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Alex Grant | 253 comments Mod
Rp in the white queen's palace!

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((Continuing from Forest))

"Thanks, Krista. That meal was great!" I tell her.

"I agree with Rose, for once. Completely delightful." I say.

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"No problemo. I will show you to your rooms I guess." I said as I stood up.

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"Do we have to share?" I whine, pointing at my brother, Kyle.

"Don't complain, Rose. Although not having to share a room with you would be a blessing." I say in a whisper. I don't want Krista to feel bad if we do have share a room.

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I look at them in shock.
"No, of course not! We have enough rooms for an entire army to sleep here. You don't have to share rooms." I said, as I started up the stairs.

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"Yay! Hey... by any chance do you know a sibling of ours? Our brother? Ummm... he's older than us. Not sure how much. Oh! And Mother said he was a disgrace to our family. Ring any bells?" I say hoping for some information.

"We are never to speak of him! Mother said he was a disgrace to Wonderland! She said he should never have been born. Never have been first- born to take the crown! She said he was EVIL!!" I say in a half whisper.

Uhhh..."You know you sound like mom right?" I tell him. He immediately looks ashamed. "All he did was renounce his heritage from mom. You and I have done that multiple times. He's an older version of you." I say gently. He apologizes quietly and we continue on.

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"Oh, you mean Chad? He lives here. In fact, there he is." I said as I pointed to my best friend. He smiled at me, then looked puzzled.

I smiled at Krista, who saw me walk in. I smiled, then noticed two people standing next to her. They looked so familiar. I walked closer and then instantly knew who they were. I frowned.
"What are they doing here?" I asked. Krista's smile disappered.

"They need a place to stay. They ran away from home." I protested, as I stepped inbetween Chad and the twins.

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"He's my brother? Oh. Okay. Hi." I say staring at him. Huh.

I just gawk at him. He's older than I thought he'd be.

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Chad glared at them.
"Why aren't you at home?" He inquired rudely.
"Chad, why don't you go eat. you must be hungry." I nudged him towards the dinning area, and led the twins towards their rooms.

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At home? Is he insane?"Let me through! He deserves to be tackled!" I say, trying to push past Krista. No one insults me and gets away with it.

Sheesh. I hold my sister back and ignore the insult. Stay with that mad head? She's worse than the Hatter!

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I grabbed Rose's arm, and gave her a pleading look. She backed down.
"Come on." I took them up stairs.
"I am so sorry about Chad. He just doesn't like your mom, or like anyone related to her, he just holds grudges. He'll get over it. Just be patient ok?" I pleaded with them.

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"He obviously hasn't felt my wrath. Hey, do you have a dart board?" I say pulling out a picture of my mom.

"It's fine. Who does like my mom?" I say calmly, trying to hold down my dinner. Liking mom? More like being afraid of her!

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I sighed with relief.
"Rose this is your room, and Kyle, this is yours." I said, pointing to two seperate rooms. "Thanks for understanding." I said as they headed to their rooms. I then turned around and headed to the kitchen.

I was angry. They had to show up. Just when things were going right! I groaned and laid my head on the kitchen table.
"What was that about!" Krista shouted at me. I looked down.
"I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking."
"Obviously." She said as she stormed out of the room.

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I got out paper and a pen. I wrote a note for Chad. I sent it down to the kitchens. I laid down and fell asleep. I hoped Chad didn't mind my threat to tackle him.

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I put my head on my desk. I felt bad about my outburst at Chad, but I wasn't backing down. It was rude of him to do that. I sighed aand climbed into bed, and fell asleep.

I looked at the note rose had left me, and felt even worse. I walked up stairs to Rose's room. I knocked on the door.

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"Do you have any id- oh. Hi. You got the note?" I say.

I heard talking outside my door, but no punches, so I went back to bed.

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"Yes. I want to say that I am sorry. I wasn't thinking." I said to Rose as I slowly walked in.

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"Uhhh... If you saw how Kyle and I reacted, you wouldn't feel as bad. I think it comes from Mom. I hope you don't mind the comparison. After you asked why we weren't still at Mom's, Kyle literally turned green." I say smiling.

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I laughed. "ok. Lets start over. I'm your older brother Chad." I said holding my hand out.

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"Uh. Yeah. Rose." I say shaking his hand. "Do you know how to wrestle?" I ask him.

I wish they would be quiet, but I'm too tired to complain.

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"Um ya." I said, wondering why on earth she needed to know that.

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"Do they have a ring here?" I say, hoping for a yes.

They really need to quiet down out there.

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"No. the white queen doesn't believe in violence. But, Krista wanted to learn so I built one just outside the palace." I said smiling at my younger sisters eagerness.

I couldn't sleep. Chad and rose were being far to loud. I walked into the hallway to tell them to be quiet, when I bumped into something. or someone.

