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Describe the setting of your SSR book and how it impacts the story

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Liemberger | 8 comments Mod
After you provide the title, author and page you are currently on, describe the setting(s) of your book. If your book has various settings, explain this and then describe each setting. Then, explain how the setting impacts the book.

Example: In Lord of the Flies, the general setting is a deserted island that has the potential to be a paradise, with abundant fruit, clear waters and miles of beach. However, within this paradise, there are many sub-settings. The jungle brings out the animal instincts in the hunters and always carries a sense of danger. This is the setting associated with Jack. The beach, on the other hand, is associated with Ralph and civilization, with the huts, coconut shells full of water and the meeting platform. Moreover, the general mood of the boys changes with the change of day. During the morning and evening, the boys can play and enjoy themselves. At mid-day, however, the unbearable heat and intense light creates mirages that leave the boys unable to trust what they see. At night, the imaginary "beastie" lurks in the dark and has many of the boys crying out in terror. Clearly the setting has a major impact on Lord of the Flies.

message 2: by Anthony (new)

Anthony L | 7 comments The book I am reading is Bluford High Brother in Arms and its by Paul Langan and Ben Alirez i just got done this book it was 152 pages. There is two settings in this book the first is a bad neighborhood in New York tat has a lot of gang violence. That effects the book by when they are in this neighborhood Martin Luna is in a gang and he has a younger brother that follows in his footsteps and he don't want that to happen. So one day Martin is hanging out with his gang and his brother is in the distance and he sees someone coming after his brother to kill him so his brother runs over to try and warn him but when he gets there Martin's brother took the bullet for him. after that happens his mom makes Martin and his mom move to a different place because his mom don't want to lose another son. Martin isn't happy with this. The next setting is at Bluford High School. it is in a better neighborhood but Martin cant get over his brother's death. he is also doing bad in this school its like he just don't care what happens to him anymore. But one day he meets a teacher that really cares for him and the teacher points him in the right direction because the teacher wants him to do good in life. so this setting effects the book by this place helps him sussed in life and get of the gang.

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Tom Realdine | 6 comments I just currently finished a book called "The Final Hour" by Andrew Klavan. There are 2 settings in this book. One setting is the prison which the main character Charlie is in. This impacts the story because if Charlie is in the prison, he has no way of getting out and proving his innocence. So eventually he has no choice but to break out and the reader is then introduced to a whole new setting. Which is New York City. Being in New York City impacts the story because a lot of people live there and on New Years Charlie is aware of something coming called "The Great Death" which is planned by a man named "Prince" who is supposed to set out a deadly gas that will kill everyone at time square. While Charlie is informed about it he goes to time square and tryes to stop it.

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 Jared  | 6 comments Iam finished reading th Outsiders by S.E Hinton.The setting of the book is in Tulsa,Oklahoma back in 1966 they live on the other side of the tracks ont the eastside which is a tough and dangerous place which makes the characters harder and tougher but on the west side of Tulsa lies there enemys the Socs a rich and popular group of kids. The setting of the book impacts the story because both societysgo to the same school but th socs of the westside dress more fancy while the eastside are from the slums and dont dress as nice ass the socs and at nigh the socs drives in their cars over the eastside to fight and star trouble as you can see the setting has an major impact on this story TheOutsiders..

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Ratha Meas (RathaM) | 7 comments The book I am reading is Guardians of Ga'Hoole: The Shattering by Kathryn Lasky. I am on page 176 out of 176 pages. This is my second SSR book, and I am finished. One setting in my book is at the Great Tree of Ga'Hoole. The Great Tree of Ga'Hoole is a place where most of the owls lived. This setting impacts the story because if the Great Tree of Ga'Hoole was never made, the owls would have nowhere to stay at. They will not have any shelters, and they will not be safe. Another setting in Guardians of Ga'Hoole: The Shattering is at St. Aegolius Academy. This is where owls that are lost or have nowhere to live go to. St. Aegolius Academy impacts the story because the owls in there are very bad, they teach other owls the wrong and bad things. For example, Kludd, one of the evil owls came from there and he turned out not so good. St. Aegolius Academy was ruled by Aggie. Aggie taught Kludd the evil things, that is why Kludd murdered his own parents.

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Reynaldo | 3 comments I'm reading Bud not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis. and I'm on page 24. The setting of the book is back in the 30's while the Great Depression was happening. I think it impacts the story because of the many problems he faces trying to find his dad with all the problems happening around him.

message 7: by Kimberly (last edited Apr 07, 2013 12:14PM) (new)

Kimberly (misfittoyx) | 6 comments The book I am currently reading is 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky and I am on page 10 out of 213. I do not know enough about the impacts of the setting yet. In the previous book I read, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain, the setting took place in town of St. Petersburg, Missouri. While reading the book, Tom went on many adventures and switched many locations. At the end of the book, he ends up trapped in a cave. I believe that the impact of being lost in a cave affected Tom because it must have given him a sense of where his home really is. Overall, the setting changes through out the book which impacts this book so much because it tells you how much changes in Tom's life with his adventures.

