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Fang came in dragging SNow

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"Hey Alex" Fang said looking at him

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Fang looks at the girl who shot alex "can you help snow now?"

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Natasha chucked Alex into a cell. "Don't do that again." She said.

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Fang look at Natasha and ask again "can you help SNow?"

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"Do you know what is wrong with her?" Natasha asked, then looked at Alex. "You brought that upon yourself."

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fang shook his head "she was fighting Alex and her head hurt" he said

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Natasha glared at Alex. "So, kid, do you have any idea how to fix her, since it is your energy?" She didn't feel like using a resurection stone, they hurt like hell.

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"Then how?" Natasha demanded, aiming her widow bites at him.

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Snow groned

Fang sat next to her

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Fang sighed

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"I won't kill you just yet." Natasha said. "Havoc, tell me how to fix her."

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Fang got up and glard at Alex

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Fang froz his leg "but I can use my powers and you cant" she growled back

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"What would it take to get you to heal her? Me threatening to kill you?" Natasha demanded.

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Fang rolled his eyes "if you heal her what do you whant in return?" he ask

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BW narrowed her eyes. "What will it take?"

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((whoss BW?))

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((black widow))

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"Not even your freedom?" Natasha asked. "Not even the pardon of being tortured?"

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"Painful SHIELD torture which always works. Always." Natasha said.

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"How do you think SHIELD is on top?" Natasha aimed at his leg with a widow bite and shot it.

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Snow started to curl up in a little ball

"Look alex. we ARE willing to give you something to help Snow now stop being a jerk." Fang growled

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"Heal Snow." Natasha said.

((found out what they are - chemical needles that stun, poison, or knock people out cold))

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"no more good cop bad cop?" Fang ask

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"None of that, just buisness." Natasha said. She glared at Alex. "Looks like you were poisoned. Yeah, that shouldn't kill you for now."

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Fang took a deep breath "alex...what do you whant most in the world?"

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Natasha narrowed her eyes. "Everyone wants something."

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Snow groaned

Fang sighed and lay next to snow

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"I will let you go if you heal her." Natasha said.

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Natasha aimed a widow bite at his other leg. "I will shoot."

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Natasha let the widow bite fire.

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Fang look at snow and nuzzled his nose in her hand and he wined

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Natasha nodded to herself. "Are you going to heal her now?"

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"I will shoot you again." Natasha warned.

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Fang look at alex

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Natasha sighed and shot higher up his other leg.

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"Heal her or I shoot higher each time. You know where I am going." Natasha ordered.

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Fang stood up and walk over to alex "why don't you heal her"

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"I am not going to kill you. These ones just hurt a lot. No, I'm going for halfway, which guys hate." Natasha said. "Heal her or I shoot there."

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"Why would I bring Magneto here? When you can heal Snow and I let you go free?" Natasha asked.

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"This is your own choice, Havoc. Loose your manlyness or heal a girl." Natasha aimed her gun. Yes, she had done this before.

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Fang sighed

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Natasha threw aside her gun and aimed her widow bites. Long distance worked.

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Fang sighed "Alexs please."

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((G2G bye D:))

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Natasha sighed, she was getting tired of not being able to kill the kid. She shot his shin with a widow bite. "Heal her now, or the next shot kills your manhood." she threatened.

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Natasha narrowed her eyes. "You are running a hell of a risk, and for what? A corrupt belief."

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"I can't take the energy out of her, and if I open the door, you'll do a destroy and run." Natasha said. Yep, a lot like her ex husband.

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