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Avril of Themyscira Harriet walked to the fridge, bending over as much as she could and rummaging through

Avril of Themyscira She turned away, slowly making a large sandwich as her eyes lingered on him. "You watch me like a hawk"she said off hand

Avril of Themyscira She laughed, her voice hoarse. "It does not mean you have to watch me so intensely, love. I survived my first fifteen years without it"she laughed, smiling warmly at him.

Avril of Themyscira She put her hand on his shoulder, swallowing down a bite of her sandwich. "No!"she begged.

Avril of Themyscira She laughed, taking the kiss in stride and holding his face in her hands before leaning back to breathe.

Avril of Themyscira She pulled away, leaning against the counter. "Sure took you long enough"she whispered.

Avril of Themyscira She straightened, looking him in the eyes and cocking her head to the side. "Really?"

Avril of Themyscira She held playing with her necklace, her brow furrowed. "You always told me I was weak"she said flatly.

Avril of Themyscira She crossed her arms slowly. "I can defend myself against you. You remember that day I had to when you were mad? And I... hurt you? The day I left?"

Avril of Themyscira She smiles weakly at his compliment, touching his hand. "This isn't normal"she whispered, worry suddenly on her face.

Avril of Themyscira "This..."she motioned to her belly then smirked. "And your praise"

Avril of Themyscira She shrugged, watching him as she smiled slowly, brushing her dark hair from her eyes.

Avril of Themyscira She ran to him, grabbing onto his arm and hanging onto it. "Stop!"she yelled, pulling on his arm.

Avril of Themyscira "Stop it!"she screamed, the possible outcomes rushing into her mind and flashing before her as she fell to the ground, holding her hands over her ears.

Avril of Themyscira She cried, looking up at him and nodding, her eyes red from tears. She looked slightly comforted. "Ok"she whispered

Avril of Themyscira (to her room)

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Snow and Reilly walk in

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Natasha walked in, still shaking from the electric shocks that had coursed through her body and those of her unborn children. She sat down at a chair, trying to get her breathing back to normal. She hadn't lost her boys, thank god, but she hurt like hell. She had passed Amora on the way here and noted the look she had gotten. She was expecting to get bothered any second.

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Anastasia helped Tracy in.

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"Natasha? Are you alright?" Tracy asked.

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Natasha looked at Tracy, shaking slightly. "Tracy! Anna! Yes, I am fine... my boys are alive."

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"That's good." Tracy said with a smile. "I want to also thank you for watching Nicolas. I heard you talking to him."

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Natasha smiled. "It was my pleasure," she said. "He is an angel."

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"Thanks, he's so much like his other siblings when they were his age."

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Natasha smiled. "Your children are all angels," she said. "You are lucky to have them."
Annie wandered into the kitchens to find something to eat.

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Tracy frowned. "Helen and Jackson, they need to be here. I was told that they were captured."

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Tasha nodded. "Various students have gone out looking for them, Clint and Billy too."

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"I know. That's what frightens me a bit. My husband could get hurt."

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Natasha nodded. "I know the feeling," she said. "The endless worry and dread about the man in your life getting hurt and not being able there to stop it."

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Tracy nodded and began messing with her ring. She wore both her engagment ring and wedding band on the same finger. She was about to say something when two arguing voices were heard.
"Billy, I can't believe you couldn't find it!" Clint's voice said.
"Shut up. Besides, David just said we had better stay at the school."

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Natasha smiled wide and sighed and in relief. "Those b@stards," she muttered with affection.

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"Billy!" Tracy smiled.
"Tracy!!" Billy ran up and hugged her planting a kiss on her lips.
Clint came in and went over to Natasha. "Hey, how are you? How are the boys?" He hugged her and sat down pulling her on his lap.

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Natasha wrapped her arms around Clint. "If you count nearly being killed, the three of us, while you were gone, then we are fine." She said and kissed his nose.

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Clint froze. "What?" He looked at Natasha surprised and worried.

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Natasha nodded. "When you were gone, a bunch of baddies, so to say, came in and pissed us all off. They even managed to wake up Tracy."
Annie listened while making a sandwich.

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"I'm glad you're okay. Annie, did you manage to hurt a few? And I feel sorry for the son of a bitch who woke Tracy. Wait...no I don't."
Tracy hugged Billy gingerly. "Billy, loosen your grip, my stomach still huts and now I get naseaus easily."

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Natasha chuckled.
"I tackled the guy who electrocuted mom and the unborn-boys, if counts?" Annie suggested. "I was kinda getting electrocuted or smashed in by a bed the rest of the time. Nearly broke bones."

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"Good job tackling. But I'll hurt the one responsible for hurting my girls. My amazing black widow and my baby girl. Look at my baby all tough like her mommy." Clint taunted his daughter.

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Annie poked her tongue out. "Meanie," she whinged. She smiled and took a bite of her sandwich. "And it's Huntsman, if you wanted to know. A spider that has a really hard bite."

((legit, they aren't poisonous but the bites hurt like hell))

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"I've taken a bite from a 'Black Widow'. I think I can handle the little baby huntsman." Clint teased rubbing his nose into Natasha's neck.

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Natasha looked at Clint with a chuckle, amused.
"Ugh!" Anastasia said and waved her arms about, annoyed. "I still have a painful bite." She walked about in circles.

Avril of Themyscira Rowan appeared at the door, straightening her suit jacket and smoothly pulling a ball bearing from her pocket silently as she watched the two.

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Anastasia looked over at Rowan and the raved that had landed next to her. "Yes?" She asked. "If you want a sandwich you have to make your own."
Robin watched.

Avril of Themyscira Anastasia smiled. This was where she shined, intimidation at its finest. "Of.. I'm not interested in food..." She ran her fingers across an apple on the counter as it slowly frosted over and froze before knocking it to shatter on the tile.

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Natasha raised an eyebrow.
Annie walked over to them, rolling her shoulder. "What do you want?" She asked, her tone not amused.
Robin shifted, standing tall.

Avril of Themyscira She ignored Annie, turning slightly so she was out of her view. "You are a very powerful girl, Natasha Romanov,"she smiled maliciously, glancing at Robin.

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"Teacher or woman to you," Natasha said.
Annie watched them. She looked at Clint with a frown. Did either of her parents know what was happening or who the new comers were?

Avril of Themyscira Rowan curled her lip and snarled, turning to Robin. "You handle her before i end her," she growled, switching places with him.

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"Which one?" Robin mused. "They look the same. The blond chick or her mother, the red-head?"
Annie walked between them, a hand on one of her guns. "Time to back off, you two."

Avril of Themyscira Rowan smirked. "How cute,"she chuckled smoothly, placing a hand on the gun and causing it to melt in on itself. "This one,"she said, looking over behind the girl at Robin.

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