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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments Name: stephonie rogers
Codename: american dream
Age: 10
Grade: 5
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room): Squad 13

Powers and abilities: well .. seme as captain america


Skin Colour: pale
Eyes: blue
Body Type: musculor

Gender: female

General Style: wearing a female version of her farther's suit

History: She grew up with dad mum abanedened her a day after she was born. She grew up training belive is every thing her dad does. When she was 3 years old she began training against objects. Then at 5 years old against her dad. her dad brought her here to continue to train

Personality: stephonie is like her farther so strong headed, protective of friends and people she trusts. she dis likes being for gotten or distracted from training. she likes to serve her country if a war began .

crush: open

Sexuality: straight

Family: dad and treats bucy barnes as an uncle

Pets: none

Pet Peeves: trains as much as her dad

Joys: training, helping, fighting for the american rights

Hobbies: training, backing bets with nick furry (like a certain rogers}, working on motorbikes, beating her dad in training and being outside

Other: she wears a locket left for her by her mother . she is stronger then her dad and 3/4 of the hulks strength but when hit wuth magic has a disadvantage since she becomes week

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Format for characters

Training Squad: (ask to be put in one)

Powers and Abilities:

Appearance: (picture or three line description. No Anime please)
Skin colour:
Body type:


General Style:

History: (Five lines)

Personality: (Three lines)





Pet Peeves:





Name: Katherine Stark
Codename: Iron K.A.T
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Training Squad: Young Avengers

Powers and abilities: Incredibally smart. She can build almost as much as her father (view spoiler)
She also has various powers from her engagement ring which is Asgardian.


Skin Colour: Olive with some freckles.
Eyes: Hazel
Body Type: Tall but strong

Gender: Female

General Style: Jeans and casuall shirts. Usually they have mechanical greeze on them.

History: When Kat was born, Pepper tried as much as she could to keep her away from mechanics, while Tony tried to show her them. She was raised to be like Pepper, smart, but was drawn to inventing and creating. She created her own suit of armour with a little input from her dad, and has been by his side for a lot of things. If you speak tech or fighting, that's her language. She also goes along with her mother with somethings to make both her parents happy.

Personality: Kat is fun, liking to lighting situations. She's smart and able to get people out of bad things with her brain *gasps*. She can be serious when needed, thinking things through logically. If you speak party, tech or fighting, she will really like you.

Relationship/crush: Is engaged to Modi Thorson

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Tony Stark - Father
Pepper Pots - Mother
Keiara Starsen - daughter (twin)
Theodric Starsen - son (twin)
Howard Stark - grandfather
Maria Stark - grandmother
Olly, Alaina, Emily and Riley Stark - siblings

Pets: None but wants a cat

Pet Peeves: People who insult or doubt Starks.

Joys: Technology and mechanics.

Hobbies: Making stuff, annoying her dad, chilling under the sky, fiddling with things, annoying Nick Fury (like another certain stark)

Other: She fights in her female version of the 'ironman suit' (see spoiler) and with her fists.
Is currently dead.

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*Originally Cori's*

Name: Modi Thorson
Codename: Modi
Age: 18
Training Squad:

Powers and Abilities:

Appearance: (picture or three line description. No Anime please)
Skin colour:
Body type:

Gender: Male

General Style:

History: (Five lines)

Personality: (Three lines)

Relationship/Crush: Katherine Stark - Fiancé

Sexuality: Straight



Pet Peeves:




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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 4578 comments Mod
Name: Lily
Age: 16 but is really six
Grade: 11th
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):
Powers and abilities: Magic like Loki's
Appearance:(Pictue or 3 line description. No anime please)
Skin Colour: pale
Eyes: bright pure blue
Body Type: thin
Gender: female
General Style: magic and sword
History: (Five sentences) she is Loki's daughter and when her Asgardian mother sent her to Earth for protection Hydra took her. Later she was rescued her, she found out her father is Loki and her mother is dead. Later Thanos kidnapped her turned her sixteen and tried to use her against Loki and the Avengers but failed.
Personality: (Three lines) shy, sweet, and can fight
Relationship/crush: a boy named Jackson
Sexuality: straight (though she is a juton like Loki.)
Family: Loki is her father and her siblings are all Loki's kids. Thor is her uncle.
Pets: none
Pet Peeves: insults towards her family and being messed with
Joys: being with her family
Hobbies: playing an Asgardian form of Hide-and-Seek
Other: the rest of her tbrp

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 4578 comments Mod
Thank you.