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"YESSSSSS!!!!!! See you tomorrow! You might want to bring water, though. You shall lead me to the ring. There I shall throw down my glove. Or in my case, my mitten." I say/squeal. "Goodnight!"

"Be quiet out there!" I shout. Suddenly, everything is quiet once more and I fall asleep.

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"Goodnight.'" I whispered as I walked out of her room. And right into Krista.

"Ow!" I moaned. "What was that for" I asked.
"Sorry." Chad mumbled.
"its ok." I said, meaning that I forgave him for everything.

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I snuck into my brother's room. "Go away." he mumbled into his pillow. "I have an idea." I say. "I think Chad and Krista like each other. I also know that they aren't dating. Which means we are getting them together." I tell him my idea, then go to bed.

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I awoke to birds singing, flowers humming, and I was annoyed. Extremely, annoyed. All I wanted to do was sleep in. Was that to much to ask? I got dressed, and headed down to breakfast, where I saw Chad, Rose, and Kyle sitting down at the table, acting like last nights outburst never happened.
"What are you doing?" I asked them smiling.

I looked up and saw Krista enter the kitchen.
"What are you doing?" She asked us. I looked at Rose and smiling.
"I'm going to take Rose and Kyle to the ring." I smiled at them.

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"And I'm gonna cream Chad to a pulp!" I say. When Krista's eyebrows go up, I say,"Not literally. But I'm gonna beat him!"

"Rose is really excited. When she woke up, she decided to jump on the bed. My bed. With me in it." I say, and she instantly looks sheepish.

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I laughed at Rose's sheepish face after kyle called her out.
"I want to see Rose whip Chad into cream." I said as I walked outside to the ring.

I amazed at how confident Rose was. I doubted that she could beat me. I walked ouside just after her. I waited for her to climb in. After she was in, I climbed in as well.

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"And... Wrestle!" I shout. Rose and Chad go at it for a while. Five to ten minutes later, I say, "Okay time out. Take a break." Rose and Chad are both breathing hard. "Two more rounds like that and I think Krista will agree that it's a draw." I announce.

7 minutes and 16.7693 seconds after the second round started, Kyle calls another time out. I take a swig of water, and say, "Okay, Chad. Either admit defeat or call it a draw. I'm too tired right now to wrestle anymore. What do you say?" Chad looks tired too, but he's also very proud. I'm guessing he'll call it a draw.

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They were really good. Like, really good. I didn't think anyone would win. Until Rose asked for Chad to call a draw. I could tell he was exsausted.
"I think its a draw." I said, hoping they were done. I new I was.

I was so very tired. I wasn't sure which was up or down. I was relieved when Rose asked for a draw. I wanted one, but I wasn't gonna admit it.
"Alright. But I could go oone for forever." I said, trying to look tough. I knew Krista could see through it. She always did. She was special like that. She could tell if I was mad, hurt, tired, dissapointed, sad, any emotion really. No matter how hard I try to hide it, she always sees through it.
"Leta go eat lunch!" She shouted, pulling us along.

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My brother thinks we're idiots. I've learned to read my brother, and Chad is an older version of him. "Yeah. Sure. FOOD!!!!!" I say.

I couldn't tell if Chad was lying. By my sister's face, she could tell.

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Krista's Pov:

"Ok, lets go get some um chicken!" I said, halfheatadly. Chad looked carefully at me.
"you ok" He asked. I nodded.
"Of course!" But I really wasn't. I was exsaughsted, and I hadn't seen my mum in forever. I was a little worried. I think everyone in the room could tell. There was this awkward scilence that I hated.

Chad's Pov:

There was this awful awkward scilence, that was making everyone uncomfortable.
"So, um Rose, you're pretty good at wrestling." I said, trying to break the science. I saw Rose look at Kyle, and do something with her eyes. It looked like they were having a silent conversation. I guess twins can communicate without talking. Maybe, but I'm pretty sure this was the case.

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"Krista, are you sure you're okay? Does your mood have something to do with why we haven't seen our aunt yet?" I say, worried. I look at Kyle again and tell him to hold off our plans for Mission G.T.T.

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Krista's Pov:

I sighed. "Yes. I haven't seen her since like yesterday morning," I turned to Chad. "Have you seen her." He shook his head.
"Not since yesterday." I tried not to hypervenalte. Chad put his arm around me.

Chad's Pov:

"I'm sure she's fine." I said softly. She smiled weakly.
"You're right, I'm worried over nothing." She smiled and stood.
"You sure?" I asked. She nodded.
"Lets eat!"

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"Thank you for ending the mushy- ness. You two should get together." I say. They stare at me. "What it's true!"

I can't believe she just said that. I head back to the castle, trusting that they'll be following.

