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Niran | 176 comments Hey? So what kind of RP do you want to do?

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I don't realy care, but something with romance and mystery mixed into it.

By the way, you spelled my name wrong! ;)

message 3: by Niran (new)

Niran | 176 comments Oh shiz cakes, sorry :S
Me too! Something supernatural or spy-ish? Or like a character is someone special to the government and is trying to hide?

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message 5: by Niran (new)

Niran | 176 comments Cool :). You want to do that? Also, do you want to be the girl or the boy and do you want to be running away from the government?

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I don't care!

message 7: by Niran (new)

Niran | 176 comments Okay, I want to be the girl. But I don't want to be running away from the government.

My character:

Name: Sky Deletrus
Age: 16


Personality; Sky is very friendly, she's always up to talking with people and making new friends. She is quite blunt, stubborn, out spoken and determined in whatever it is. She hates being told what to do and hates being proven wrong. Overall, she's a tough chick that is ready for anything.

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Name: Asher
Age: 17

Appearance: will get pic later
Personalilty: He looks tough and may acts tough, but once you get to know him, you realize what a nice, friendly friend. He hide his emotions as much as he can because he thinks he appears weak when his emotions show plus he doesn't understand them. People watching him do something he loves thinks he is abbesed, but he calls it dedicaition. He is very good at proving people wrong and does it so he is not nwrong himself,

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Niran | 176 comments I will start.

It was a normal, average day for Sky. Get ready for school, go to school, tolerate countless hours of it and then go home. Sky was getting ready for school, wondering in her room. She had on a pair of faded skinny jeans, a black tank top that showed an inch of her waist, and black and white converse. Her hair was tied up on a mid pony tail and it was wavy. She rushed around to get her things, books, phone, her pencil case and her bag. She quickly put a breakfast bar in there and kissed her dad's cheek before she got into her car.

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Asher woke up and sat up quickly. He glanced at the clock and realized it said 7:30 a.m. He jumped put of bed and grabbed the next pile of clothes next to him and quickly threw them on. He raced out the door and started to jog the 1/2 mile to the nearest bus stop. That was how his life was. There was no one to care for him or his feeling and thoughts. His parents most of the time didn't even realized he existed. When they did, they would often beat him until unspeakable pain.

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Niran | 176 comments God, Im was so tired. She had gotten to school to see her friends on the grassy mound, she smiled as she saw them because she loved her friends. Jessica had light blonde wavy hair that stopped at her shoulders,green eyes and a soft, cute smile. Alisa was the complete opposite, she had midnight hair that was straight and going down her back, striking honey brown eyes and a wicked smirk.
Sky wiggled her fingers at the girls as she walked towards them I'm in return they wiggled their fingers too, making Sky laugh.
"Hello, girlies", Sky smiled, hip bumping into Jessica playfully.
"Nice of you to finally join us", Alisa said with a smirk. Sky just rolled her eyes jokingly.

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Asher dashed into the school with 5 minutes to spare. His ash color hair fall down his face, and he was in a great need of a haircut. His eyes scanned the hallways. Asher finally grabbed his books and slammed his locker shut without even noticing. He walked down the hall silently with no one friends in sight or even close friends at all.

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Niran | 176 comments Sky walked into the building with her friends, her books in hand and close to her. She wasnt paying attention to where she was going or what was happening in front of her. She was too busy laughing at Jessica's randomness and freakish behaviour. So she didnt see who she had bumped into or why he or she was even there. Her books and the persons books all landed on the floor with some pieces of paper on the floor. "I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going", Sky exclaimed.
She looked up to see a guy she had never seen before.

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Asher looked up into this strange girl's eyes and instantly fell in love. He grabbed her stuff and began to stack i for her. "I should be apoliging to you." His eyes meet hers. "I.. I was day dreaming. I am so sorry"

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Niran | 176 comments Sky stared at the stranger with a smile on her face, she found something about him appealing. She laughed nervously and shook her head," No, honestly it's okay. I'm sorry too, I was just distracted". She picked up pieces of paper without really looking.

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Asher handed the beautiful stranger her books and cheeks growing red begins to walk away alone.

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Niran | 176 comments Sky smiled softly and murmured a thanks under her breathe as the stranger gave her her books. She watched him go and then looked back down at her books to see that she had one of his. She looked back up to try and call him back but he was already gone!
That was the strangers name. Sky smiled slightly.

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Asher walked into his Spanish class and realized that pretty girl he bumped into had his history book.

((Got to go supper))

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Niran | 176 comments The bell had finally rang for the first lesson to begin. But she couldn't go to class yet. She had to find Asher and give him his book back. She saw a bunch of students hanging near the language department that she was near and asked them if they knew where a Spanish class was being taken. She soon found the class and then knocked on the door.

