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((add pics later))

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Martin walked in with his next patient, Aala.
TG followed them, carrying Ash.

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Daniella Aala quickly surveyed the room and, deciding it was safe, she sat down on one of the beanbags.

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((beanbags, really? Now I have ti find a pic of them :P))

TG remained standing, holding Ash gently.
"can you go into the waiting room?" Martin asked TG, who nodded and left.

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Daniella ((Can the therapist be some creepy stalker weirdo?))

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Daniella 'What was the question again?' Aala asked him.

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((...but-but I already made his profile... :P She can think he is a 'crazy stalker weirdo'))

"Who did you first have a bad relation with?" Marting re-asked.

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Daniella Aala had to think. 'Blake,' she replied.

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"Who was he and why, in your eyes, did you have a bad relation?" MArtin asked.

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Daniella 'He was this guy in school. He always used to push me around and hit me. One day, I hit back and everything inside inside of me poured out. I guess holding it all in has made me fragile now. But I reveled in his pain,' Aala said with a grim smile. 'I still do.'

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"Okay, now why did he push you and hit you?" He asked calmly.

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Daniella Aala shrugged. 'I don't know, probably because his brother and I had a little time together.'

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"Big brother or little brother?" He asked, writing this down on a notepad.

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Daniella 'Big brother. But they were twins.'

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He nodded. "Do you think he was jelous of him?"

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Daniella Aala laughed. 'No way, I mean look at me.'

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"I see no problem with your looks." Martin said honestly. "So, he was jelous." He wrote that down.

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Daniella Aala shrugged again, blushing.

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"Now, who was the next person you had bad relations with?"

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Daniella Robin Aala thought. But she couldn't give away his name. 'Robert.'

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Martin nodded. "And why was that?"

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Daniella 'We both have...strong...personalities,' Aala said with a slight smile. 'And he got married to someone else.'

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"What do you mean by personalities and did he love you when he got married?"

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Daniella 'He never did. And by personalities I mean we are both head-strong, though he has control over it,' she said quietly.

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He nodded. "So, why did you fall for him if he was with another chick?"

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Daniella 'Chick? How am I supposed to know? Things just happen, alright?' Aala said, raising her voice.

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Martin nodded. "Okay, okay, please calm." He handed her the bowl of mints.

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Daniella Aala knocked it out of his hand. 'Be calm is the worst thing to say to me right now. You pretend to understand me but you don't. You're just like everybody else,' she spat.

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"Hey, hey, please." Martin looked at her honestly. "I just want to help you."

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Daniella Aala grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up with her. 'Help me? Have I told you I want your help?'

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Martin stood there in a relaxed stilness. "I still want to help."

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Daniella Aala studied his gaze before letting go of his collar, frozen in place.

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"Thank you." he said softly. "Now, do you want lunch?"

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Daniella Aala shook her head stiffly before flopping back into her beanbag and starting to cry.

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Martin handed her the box of tissues silently.

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Daniella Aala accepted them and wiped her eyes.
'I'm sorry,' are sobbed.

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"That's okay. That happens a lot to me in here." Martin said softly.

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Daniella Aala looked up at him. 'Do you still want to talk?'

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He nodded.

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Daniella 'Just not about him,' Aala said, looking down again. 'I thought I was past this,' she murmured.

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He nodded again. "Okay then. Have you got any other bad relations?"

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Daniella Aala shook her head. 'The others are all because of those two. And my temper.'

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Daniella ((Gtg, bedtime))

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"Okay..." Martin thought. "Do you know why you have a temper?"

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Daniella Aala shook her head. 'Probably cause of this whole Fugitive thing,' she blurted, quickly covering her mouth afterwards.

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Daniella ((Kristin?))

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((was having dinner and doing eng))

He raised an eyebrow. "The Fugitives give you a temper?"

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Daniella Aala didn't meet his gaze. 'In a way,' she murmured.

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He nodded and wrote that down. "In which way?"

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Daniella Aala sighed. 'I'm one of them.'

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