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jen jen Mar 17, 2013 12:59AM
can somebody explain the plot and resolution, plus the characters(without the sheep)? thanks

But the sheep are the main characters and actually the only redeeming part of this book. The mystery itself was a complete dud, the humans boring. Maybe the story should have centered around George's sheeps vs. the other sheep. That might have been more interesting.

I must admit - I read this awhile ago, and I was disappointed. I expected more humor and less... well, "just another gimmick mystery novel", which is why I never looked for more, if there are any.

Kim (last edited Jun 07, 2013 05:45PM ) Jun 07, 2013 05:43PM   0 votes
The book was light and entertaining, but the ending really ticked me off. I chose it for a "beach book"--something light and a bit humorous for vacation. It had its high points, but the ending was a cop out. I couldn't tell if the author was trying to be really clever with a "surprise" ending or if she just got sick of writing the book and ended it ASAP. A disappointment and I don't plan to read any additional books by this writer. That being said, I rated it at three stars because most of the book was acceptable, and in places downright cute. The ending was the major, major disappointment. But I figured if the ending made me so angry, the author had been able to get my interest. Otherwise I wouldn't have cared one bit about the cop out ending.

OMG! I read that book three years ago...and I never understood it...

That clears it up a whole bunch!! lol thanks

well without the sheep there isn't much of a point really... but basically George (the shepherd) committed suicide. he got beth to stick the shovel or however its called in English into him afterwards. he wanted to mess with the village people because they had murdered weasel McCarthy 7 years previously. george also was a Marihuana smuggler. and it is left open but I believe that the murderers are brought to justice due to a tip from one of the drug people to the inefficient inspector. but the good thing are the sheep!!!

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