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Asher looked up when someone at the door knocked. In walked the beautiful girl he bumped into in the hallway.

message 21: by Niran (new)

Niran | 176 comments Sky stood at the door while students stared at her and the teacher gave her a disapproving look for disrupting the lesson. Which made her blush slightly in embarrassment.
"I'm sorry to disturb your lesson. But I have a friends book. Ashers book", she said softly. Then she looked around the room until she finally found him. She smiled hugely.

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Asher looked at her in amazement that she cared enough to come and track him down to give him his book back. He quickly stood up; his cheeks fastly turned red.

message 23: by Niran (new)

Niran | 176 comments Sky slowly walked towards him with a soft smile. She stopped in front of him and laughed nervously," Here's your history book". Then she added," Sorry about bumping into you again".

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Asher quietly said, "I told you; it is my fault, not yours!" He paused for a moment. "Thanks." The class is watching them is utter amazement that they actually had the guts to have a conversion in the middle of class.

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Niran | 176 comments Sky shook her head, still disagreeing with Asher. Sky stuck her hand out to him with a soft grin and said," Im Sky by the way". Then the teacher coughed and said," Miss, you need to leave". Sky had completely forgotten that she was in a class! She looked around and said," Im so sorry! I'll leave". Then she looked back at Asher and said," See you around, Asher". She smiled one last time and then went out.
Why did he make her so nervous?

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Asher felt like he was in love with her. He spent the rest of his spanish class thinkkng about how she zoned out everyone, but him. Also her name, Sky, fit her perfectly.

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Niran | 176 comments Sky was in English, and all she could think about was Asher. But why? She didn't know.
She had never been like this before. Not that she had anyone who liked her anyway. Jessica threw something at her which made Sky come out of her daze.

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The class finally ended. Asher dreamily grabbed his books including the one Sky had delivered and headed off to his locker. "How could I find her" he wondered.

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Niran | 176 comments Thank god, Sky thought as she quickly got her books and piled them on top of each other. She rushed out of class with a smile on her face, because she could finally have a break. She went to her locker, and couldn't help but to look around to find Asher.

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Asher reached his locker and just before he went to grab his books, he saw Sky back to him. He quickly grabbed his book and followed her moving behind her everything she moved her head.

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Niran | 176 comments Sky couldn't find him, so she put her books in her locker and shut it. She kept her eyes down as she walked through the halls and towards the cafeteria. She was unaware that Asher was literally behind her.

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Asher watched Sky laid down her books and grabbed her arm. "Thanks! Where are you going?"

message 33: by Niran (new)

Niran | 176 comments Sky jumped and screeched slightly. She turned to see Asher and said," Are you crazy!? You nearly gave me a heart attack!".

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

"Should i ask this question" Asher inquired.

message 35: by Niran (new)

Niran | 176 comments Sky placed a hand on her hip and raised her eyebrows, all with an amused look.
"Yes you should", she said.

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Wil.. Will go out with me?" Asher questioned.

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Niran | 176 comments Sky smiled and turned her back on him teasingly. "We'll see". Then she laughed slightly and said," Come with me to the cafeteria". Then she walked away, expecting him to follow.

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Asher looked at her wondering if he should follow her. He decided to brave and follow her.

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Niran | 176 comments Sky glanced behind her to see that Asher was actually following her. Good. She turned back and walked into the cafeteria to see her friends sitting down and laughing. Sky kept walking on until she reached them.

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Asher walked into the cateria and saw a sea of faces. He had never had been in the lunchroom prefering to eat in the library but decided into it for Skys sake.

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Niran | 176 comments Jessica smiled and muttered," You know there's a boy behind you right? A cute one". Sky nodded and then turned to Asher, she walked to him and grabbed his hand, pulling him closer to her friends.
"Asher. These are my friends Jessica", she pointed to Jessica who smiled and waved, "and Alisa", who nodded her head and smirked.
"Guys this is Asher, he's going to have lunch with us", Sky said, looking at Asher softly.

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"Aloha, how yuh doing?" Asher stuttered.

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Niran | 176 comments Jessica laughed and Alisa just began eating her lunch. "Dude", Jessica said," You're pretty weird". Sky laughed slightly and then dragged Asher to a seat with her.

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"Thanks... I think." Asher said.

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Niran | 176 comments Sky turned to Asher and whispered closely to him," Don't worry, that's a compliment". Sky grinned and began eating her lunch.
"Have you got any food?", she asked Asher.

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"No most days i just in the library and get a free sandwhich." Asher said. "Be d not worry about me." He quickly said.

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Niran | 176 comments Sky gulped her good down guiltily, she looked at Asher and said," You can have half of my sandwich, I'm not that hungry anyway". She smiled at him softly as Jessica and Alisa looked at both of them.

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"I could't do that" Asher exclaimed. "You eat your own sandwich. I will live."

message 49: by Niran (new)

Niran | 176 comments "As will I ", Sky demanded. She looked at Asher with a confident smile and said," Please take it, it would probably end up in the bin anyway". She raised her eyebrows and pushed the other half to Asher.

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Asher picked up the sandwich and sighed deeply, "Fine". He said with a smile on his face.

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