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Krista's Pov:

I froze when I heard Rose's words. 'You two should get together.' I felt my cheeks go red. I looked at Chad and saw his cheeks go red too. I just stared at her.
"What? Its true?!" She defended herself. I just looked down. I heard Kyle and Rose leave. Leaving me and Chad by ourselves.

Chad's Pov:

I didn't know what to say. Krista just stared at the ground blushing. She looked cute when she blushed. Rose was right. I really liked her. But I didn't know if she felt the same way. I was always scared about jeperdizing our friendship. I was ready to tell her.
"Krista," I begain. She looked up at me. "I like you. Like not as a friend, but like you like you. A lot. And um-" She cut me off.
"I have been waiting forever for you to say that to me." She said smiling. I smiled back, and leaned in. Closer and Closer until I heard a noise.

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"OOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!" I squeal, then I realize I did that out loud. Chad and Krista looked around. I was hiding in a bush. I had my cellphone out and was recording it. Thankfully, someone went out the palace doors, and Chad and Krista thought it was them.

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Krista's Pov:

I was so happy. I couldn't believe he liked me back. It was like a fairytale fantasy. He was so close to kissing me. It was amazing. Until we were interrupted. Chad cleared his throat and stood up.
" Ready?" He held out his hand. I took it. Once I was standing, I tried to take my hand out of his, but he just held on tighter. I found myself staring into his deep brown eyes.

Chad's Pov:

I was so close to kissing her. And the amazing part was that she wanted me too. When I pulled her up, I didn't want to let go of her hand. I wanted to stay right there. Forever. But I knew Rose would get into mischief, so Krista and I walked hand in hand back to the palace. Where only Kyle was waiting for us. Rose was no where to be seen.

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Man. So close. I climb up the wall and into my bedroom. I lay there, until there's a knock at the door, and guess who comes in. It's Kyle, and he's MAD. "Uh, hi?" I say. "What were you thinking? They were about to kiss!" he practically screams at me. "How do you know?" I ask, and he blushes.

Oh. Oops. I should have known she'd ask me. Embarrassing! Someone else knocks on the door. It was Chad.

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Krista's Pov:

Oh boy Kyle was about to lose it. I knew Rose was the one to make the noise. Chad and Kyle knew it to. Kyle was angry. Chad wasn't. But I was not about to be in the same room as him..

Chad's Pov:

I sat down on Rose's bed and looked at the twins. I motioned for Kyle to sit down. He looked confused. Probably because I wasn't angry.
"Rose, I know you were watching me and Krista. Krista Knows it was you too." I told her.

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"Uhhh" I say blushing. "Would you believe I was fighting a snake?" I say. Kyle shakes his head, trying not to laugh. "Okay, so maybe I was. I um, kinda, video taped it up until you got inside." I was blushing madly now. If Chad was this calm, he either thinks of me as that little three- year- old who doesn't know any better, or he's- well, I'm not sure.

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Chad's Pov:

"ya, we knew that as soon as we heard the noise. I also know that you are confused because I am not angry. I really am very upset. But I'm holding it in." I explained. I was ticked off inside, but before I walked up here Krista asked me to be nice, so here I am holding it all in.
"So, what are we gonna do about that video" I asked her.

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"I don't know. I figured when- er, if you got married we'd be able to show you your first kiss." I say, hoping it sounded logical. "WE!?!?" Kyle shouted. "Er. I'd be able to show you your first kiss." Kyle looked like he liked that better.

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Chads Pov:

"Well, we didn't kiss now did we?" I said. Trying not to explode.
"And we probably wont get married. Mum will find out about it, and something might happen to her." I sighed, and looked at Rose.
"Do me a favor, and delete that ok?" I said as I walked out of the room. All of the anger had gone out of me, and I was depressed and tired.

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"Oookaaaay." I say, upset, and feeling bad. "But I plan on capturing Mother in the next ten years, and holding her in a place for dangerously insane people, not like Wonderlanders, but like Mother." I shout/whisper to him.

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Chads Pov:

What Rose shouted gave me an idea. A horrible, mad, crazy idea. That might work.
I quickly walked to my room, bolted the door, and thought my plan over.

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Uh, oh. I heard Chad's door lock. This can't be good. "What have I done?" I say. I send a note to Krista apologizing and relaying what happened. Chad seems too much like me for his own good. I delete the video, which seems to be of a leaf. Oops. I guess I forgot that I needed to hold the phone up.

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Krista's Pov:

I got the note from Rose. And I wanted to cry. Chad gets these crazy ideas in his head, and something almost always goes wrong. I walked up to his door.
"Chad open up." I said knocking on the door. No response.
"Chad?" I turned the handle, and the door opened. The room was empty.
"Chad?!" I looked around the room, until I saw the window. It was wide open. I ran to it.
"Chad!" I shouted.

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Kyle: I was sleeping when I heard Chad's name being called, well screamed. I had a really bad feeling about today...

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