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Name: Thomas "Tommy" Sheperd
Codename: Speed
Age: 18
Grade: 12
Training Squad: Young Avengers

Powers and abilities:
.Supersonic Speed
.Molecular Destabilization
.Superhuman Reflexes
.Superhuman Agility
.Superhuman Durability
.Superhuman Strength


(just make the hair white and the eyes green)

Skin Colour: Peach
Eyes: Green
Body Type: Athlectic

Gender: Male

General Style: anything

History: Thomas "Tommy" Shepherd was born and raised in Springfield, New Jersey. He is only son of Frank and Mary Shepherd, who divorced when he was still young. Tommy was in and out of juvenile halls for most of his life. It was in one of the detention centers that Tommy first met Lisa. The two seemed to have had some kind of romantic or physical relationship during this time.

Because Tommy "accidentally" vaporized his high school using his powers, he was imprisoned under court order in a high-powered facility equipped with advanced offensive and defensive technology such as robotic suits and power dampening containment cells. Before the Young Avengers freed him, Tommy had been locked up for months, and was being tested and experimented on with the goal to make him into a living weapon

Personality: Tommy is a confident person, loving to see how far he can go. He is brave and loves to go fast. If it's slow, it's bad. He's a nice guy and protects the people he is close to

Relationship/crush: Helen Addison

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Wiccan, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (uncle)

Pets: None

Pet Peeves: People who hurt hs friends

Joys: Running, going fast

Hobbies: Running

Other: http://marvel.wikia.com/Thomas_Shephe...

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 4578 comments Mod
*Cori* wrote: "Name: Modi Thorson
Codename: None
Age: 18
Grade: 12
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities:
Attractive Male

huh I guess my character is an aunt

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 690 comments Name: Aura Carter
Codename: Artemis
Age: 17
Grade: 12
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities:Can shapeshift into any animal she has had contact with and has great aim with a bow and arrow has heightened senses like smelling, sight, and hearing. Is semi-telepathic with only a few telepathic skills that are constantly growing since she just discovered this ability. Also has superhuman strength and speeds.

Appearance: http://www.yousaytoo.com/miley-cyrus-...
Gender: Female
General style: Jeans, a graphic tee, hightop converse an a hoodie.
History: her mom died giving birth to her. Her father then remarried when Lilly was 14 and her step mother hated Lilly. Her stepmom tried to kill Lilly when she was 15 by attempting to drown her but Lilly shifted into a goldfish so she could breath. Her stepmom declared her a freak and forced her father to throw her out of the house. She lived on the streets for two years before she got attacked by a robber and when he ran away she found the Ox's school.

Personality: She's outgoing once you get to know her and loves to be around animals. It's hard to gain her trust but once you do she would die to protect you.Lilly will die for what she thinks is right, she is brave and courageous, loyal and compassionate.

Relationship/crush: Logan

Sexuality: Bisexual cuz' god made her too amazing for just one gender but she likes guys more than girls.

Family: Her dad Conner and stepmom Jannet.


Pet Peeves: People who think they are better than someone just because they are and have no reason why.

Joys: being outside with animals or at a range, she loves eating and has a very fast metabolism.

Hobbies: Doing art and going out to be with nature and animals.

Other: She likes a type of persimmon named fuyu.

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 4578 comments Mod
Name: Jackson Addison
Codename: Hype
Age: 9
Grade: 4th
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities: archery, mixed martial arts and gymnastics

Appearance:(Pictue or 3 line description. No anime please)He has his father's dark brown hair that is cut like a typical boy's not too long or too short. He has caramel brown eyes that match his father's and is a good height and muscle tone.

Skin Colour: lightly tan
Eyes: caramel brown
Body Type: sporty body yet thin

Gender: male

General Style: casual

History: (Five sentences)He grew up in Long Island, New York with his older brother and older sister. His mother and father taught him the skills they have and had used when they were in the circus with Hawkeye. He got to meet the Avengers. He has looked up to Clint and his parents for a very long time due to stories of the circus.

Personality: (Three lines)He is hyper at many times like his father. He is kind and respectful yet an instigator.

Relationship/crush: Lily Lokidaughter

Sexuality: straight

Family:Older brother and sister and baby brother. Mother and father. His older brother works for SHIELD and his sister wants to join NASA.


