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Rp here in the red queen's palace!

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Chad and I were one mile from the castle. We kept walking. I just hope Krista isn't freaking too much. I send a message through some dog on our plan, letting her know that we might be bringing home a visitor.

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I wondered how Krista would react to the note. I mean she is really smart and can handle herself, she just has really bad anxiety. She worries over nothing. I am a little worried on how she will react.
" Almost there." I tell rose as we scramble over rocks.

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Uh, duh. "1.) Make sure you're presentable. 2.) Head high with attitude. 3.) Either ignore or torture anyone below you. Nah, scratch that out. Ignore them." I say, remembering my lessons. I've been walking in a dress for quite a while and I've gotten the hang of it. I dust off my dress and do my hair a bit nice, without all the leaves. I frown as though he's caught me and is taking me back to Mother. We enter the palace.

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I lifted my head high. And ignored all of the remarks in awe as we walked into the palace
"Chad Rose has returned." People whispered it everywhere. I knew that it was a myricle that I was back. But I hoped it wouldnt be for long.
"Ready" I leaned down and whispered to Rose.

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"Ready as I'll ever be." I say, basically growling. "Let me go you inconceivable tick!" I shout, rather loudly and high pitched. Mother would be proud. I heard what I thought was the best remark ever, made by a little kid: "Why does the ex- crown prince have his sister in captivity, and bringing her here himself?" I smile for a second, then stop walking and Chad practically has to drag me there. Did I say I was good in this situation?

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After ten minuets I was exsausheted. I did not want to drag my little sister the entire way to the throne room.
"Why are you here?" A Baird said, blocking my path.
"I found the princess. I figured you needed her back." He snapped.

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I looked at the thing in my path, as though I was an angel. I knew he knew better, and he let us pass. I stepped in the hallway. I looked around, and started running. Chad looked at me questioningly and I nodded. We ran towards Mom's throne room. We got in position and stepped through the doors.

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"Rose! Oh Rose!" The Red Queen exclaimed, running towards us, until she saw me.
"What is IT doing here." She said, meaning me. I was an it now. Thanks mom, I'm really feeling the love over here.

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"He brought me here." I say.
"You lost your way?" she asked.
"No, when I ran away, I lived in the forest. He found me. He has brought me back against my will."

She smiles at him.

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I looked away. It was all I could not to strangle her. I bated her guts. So very much.
"Ya. So here she is." I said, and let go of Rose's arm.
"Where is Kyle?" My mother looking right at me evilly

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"Hyenas. Or bears. Or something. Hunting trip. Never came back. Looked for him. Found a slashed up body." I say. I hate her. "Look. Here I am. Now I will leave."
She gave me a look that said 'No you won't' and said to Chad, "I expect you'll want the reward..."

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I look at Rose. Should I except the reward? Because that wasn't part of the plan. She shook her head no.
"No. No reward." I remarked.

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Mother looked astonished. She probably thought he would be super greedy. "Well, I suspect before we have the welcoming ceremony, you should get cleaned up." she said to Chad. "Now dear, you are home, so in an hour I expect you here. Chad, stay here." I leave the room to organize the capture.

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I stood there awkwardly. I wanted to leave right away. I was starting to regret coming here. I wondered what Krista was doing, and if she was ok.
"Why did you come back?" My mother asked me, she was up in my face. I pushed her away.
"I thought you wanted your favorite daughter back"

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In the hallway, I could hear my mother's screeching loud and clear. Good. He'd be back in there. The hour was almost up. I hope Chad was able to stick to the plan...

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I just stood there and let her yell at me. When Rose walked in.
"Mother, you must be tired from all of that yelling. Sit down." I helped her sit down on her throne.

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As Chad walked out, I turn to Mother. "He brought me back and you yell at him? When I ran away?" She stares ay me. "He's a boy dear! Are you insane?" she says. "No but you are," I mumble. "Speak up!" she says. "I said I'm a tad tired. May I be excused from your presence?" I say, and walk out of the room.

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Chad sat there. That wasn't part of the plan.
"So um...."

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As I slipped out, a clacked my heels three times. At the signal, my small band of heroes came instantly. They were three of the frog waiters, a dog, two hedgehogs, and a flamingo. "You know the plan." I say. I open the door, and walk in, distracting her. One of the frogs gagged her and the rest tried her up. Chad looked astonished.

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I just stared at her.
"So, have any surprise plans on how to get her out?" I asked. I was a little mad she didn't tell me everything.

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"Oh, don't be mad I didn't say anything. I didn't think of it until I left the throne room. I would have told you, though. Er, I have no idea how to get her out, though." I say, slightly embarrassed.

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I smiled milesously.
"I do." I then tied her up, and threw her on top of a wagon. I covered her with a tarp. I turned to Rose.
"I need a discuise. "

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"Easy. Get in my spare forest dress." He looked horrified. "Look, do you want to get out?" I tell him.

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"Ya, but I'm not wearing a dress. I ment like a footman's uniform. Not a dress!!" I exclaimed, and folded my arms over my chest.
"Ya. Not wearing a dress." I was horrified that Rose wanted ME to wear a dress.

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"Fine. Bob? Got a suit his size?" I ask the tallest froggy footman. He nods and hurries off.

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A couple minuets the frog dude returned with my discuise. I quickly changed into it. I then shoved rose under the tarp with her mom, and I left the palace. No one stopped me. I was home free. After we were a ggood distance from the palace, I let Rose climb out.

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((Should we change to forest?))

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((I think so))

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((Kay. Going Now.))

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