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Ziair Jackson | 6 comments I am still reading ( Search for safety ) by John Langan and im on page 65/125. One setting in my book that take place is at the corner store name "Cats" and every time he goes to the store for his step dad Larry these three kids always beat him up and rob him .The setting impact the story because Ben was too shy to get help so if it wasn't for the bruises and marks on his faces his teacher and princeable at Blu ford high would of never got him help . If Ben didnt have mark on his face but was in pain he would of suffer for a long time . Another setting that impacts the story is in Ben's own house. When Ben's mother goes to work , her husband Larry continues to beat up Ben because he cant stand him. As Ben goes to school with bruise ribs and bad marks his princeable who is very close with Ben 's Aunt calls her up from N.C and they began to deal with Larry . They call the cops and head over to Ben house . To be continue .!

message 9: by Joey (new)

Joey Kramer | 7 comments The book i am reading is "Gone Tomorrow" by Lee Child. I am on page 312 out of 456. The setting is New York and this affects the book because its a lot harder to track people down and to find the truth when there is a million people on the city streets.

message 10: by Ali (new)

Ali | 5 comments The book I am reading is called "Rumble Fish" by S.E Hinton. I am currently on page 22 out of 175. They live in an area where there are constantly people fighting, people dying, and cops are always on the chase. Rusty James the main character fits in with this setting by starting the gang fights, drinking, smoking, and gambling at the age of 14. His brother Motorcycle boy is the complete opposite. He see's the neighborhood differently. He really doesn't care about anything, he's more spiritual. Once in a while he might get in a fight but that's only if someone starts with him or his brother, but he doesn't like to drink because he likes to be in control of himself. I think the setting does have a huge impact on the book.

message 11: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Le | 6 comments The book I am reading is "Everyone Sees the Ants" by A.S. King. I am currently on page 168 out of 277. The setting is Frederickstown Pennsylvania. It is the home of Lucky Linderman and his family. It is where Lucky lives, attends school, and goes swimming at the Frederickstown Community Swimming Pool. It is also where Lucky faces bullying from Nader. Frederickstown Community Swimming Pool is located in Frederickstown, Pennsylvania, and is where Lucky spends most of his summer with his mother, who swims laps. At the pool, Lucky is bullied by Nader. And plays cards and grows close to Lara. It also where Lucky comes to Charlotte's defense getting her top for her when she loses it in the pool. Freddy High is located in Frederickstown Penn, and it is where Lucky Nader Danny Charlotte and Lara attend school. And it is also where most of the bullying from Nader occurs.

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Kareem | 4 comments I am currently reading Catching Fire the second book of the hunger games saga. I am on page 192 out of 391 pages. The settings change throughout the book. First they were at a place called district 12 then they were at all the other districts because they were on a victory tour. The setting right now is the stadium where the hunger games is taken place. There, all of the old victors that won the games years and years ago will fight to the death ounce again in another hunger games anniversary.

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Dequan Carr | 6 comments I am reading Tyrell by Coe booth. I am currently on page 200 out of page 303. The main setting is in Bronx, Ny in the projects. This setting basically is why the story is set up. Tyrell is selling drugs, smoking, and actually acting bad. The only thing he is doing good is taking care of his little brother. The setting makes a huge impact on this story. The reason why Tyrell keep messing up is because he is dragged to the bad in the neighborhood. Tyrell doing drugs actually gets him in a fight with him and his girlfriend Novisha.

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Amirhoward | 3 comments The book im reading is called Cathcing Fire by Suzzane Collins. I am on page 19 of 391. Currently the setting is in a little town called Victors Viliage. This impacts the story this is a place for people have won the HUNGER GAMES.So the main character Katnis is living with her family but this only the begining.

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Nadia Petruzelli | 1 comments i just finished the book New Moon the two major settings in the book are Forks Washington and Italy. The books setting effects Bella's loneliness when Edward left making her feel trapped and alone. she went to Italy toward the end of the book to stop Edward from getting killed.

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Myiesha | 4 comments I just finish reading the book called Precious by Sapphire. The major setting in the book was like a rough nebihorhood , where Precious grew up.She also was 16 and had a daughter & was pregnant again. She started attending an Alternative school.And towards the end of the book she moved into a group home with her new baby boy. She started during better in school. And she tried to save up money to get her own apartment for her and her 2 kids.This impacted the story because as she attended this new school is changed her as a person and motivated her to do better for her self.

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Cierra Richardson The book i am reading is Until We Meet Again . The setting of my book take place in a small poor town kind of like Project Houses . This setting really impact on the story because the story is really about a girl trynna make it out but its alot of conflicts stopping her . Conflicts such as trynna make it out of the public high school she is currently in & being in the projects is really causing mor stress on her . I can infer that the setting is a major impact on this story

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