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Describe the setting of your SSR book and how it impacts the story

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Liemberger | 8 comments Mod
After you provide the title, author and page you are currently on, describe the setting(s) of your book. If your book has various settings, explain this and then describe each setting. Then, explain how the setting impacts the book.

Example: In Lord of the Flies, the general setting is a deserted island that has the potential to be a paradise, with abundant fruit, clear waters and miles of beach. However, within this paradise, there are many sub-settings. The jungle brings out the animal instincts in the hunters and always carries a sense of danger. This is the setting associated with Jack. The beach, on the other hand, is associated with Ralph and civilization, with the huts, coconut shells full of water and the meeting platform. Moreover, the general mood of the boys changes with the change of day. During the morning and evening, the boys can play and enjoy themselves. At mid-day, however, the unbearable heat and intense light creates mirages that leave the boys unable to trust what they see. At night, the imaginary "beastie" lurks in the dark and has many of the boys crying out in terror. Clearly the setting has a major impact on Lord of the Flies.

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Bensonphun | 6 comments The book that I was just currently reading was Freedom Children by Ellen Levine. There are many settings in this book, but a memorable one is when 4 children walked into the school of whites and got thrown trash at them with people waiting outside to disrespect the children's pride and the setting impacts the book because it shows how much trouble the African American students had to go through to break this discrimination and let the people of today live together in a mixed group. Another setting that can sum up this whole racial topic is the south of this country because that is where the chaos usually happened. The setting really impacted this part of the country because it showed the difficulties that the people did to each other and how they came to be the worst of that time period. My last setting is the scenes of the restaurants and fights. While in the restaurants the African American had to demand to be served and be treated as one not two different groups of races. The setting impacted this part of the book because it showed how the waiters would ruin something for someone and just care about their own opinion to make themselves happy.

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Devin Tran | 6 comments The book I am reading is Manny Pacquiao: A Biography. The author of this book is Gary Andrew Poole and I'm currently on page 105/288. There are two major settings in this book, the Philippines' country and the wild card boxing gym in California. In the Philippines they show the difficulties that people go through. They are struggling for food, money, and just living. The wild card boxing gym shows the hard work and dedication that the boxers go through. All the training and diets they do to fight shows you how much they love the sport.

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Erik Burns | 6 comments The book I have just finished read was the last book of the hunger games, "MockingJay." The main setting in my book is Future North America. The setting in this world is basically a post apocliyptic scenery. However, the only civilization left is panem. This affects the characters in many ways such as how they all have to contribute to survive.

message 5: by Najierwest (new)

Najierwest | 3 comments I have changed my SSR book to "Hatchet" the author is Gary Paulsen. The book is about a thirteen year old boy (Brian Robeson) who is goin to visit his father for the summer but the bush plan that he is on crashes in the wilderness and he is the only survivor. Brian oly has his hatchet that he ot for the trip and now e has to survive o his own. This rlaes to lo of the flies because the main characters are marooned in the wilderness and they have to survive on there own without adults. The setting makesthe book even better because the fact that he has hatchet and he is stranded in the wilderness this shows all the things he is use to having but he doesnt have and must make them himself.

message 6: by Dominique (new)

Dominique Hagans | 6 comments The SSR book the I am reading is called Twilight: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. I am currently on page 599 out of 629 pages. There are three major setting in the book. The first main setting is a very rainy and cloudy place called Forks, Washington. This is where most of the vampires live. The other main setting is La Push, which is the forest and beach part of Forks. All of the werewolves live in La Push. La Push is split from Forks because the vampires and werewolves made treaty lines that they are not allowed to cross. The last main setting place is a giant clearing in the wood inbetween Seattle and Forks that the vampires and werewolves are faced up against. The settings impact the book because it show how two thing, that are completely different from each other, come together to face against an enemy that would effect both of their worlds.,

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Hestonjenkins | 8 comments The book that i was currently reading is called "slam" by Walter Dean Myers.there are two main settings in the book.the First setting is in his house either in his room talking to his brother or in his living room talking with his mom or dad.And the Second,setting is on the basketball floors he played on,where he gained alot of Knowledge from about and not about basketball.

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Justin Divirgilio | 8 comments The book that I am currently reading is called The Rotation by Jim Salisbury and Todd Zolecki, a biography on how one of the greatest pitching rotations in baseball history was assembled. I am currently on page 70 out of 249. There are two major settings of this book which are Clearwater, Florida (the Phillies spring training site) ans Citizens Bank Park (Phillies home field) In Citizens Bank Park the authors show the hard work the general manager, assisant general manager, and owner put in to create this great rotation. In Clearwater, the authors show the excitement, giddiness, and hope the fans, media, and the players have for the season.

