and then describe each setting. Then, explain how the setting impacts the book.

Example: In Lord of the Flies, the general setting is a deserted island that has the potential to be a paradise, with abundant fruit, clear waters and miles of beach. However, within this paradise, there are many sub-settings. The jungle brings out the animal instincts in the hunters and always carries a sense of danger. This is the setting associated with Jack. The beach, on the other hand, is associated with Ralph and civilization, with the huts, coconut shells full of water and the meeting platform. Moreover, the general mood of the boys changes with the change of day. During the morning and evening, the boys can play and enjoy themselves. At mid-day, however, the unbearable heat and intense light creates mirages that leave the boys unable to trust what they see. At night, the imaginary "beastie" lurks in the dark and has many of the boys crying out in terror. Clearly the setting has a major impact on Lord of the Flies.

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Emmanuel Badamosi | 8 comments The title of my book is Hoops by Walter Dean Myers. I am on page 141 of 183. My book only has one setting which takes place in Harlem,New York with it is time for fall. The setting impacts the book by you know there will be likely urban blacks that live there and some might like to play basket around there.

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Jonathanleh | 5 comments I haven't found a book to read lately so i'll just talk about my most recent finished book. In the story of Posionwood Bible, Which takes place in the Congo, A country in Africa ruled by Belgium. Their family members moved there, It made Nathan Price become more distant from his family and worries more about what he does for a living. By helping people in Africa spreading the word of God while helping them. But even though back where they were living previously, in Georgia, he still acted the same way. Even when his daughter died, he still was too passionate about his career so his family left him which in my opinion kinda had a little impact in the story.

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Taylor Chantilope | 7 comments I'm finished reading my book titled "The Graveyard Book", which was written by Neil Gaiman. There are many settings within this book but the main one is the graveyard. The graveyard keeps Bod safe from outside people because he has spirits watching over him for protection. Also, his childhood home plays a big part because this was where is parents were murdered which led him to leave and make way to the graveyard.

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Jazzlyn Vorasarn | 5 comments My book is called 'Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie' and I finished. This book has a few settings, which are Steven's home, school, and also Philadelphia. The only important setting is going to Philadelphia because that's where Stevens brother Jeffery goes to see his doctor. He goes there for his surgery and chemotherapy.

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Bobbi Squadrito | 8 comments My current SSR book is called 'It's Kind of a Funny Story' By Ned Vizzini. I am currently on page 165 of 444. There are many settings in the story. One being Chris' home. Chris describes certain things in the house such as the 'The Vampire' Mirror (A mirror by the front door of the house as well as his little sisters room with her bed and desk. Another location is the bridge. This is an important setting because this is where Chris was planning on killing himself. The current setting is inside of a local hospital. He describes the room as bright. This is because the room is painted yellow. There is also the curtains that separates him and his roommate.

message 7: by Lisa (last edited Apr 01, 2013 05:20PM) (new)

Lisa | 4 comments I haven't decided on a new book yet, so I'm going to use my last book, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. In the Hunger Games, the setting takes place in an arena where 24 people from the age range of 12-18 fight each other to their death. The setting impacts the book because all of the major events have taken place in the arena. For example, a major event that has taken place in the arena is when the main characters Katniss and Peeta killed the antagonist Cato and won the 74th hunger games that is thrown every year by their totalitarian nation of Panem.

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Cianna Vazquez | 3 comments the last book i have read "the absolutely true diary of a part time indian". the setting takes place on a indian reservation. while the houses are spread apart, alot of trees and grass. Most of the are in poverty. He went to the school Reardan school full of white kids and he was a outcast because he was indian. the school setting has a impact on the book because it changes him to become better. He stay there and notices he is actually smart without all his health problems.

Yourfavoriteperson | 1 comments My SSR book is by Linda Sue Park and it is called a single shard and it takes place in a small village in Korea were pottery is mandatory. A korean orphan named Tree Ear who survived off scraps of food until one day he sees the master potter making beautiful pottery and then his dreams of wanting to be a potter appear.

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Karamo Dioubate | 3 comments I am going to talk about my last book. The Freedom Writers Diary by Zlata Filipovic the setting was at a school and at Erin Gruwell home. The setting impact the book because that is were the most of the problem happen. One example is that at the school the could express them themselves with out getting in trouble with other students

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Erick | 6 comments I am now finished reading my book "MockingJay" written by Suzanne Collins. This book has many of magnificent sites. The two major settings were District 13 and The Capitol, Panem. District 13 was where Katniss lived and trained with the rest of the rebellious people from District 13. Panem is the battlefield were Katniss faces President Snow. The book did a great job at describing the scenes with many figurative language. The impact of the setting makes the story better because without the Author describing the scenes, the book would have been not so great

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Shanelle Thompson (fastreader_1) | 2 comments The book I am reading is called Tribute, by Nora Roberts. I am currently on page 10 of this book. This story takes place in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, on a piece of land that was just bought by a woman named Cilla. She describes through her thoughts. There is a lake surrounded by grass that has overgrown since the last time someone has taken care of the property. Only a few yards from the lake is a home that was once lived in by her grandmother who used to be famous, but before she could fully enjoy her life she had died from an over dose on drugs. The house is falling apart, the once beautiful lake is filled with dirty and murky water and the land surrounding this once beautiful home is in need of dire reconstruction. With the help of her neighbor she will try to use her house flipping abilities to turn this house into a master piece.

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Makihra | 5 comments The book I am currently reading is Twilight. The setting of my book is a place called Forks located in Washington. The setting was very cold and always rainy. The impact of the book because this is where Bella and Edward finally meet each other & they fall in love. Another reason is when she reunites with Jacob & She finds out the Edward is a vampire.

message 14: by Jade (new)

Jade Deas (jaadeee___) | 3 comments the book that I am reading is called romitte and Julio. the setting of my book so far is in school and in romitte dreams. the setting is highschool. because I am only on the 4th chapter of my book I can only tell you a little bit about the setting. In romitte dream is water. in her dream she is drowning and she is scared and she soons hears a voice that wakes her up.

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