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Welcome to Platform 9 3/4. You are now beginning your journey to Hogwarts!

All students must gather here before boarding The Hogwarts Express.

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Aoife Bell dragged her trunk along the platform, a broad smile across her face. She was delighted to be going back to Hogwarts and was especially looking forward to another year of Quidditch!
She had made the team last year and hoped with all her heart she would be let on again.

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Leonie Longbottom stood for the wall between platform 9 and 10 with her father next to her. She smiled to him and told him that she was looking forward to going back. When Leonie saw no muggles were paying attention to her, she stepped through the wall. On platform 9 3/4 Leonie looked around for people she knew.

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Aoife smiled at them both.
"Ah, hello," she replied, wheeling her bulging trunk over towards them. All of her Quidditch equipment threatened to make an appearance through a gap at the side of it.
Aoife flicked her red hair, which was down loosely for the first time in ages. It fell in ringlets at the ends - she hoped someone would notice her new look, for Aoife had always been a bit of a tomboy.

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Scorpius swaggered onto the platform. His father, who had been meant to accompany him, stood behind him chatting. Scorpius wheeled his trolley to a quieter area of the platform to wait for more Slytherins.

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((No one-liners, please, Evie))

Aoife grinned back and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Did you have good holidays?" she asked.
Aoife had spent the summer playing Quidditch with her two brothers (one older, one younger) and relatives; needless to say, she often won!

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Aoife nodded.
"Well, that's wonderful," she added, stroking her cat Amber through her carrier. Amber was black with bright amber eyes - she was one and a half years old.
"I played Quidditch for most of the holidays, too."

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Aofe smiled, a little puzzled. "Surely you don't need showing around in third year, Rose?" she asked, her smile not wavering. She then turned her attention to Enid, smiling at the pretty owl fondly.

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Aoife lowered her eyes a little but shrugged off the strange comment.It was easy, of course, to get mixed up.
"Yes, very pretty indeed," Aoife said.

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((Evie; I think that Rose would know Aoife well if she is being this friendly to her.))

"Gryffindor," Aoife replied proudly. She always loved being a Gryffindor - brave and courageous, just like her!

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"Oh. Well, see you!" Aoife called after her.
After she had taken a few steps, however, Aoife noticed she had left her hat behind.She picked it up and balanced it on her trolley to bring with her on the train and give it to her. However, when she bent down to re-zip her trunk, Scorpius spotted the unattended hat - and noticed it was Rose's.
He snatched the hat without being seen nor heard and held it behind his back, smirking.

When Aoife looked back around, muttering about the size of her trunk, she immediately scrambled for the hat.

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Priscilla, led by her mother Pansy, appeared in the platform. Pansy was extremely well-dressed for such an occasion as this and put Priscilla's hair in elaborate curls. The two of them immediately walked over to where Scorpius, and now Draco, were standing.
Pansy and Draco engaged in conversation immediately and Priscilla smiled at smiled at Scorpius.
"You have her hat?" she whispered. Scorpius nodded. "Oh, I saw it! So I took it!" He yelled to Rose. "Wingardium Leviosa!"
The hat flew into the air; Priscilla started laughing shrilly. "Come get ir if you want it, Rose!" Scorpius offeres, guiding it towards her teasingly. He knew magic was not allowed out if school but in a place full of wizards and witches, who would know it was him?
Aoige saw this happening and weighed up her options for a moment. Suddenly she drew her wand from her pocket and said, "Accio Rose's wand!"
Scorpius' face fell as the hat bean jerking towards Aoife. "Give it here, Malfoy!" Aoife demanded. (anyone recognize that saying... HPatPS, Quidditch Lessons, Harry and Draco... and Neville with his Remembrall?)
Scorpius did not let go... not yet.

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Scorpius laughed. "Duh, I know, Rose!" he exclaimed. It was this comment that made Draco spin around.
"Scorpius, drop that hat," he said quietly and a little distractedly before turning back to Pansy.
"Okay," Scorpius shrugged with a glint in his eye. He hovered the hat over the tracks for a minute, then dropped it a meter from Rose's feet.

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Aoife walked determinedly towards Scorpius. "What do you think you're doing, Scorpius?" She demanded, her hands on her hips and a look that could kill on her face.
Scorpius laughed."I'm just having a little fun," he replied. Priscilla flicked her hair.
"And what do you think you're soing, Aoife? You think you're great, don't you?"
Aoife opened her mouth and closed it. "You're not worth the fight," she muttered bitterly and walked away.

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Leonie appeared out of the crowd. "Don't worry, Aoife, it was just a hat." she said. Leonie smiled friendly and asked: "By the way, how was your holiday?"

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Aoife smiled a little.
"Yeah... yeah. I just hate the way he thinks he can do whatever he likes. Anyway... it was great, thanks. Mosly I played Quidditch... and I went to Italy for ten days, which was nice. Charlie was all for the historical facts, what with being a seventh-year Ravenclaw, but I loved seeing a Quidditch match there! How was yours?" she asked.

Ruben Clearwater dashed onto the platform, mumbling about being almost-late. He would have been here ages ago if Penney had not lost one of her new schoolbooks!

Star Lovegood wandered onto Plaform 9 3/4, her owls hooting happily. Thanks to Professor Flitwick, both owls had been permitted.
"Star, wait for your brothers please!" Luna asked. Star shrugged out of her dream-like state. "I'm just going to talk to my friends," she replied, almost proudly, as she walked towards the group of girls.
"Hello," she said quietly.

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