Pet Peeves:his sister at times

Joys: sports and fun

Hobbies: messing around


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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 4578 comments Mod

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 4578 comments Mod
Name:Azari T'Challa
Codename: Black Panther
Age: 13
Grade: 8th
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities: He's a black panther with electricity

Appearance:(Pictue or 3 line description. No anime please)

Skin Colour:Black
Body Type:thin


General Style:black clothing

History: He's from Africa. His father is the original Black Panther. the rest tbrped

Personality: Very responsible and likes a little fun



Family:Black Panther and Storm


Pet Peeves:tbrped


Hobbies: idk


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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments *Cori* wrote: "Makes much more sense, i was like 'wah?' but yeh cool
and i put Charlotte Xavier in young xmen"


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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 4578 comments Mod
I have something on Modi's mother

Hela was recently resurrected after supposedly being killed in the events of Ragnarok. Hela later tells Loki that she has lost much of her realm and power, however this could be due to the fact that so many Asgardians were resurrected by Thor, making her realm devoid of the Asgardian souls that she had collected over so many years. Although she still appears to be a member of a group of Death Gods when she attended a meeting to discuss the fate of the Limbo realm. Hela now patiently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, and even assisted her father, Loki, in enabling him to complete a task that caused Thor to be banished from Asgard


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Stephanie | 769 comments is jocey on?

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Stephanie | 769 comments Caroline Summers. A mutant

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Stephanie | 769 comments huh? i got to go soon....theres a thread that says create a mutant student..

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Stephanie | 769 comments i was just commenting your charrie

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Stephanie | 769 comments bye

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments <.img src="*post link here*"/.> (just incase) *post link here*

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 572 comments that just remove the '.' from it

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Approved until Cori gets back :D

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I'm acting head mod. So you're accetped :D (i was half asleep when I typed that)

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That's okay :D

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 4578 comments Mod
Name: Helen Addison
Codename: Nightmare
Age: just turned 13
Grade: 8th
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities: archery, mixed martial arts, gymnastics, and extremely smart in biology, chemistry, and physics

Appearance:Dark brown wavey hair and caramel brown eyes and lightly tan skin. She looks like her little brother Jackson but unlike most girls she quite flat.

Skin Colour: lightly tan
Eyes: caramel brown
Body Type: slim from gymnastics and mixed martial arts

Gender: female

General Style: skinny jeans, black leather boots and jacket and t-shirts

History: Born and raised in Long Island New York she is the second oldest of four kids. She has trained a lot with her brothers and has always excelled in sciences. She has had a crossbred butterfly confiscated when she was in the seventh grade.

Personality: She is a very independent, tough and caring girl. Though she can be very brutal when angered like her mother.

Relationship/crush: open kinda just broke up with a boy


Family: Tracy and Billy Addison her parents and Jackson and Nicolas are her younger brothers and her oldest brother, David works for SHIELD


Pet Peeves: being made a fool of

Joys: science and family oh and is a huge fan of Tony Stark aka Iron Man

Hobbies: training and studying and blogging


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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 4578 comments Mod
((Omg she'd love that!!))

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Name: Keiara Starsen (view spoiler)
Codename: (still to be decided because of age)
Age: 2 years

Powers and abilities:
Like Theodric:
(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)


Skin Colour: Baby peach
Eyes: Blue
Body Type: Baby

Gender: Female

General Style: Baby clothes or whatever family members decide to dress her in.

History: Keiara was born to Kat Stark and Modi Thorson with her twin brother Theodric. She was born after her brother. Rest TBRP.

Personality: Normal baby personality so far. TBRP.

Family: Katherine Stark - mother
Modi Thorson - father
Theodric - twin brother
Thor - grandfather (dad's side)
Hela - grandmother (dad's side)
Tony Stark - granfather (mum's side)
Pepper - grandmother (mum's side)
Odin - great grandfather (dad's side)
Frigga - great grandmother (dad's side)
Howard Stark - great grandfather (mum's side)
Maria Stark - great grandmother (mum's side)

Pets: Skye

Pet Peeves: Loud people that disturb naptime and people that hurt her family.

Joys: Nice things and things that make her happy. And sticking her fingers in her parent's hair.

(view spoiler)

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Name: Theoric Starsen
Codename: N/A
Age: 2 years old

Powers and Abilities:


Skin colour: Pale
Eyes: Right - red, left - brown
Body type: Toddler

Gender: Male

General Style:

History: Theoric was born to Katherine Stark and Modi Thorson before his twin sister. His parents didn't even think once about terminating the pregnancy.

