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Describe the setting of your SSR book and how it impacts the story

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Liemberger | 9 comments Mod
After you provide the title, author and page you are currently on, describe the setting(s) of your book. If your book has various settings, explain this and then describe each setting. Then, explain how the setting impacts the book.

Example: In Lord of the Flies, the general setting is a deserted island that has the potential to be a paradise, with abundant fruit, clear waters and miles of beach. However, within this paradise, there are many sub-settings. The jungle brings out the animal instincts in the hunters and always carries a sense of danger. This is the setting associated with Jack. The beach, on the other hand, is associated with Ralph and civilization, with the huts, coconut shells full of water and the meeting platform. Moreover, the general mood of the boys changes with the change of day. During the morning and evening, the boys can play and enjoy themselves. At mid-day, however, the unbearable heat and intense light creates mirages that leave the boys unable to trust what they see. At night, the imaginary "beastie" lurks in the dark and has many of the boys crying out in terror. Clearly the setting has a major impact on Lord of the Flies.

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Alexandria Bartello | 7 comments In the book i read, Immortal by Gillian Shields, the setting is generally in a school and that is the only place except if her school went on trips. The impact of the setting on the story is at this school is were she learns about family and some history about things she never knew that could be possible. If the setting was some place else then she would not know the things she knew and found out at thw school such as she found out she has a necklace from one of her ancestors that she did not know she had.

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Shamell Isles | 6 comments The Book I am Currently Reading Is Outside Shot By Walter Dean. The setting in the story Takes place in Harlem, New York, and The University of Montclair where Lonnie Jackson Jackson gets a full scholarship to play basketball at.The setting impacts the story because this is where everything happens in the book. The university of montclair is the college he attends and where all the rising action takes place in the story. Harlem New York is where Lonnie was born and raised as told in the beginning of the story.

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Kim | 6 comments My SSR book is Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice and I'm currently on page 37/294.

Due to the book being told from an interview, it has a few different settings along with different timelines. The interview takes place during the 90's in San Francisco, California where a vampire named Louis, is interviewed by an unnamed reporter in the reporter's home. His home is small with a window that reveals the traffic of the city and the harsh yellow light shows the room furnished with a round oak table with chairs and a wash basin with a mirror hanging over it. The impact of this setting seems to affect Louis the most because he has lived long and has seen many changes the world has gone through.

The other setting of the story is when Louis talks about his past life is of France during the 1700's. During that time, the country was filled with nature and animals. Louis describes a swamp and moss-hung cypresses along with wisteria that broke through the shutters and the attic windows. There were also the birds that sang like a chorus when the French doors of Louis's house were open. This setting gives Louis a nostalgic feeling. In the story he speaks as if he misses him homeland and his family along with regrets of his transformation in remembrance of his homeland.

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Elizabeth | 6 comments I am currently reading When the Emperor Was Divine by: Julie Otsuka on page 77 out of 143.

In the beginning of this book the setting is taken place in Berkeley, California where the mother begins to clean and pack when she saw the evacuation order for those who are Japanese must pack and report to a Civil Control Station on a specific date. This book is explained in third person. It describes what the mother is packing and doing. Also the house like an ordinary family with a white picket fence with a front yard and a pet. Then the setting moves on to their traveling on a train with no air conditioning and meeting people how describing how they look. Lastly, their last destination was living in a camp where all the Japanese are kept. They are kept in a desert, hot climate area and have nothing less to do. They are not permitted to go out or next to the fence that is surrounding them.

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Paige Williams | 7 comments The book I am currently reading is called "True to the Game" By Teri Woods and I am on page 23/212.

The first setting takes place in a beautiful but unfamiliar house which one of the main charecters "Gena" woke up in after being resuced. The setting impacts the story because now Gena can find out who rescued her and whose house she is in.

The second setting takes place in the hospital. The Second main charecter "Quader" also known as Gena's rescuer and dead fiance tells Gena how the docters bring him back to life and how he rescues her from being killed one of Quader's enemy's who was after his fortune.

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Joseph Martorano | 6 comments The title of my book is called "The Curse Of Camp Cold Lake". The author is R.L.Stine. I am on page 56 out of 114 at the moment.

The setting of my book takes places in a camp for kids called Camp Cold Lake. The setting greatly affects the story because the main character a girl named Sarah she hates Camp Cold Lake it represents her fear of making friends and socializing with other people her age.

And her brother Aaron loves Camp Cold Lake it represents his down to earth personality. He easily makes friends and loves to have fun and play around unlike his sister Sarah.

Camp cold Lake is a fun place for kids to have fun it has lots of activities and giant lake to swim and play in. Sarah and Aaron have different views of the camp and that keeps the story very interesting to be able to get two different perspectives.

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Malesa | 7 comments The book I'm reading is soul kiss by shay youngblood. i'm currently on page 43.

The setting takes place at the young girl aunts house. Her mother dropped her off their and that's now where she's currently living. It impacts the book because it's like the daughter became abandoned. She also goes to school, but the house is the main setting.

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Bryant P | 4 comments The book I'm reading is the Hunger Games: catching Fire. I'm currently on page 24.

In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, it starts off in the woods and then in their house. Supposedly in the book, people aren't allowed to go out in the woods, if people do there are great consequences. Further into the book, Katniss Everdeen goes to her home but finds her mother acting strange, she finds the president in her home, she knew something bad was going to happen.

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Bajahbarnes | 6 comments the book im reading is :a mothers gift". I am currently on page 211.

the setting of this book, was in many places, but the most important setting is when Brittany was in L.A. starting high school that's where most of her fame come from and how she gets discovered. Also when she first made her appearance on tv. which took place in new York.

message 11: by Jose (new)

Jose Cortes | 2 comments I have read Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare. i have finished the book. the setting of this book is in the woods near the Penobscot River. the setting this book takes place in is important to the story because Matt, the main character, has to learn how to survive on his own in the wild. matt has to protect the house and wait for his family. the setting sets up how matt is going to survive and learn how an indian survives in the wild.

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Namelouis Maiorano | 2 comments The book I am reading is Catch me if you can I'm am currently on page242 and their are 271 pages. there are many settings he does not stay in the same place because he conned about 4000000 dollars all over the country. If the setting was in one place he would get caught.

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Fnan Tsegay | 4 comments The book I am currently reading is Dear John by Nicholas Sparks, I am finished with the book. My book is about a guy named John who use to be a confused person and didnt know what to do with his life so he decided to join the army. When he came back home for leave he went surfing. While he was resting a girl dropped her purse into the ocean and he dove from the bridge to get it for her. I think the most important setting is when they're on Savannah's farm and she tells John that everytime there's a full moon , that they both have to be staring at it because they' re in different places but in spirit they'll be together .

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