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Some people already have CP2?

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monet So, unfortunately I visited the Clockwork Princess tag on Tumblr, and apparently some people already own CP2, which I found hard to believe at first but then Cassie posted on her blog that some stores are selling them already. And now Tumblr is literally leaking with spoilers.
And I saw the goddamn family tree before I realised people already have the book, (which is completely unfair)*sigh*
So, have any of you guys read it?

This is just my way of quietly asking, no demanding you to stop spoiling Clockwork Princess for everyone else on Tumblr, and if you want to fangirl about it, tag it.

Reza I don't have the book, but unfortunatly I was also partly spoiled on Tumblr and now I know who Tessa will choose in the end.

However, I am confident the book will still have enough surprises :)

Also, there is now a detailed summary on Tumblr of the whole book. I haven't read it (and I won't), but a lot of people complain about it. So this is my warning: DO NOT GO ON TUMBLR IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE SPOILED.

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