Personality: TBRPd with age

Mother - Katherine Stark
Father - Modi Thorson
Twin sister - Keiara Starsen
Grandfather - Thor Odinson *father*
Grandmother - Hela *father*
Great Grandfather - Odin Allfather *Father*
Great Grandmother - Frigga *father*
Grandfather - Tony Stark *mother*
Grandmother - Virginia "Pepper" Potts *mother*
Great Grandfather - Howard Stark *mother*
Great Grandmother - Maria Stark *mother*

Pets: Casper

Pet Peeves: Mean people

Joys: Jingling things like keys


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Okay :D

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Name: Alaina Stark
Codename: Iron Woman
Age: 18
Grade: Freshman in Colledge
Training Squad(Ask to be put in a squad and get daily missions or exercises in the danger room):

Powers and abilities:
Iron Man suit
Arc reactor

Appearance:(Pictue or 3 line description. No anime please)

Skin Colour: White with a hint of tan
Eyes: Brown
Body Type: Skinny and Muscular

Gender: Female

History: (Five sentences)

Personality: (Three lines)
Fun, Creative, Brave, Fierce, Courageous, A bit of a Rebel, Sisterly, Caring, Helpful, Smart, Braniac, Geek, Nerd(But not like clothing, just like really smart.), and AWESOME.

Relationship/crush: None

Sexuality: Bi-Sextual

Family: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Olly Stark, Antony Stark, Kat Stark etc.

Pets: Her puppy, Si.

Pet Peeves: Hates when bullies are around, Hates orphanages, and Cats.

Joys: Helping others, A's on a test or paper, Duck Dynasty, Friends, Family, and her puppy.

Hobbies: Nursing others back to help.

Other: None

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Hey! I'm not done yet!!! Don't get all pissy...

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Hey! Kristin is my friend and if you know on When Marvel meets DC, you'd know that I have a charrie named Alaina Stark.

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Well then you suck. :P Just kidding. But try not to complain and get on my nerves.

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Gtgt school!!! Wish me luck in my finals!!!! It's the last day of school for me!!! :)

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*Face palm* your just like Jason...

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Name: Anastasia (last name classified)
Codename: Huntsman
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Training Squad: Combat Warriors

Powers and abilities: Same abilities as her mother, but less. Guess who.
Peak human strength
Peak human speed
Peak human reflexes
Peak human agility
Peak human durability
Peak human senses
Peak human immune system

Abilities: most are SHIELD skills, some are parent enforced(view spoiler)


Skin Colour: Peach
Eyes: Blue
Body Type: Thin and athletic

Gender: Female

General Style: (see pic). Also, her SHIELD outfit looks like Black Widow's minus the widow bites and the BW belt.

History: That's classified. All that is known by the 'public' is that she works for SHIELD.
What is known to Fury is that she was raised in secret by her parents, who are/were (he isn't sure) SHIELD agents. She was raised by mainly her mother, who he suspects to be a certain field agent/avenger. She also looks like someone familiar...
What is better known is she is a field agent and it good at her job. She prefers to do the missions in Russia for some unknown reason and likes to watch a good circus, like the Moscow circus.

Personality: Annie won't tell you things. For a reason. She is bold and daring, challenging authority with a simple blink. She doesn't act like this with three people, messing around playfully with one, following orders strictly from another (Fury) and respecting the final one deeply. She is a well trained agent and doesn't give out any secrets. If you get her to loosen up, she is fun to be around, but will still hold things from you. If she wants something, she will get it at any cost. If looking for something or someone, she will hunt them down - hence her Hero Name of Hunstman.

Relationship/crush: Matthias Castellan from Hellfire. (She tells his split personality, Mattimeo, to literally get f**ked)

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Classified. Guess if you're smart :P (view spoiler)

Pets: A trained hawk.

Pet Peeves: Really nosy people.

Joys: Seeing Guns.

Hobbies: Playing around with her guns. Annoying people.

Weapons: Guns. Guns. Guns. Anything she can find around her as well. Her main skill with weapons is guns, followed by daggers and archery. She is also highly trained in hand to hand combat and using her looks to her advantage - charming people/seducing people. Some could say she has super soldier blood in her.

Other: Favourite sayings of hers:

Person - 'What's your name?'
Annie - 'Wouldn't you like to know'

Hipster type person - 'Who's your daddy?
Annie - 'Not you'

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Ding ding ding!!!

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She did legit check with me, peops

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Riley! OMG! Sorry! (I did family)

Riley is in the siblings load, jessie

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ღ Rachel Barnard ღ wrote: "*Face palm* your just like Jason..."

Ben is like Jason :3

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Hey, it's nearly 11 at night and we have school tomoz :P I was bound to forget someone...

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*groans* murder Annie :P... if alex gets away from magneto and Flare

jess, stark tower, living quaters

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I like Annie too! :D

Um... I can make someone for you to kill?

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Ben - 0
Cori - 1


Can we have a thread for this?

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cori vs ben tally? :D

sos, I come up with strange things when I need sleep

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yeah. I might go to bed now... have a test tomoz

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omg, lucky!!!

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I just over use smily faces... wait... I think I do that anyway.

Found it. I confess stuff when I am tired.

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heh heh heh :D

Night! RP tomorrow

Jess. Off. We have tests tomoz.

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