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Destiny  Mack  | 6 comments The book I am currently reading is "Anatomy of a Single Girl" written by Daria Snadowsky and I am on page 86. In Anatomy of a Single Girl the main setting is Dominique's school campus. The setting impacts the book, because the school campus is where she is most of the time and where everything is happening in her life at the moment.

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Deandangelo | 3 comments The book I'm currently reading is Heat by. Mike Lupica. I'm on page 47 in this book so far the setting is mainly Yankees stadium and the streets of New York. The reason why it takes place on Yankees stadium is because one day this kid Michael Arroyo and his friends snuck into Yankees stadium to practice pitching on the field. The reason why it takes place in the streets is because he got chased by the cops for being in the stadium. This is the book and the settings in Heat.

message 11: by Noel.j (new)

Noel.j | 3 comments The book I am reading is called A Long Way Gone. It is written by Ishmael beach. I am on page 27 out of 218. My book's setting takes place in a little village in Sierra Leone called Mogbwemo. Ishmael and his friends are going to an audition to show off their rap skills. After they left their village they went through Ishmael’s grandmother's village. It was very quiet and they did not really say anything about the way the village looked. Then once they left they got to another village where Ishmael found out his village was attacked by rebel forces. They are in a school building with cement floors and walls.

message 12: by Justine (new)

Justine D | 6 comments I'm currently reading Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen. I'm on page 38 of 228 pages. So far there are two settings. The first setting is when the main character Nicole, or Colie, is at the train station. She's at the train station because she's heading to Colby to live with her aunt for the summer. Colby is the second setting I've come across. When she's all settled in the house, her aunt asks if she's hungry and would like to make a trip to a local bar/restaurant. Colie decides to go to try and maybe make friends. When she gets there, the blonde girl stares her down and ask questions about her lip ring. The other girl was being very polite. Being there made Colie feel like she didn't mean anything to the world. That reminded her of when she would get called all these names because she was fat.

message 13: by Kailynn (new)

Kailynn Mckillop | 7 comments The SSR novel I recently just finished was Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. The story was based on two girls who were childhood friends and all the things they've experienced throughout their child/teen/adult years. The main setting is in the summer in Martha's Vineyard. Cailin is a rich girl, who brings Victoria , also known as Vix, who is not as wealthy with her every summer to vacation at the Vineyard. The girls were complete opposites. Cailin was wild were Vix was rather calm and not so adventurous. This vacation spot made the girls become who they are at the end of the book, it made Vix realize how Cailin was truly an ungrateful brat an how she wanted more for herself then partying and being wild all the time.

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Alexis | 8 comments The book I am currently reading and doing my post on is "The Outsiders" by S.E Hinton. I am on chapter eight of twelve. The main charters in the book are Ponyboy, Johnny and Cherry Valance. The story is told from the point of view of Ponyboy (first person). The major conflict is the clash between the poor greasers and the rich socs. The story takes place around the mid- 1960s in Tulsa Oklahoma.

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Kellly Sanborn | 6 comments The book i am reading is "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks. I am on page 344 out of 409. The setting of my book is a small town in North Carolina called Wrightsville Beach. The setting impacts the book because on the beach near Ronnies, the main character, house she meets a boy named Will and it changes her life.

message 16: by Tatyana (new)

Tatyana Flory | 7 comments The SSR book I am currently reading is called The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares. I am currently on page 30 of 320 pages. The setting varys throughout the book. However, I only got to one main setting that is Oia. Oia is a village in Greece where Lena's grandparents live. Over the summer, Lena went to visit her grandparents and took the magical pants with her. This setting impacts the book because it shows what Lena does with the pants for her two weeks. The setting is going to change and show what the other girls do with the pants.

message 17: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Eiser | 3 comments The book i just read is the Outsiders by S.E Hinton. The setting of the book is Tulsa Oklahoma. The setting was in a rich neighborhood and a poor neighborhood.The setting had an impact because the social classes fought against each other. The charecters in the story are judged on where they come from and their money.

message 18: by Dmaeali (new)

Dmaeali | 5 comments The book I have recently finished was The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares . In the book , there are four different settings as the point of view changes in the story . from one girl to the next . When the story is being told from Carmens point of view , shes in her father and stepmothers suburban South Carolina home , in a small town outside the rest of the city . The setting from Lenas point of view , takes place in Greece with her other side of the family . Theres beautiful waters , gardens and ponds . Along with long steps that lead to the top of the mountains and houses . Bridgets setting takes place in Baja Californian Mexico at soccer camp , where theres hot sand and pretty beaches . Tibby is back in Washington , in the department store called Wallmans .

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