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Alex Grant | 253 comments Mod
Rp here in the forest!

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"Kyle, you better not be leading us home. I said the WHITE QUEEN's castle. NOT the Cheshire cat. We have passed him way to often." I say. My brother is driving me nuts!

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"Geez. We pass him every other day. We have been traveling for three years. What do you expect?" I say. Rose is the perfect name for her. Sweet, but a pain when you pick her.

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"Stop being so sensible! This is Wonderland!" I tell him.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) I appeared from nowhere, holding half a cup of tea. "Hello kiddies!" I smiled at them. "I'm the Hatter. The Mad Hatter." I cocked my head. "Do you know how a raven is like a writing desk? I'm pleased to make your acquaintance!" I said and tipped my hat.

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"Great. Hi. Everyone here is good, so we'll be getting along. Hehe. Bye." I say moving around the Mad Hatter.

"Wait! Hold on, Rose. Can either of you tell us where we are and how to get to the White Queen's castle? Oh, and I can think of two answers for you, Hatter. One is because they both have quills. The other, to mess with your mad head is that there is a B in both and an N in neither.

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"Uh, yeah. Duh." I said.

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"THEN TELL US!!!" I say.

"Be nice,Rose." I whisper under my breath.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) "...Those insolent, rude, troublesome, disrespectful little kiddies..." The Hatter had been mumbling to no one in particular." He noticed the Cheshire Cat. "Why, hello there old friend! That sensical little boy had the nerve to answer my question. It's a rhetorical one, I'll have you know!" The Mad Hatter was yelling by this point. He became suddenly calm. "Tea anyone?"

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"We'll have tea and be on our way to the White Queen's castle. No one can keep walking on an empty stomach!" I said, suddenly in a better mood. I haven't had any food or water today.

"Sorry,Hatter, but you ask me a question, and I answer it!" I say. At least Rose is happier.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) The Hatter pulled two cups of tea from his hat and gave them to the kiddies. "Don't litter!" he said. "Now I really must be going, the March Hare will want to throw something at me." The Hatter skipped off into the woods. "Ta ta!" he called over his shoulder.

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I drank it in one gulp. "Okay. Now: White Queen's Castle. Chesh, would you mind telling us where the castle is? Please?"

Why does something in her stomach make her so happy? I always thought that that was a boy thing. Here, you never know.

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I watched a ton of people talk to the Cheshire Cat, wondering where my mothers palace was. I knew he wasn't going to be much help. So I stepped out from where I was hiding in the bushes.
"I can show you where the palace is." I say quietly. No one noticed. So I cleared my throat and talked louder.
"I know where the palace is."

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"A GIRL!!!" I squealed. I am not exactly used to female company.

"Whoa, Rose. Don't scare away any help we might have. Hello, miss. You say you can lead us to the castle?!? Please tell me you can!" I say anxiously.

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I smile. "I should be able too. You know, because I live there and all. I would be glad to show you guys the way. I'm Krista by the way." I say as I stepped into the clearing.

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My smile dropped a bit. me and Chesh didn't always get a long so well.
"You bet it Chesh."

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Oh, Gosh. Mom would have my head if she knew I was talking to my cousin.

"Oh. So you're our cousin. We're the Red Queen's kids. You know the ones who ran away from their mom?" I say. I'm surprised Rose didn't.

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I thought back and back, untill I remember from when I was little, hearing my mother talk to someone about finding her sisters kids. I asumed it was them.
"Hi! How are you. you ran away like three years ago right. I'm really sorry, but I don't remember your names.." I trail off.

(Sorry, my question mark key doesn't work, so I can't type it.)

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Justin (justinekstrom01) "Oh no! Not late again!!" Blake stumbled and started hopping toward the White Kingdom. He pulled out his stop watch and scowled.

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"Uh... Yeah that's us. So, I'm Rose, and the dufus twin next to me is Kyle. Hey you don't happen to have any food, do you?

"You need to stop eating, Rose. And I am NOT a dufus." I say.

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I laugh, as I take out a few scones left over from the mad hatters tea party. It started to get dark. I hand them the scones.
"Eat up. we should get going if we want to be there before dark." I say quickly.

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I grab the scone and it's quickly gone. "Poof. Now let's go!" I say starting to walk.

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wow, I have never seen a girl eat a scone so fast. Rose must have been Hungery.
"Okay, follow me." we start off. Me in front with Rose at the rear.

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"That was the best thing I have eaten in like, three years. Where'd you get it?" I ask her.

"Rose, it was better than the cook's food. Everything is." I tell her, looking over my shoulder.

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"I got it from a tea party the Mad Hatter and the March Hare was having. It had really good food." I said looking over my shoulder.

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Jade leaped through the trees of the forest quietly, zipping past her surroundings

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I suddenly stopped. I turned to face the twins.
"Did you guys here that" I asked

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Jade stopped and sat in a tree to catch her breath

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I gasped. "there it is again!"

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Jade heard talking not far from her, she quickly climbed up higher in the tree and looked around

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It sounded like it was getting higher, and higher, until it stopped.
"Guys, I think we are being followed."

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Jade slipped and broke a branch below her, she climbed back up but the branch fell to the ground

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I heard a big crash, and Jumped about ten feet in the air.

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Jade saw her jump and giggled

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I take out heat goggles that make things with body heat glow. "It's just another girl, playing in the trees." I say, mostly because I don't want the girl to recognize me. I often saw her at the castle.

Uh, oh. It was the Jabberwocky's daughter. I pull up my hood so she won't recognize me. "Hehe. Getting cold isn't it?" I say, hoping they'll agree.

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I nodded. It was a little cold. But something told me that that wasn't the reason Kyle pulled up his hood. I didn't want to seem rude, so I ignored it, and continued walking.

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Jade looked down at them from the tree, careful not to fall

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"Yeah, it is kinda chilly. I hope no one minds if I put on a jacket." I say, hoping it wasn't too much. Then again, I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I pull a jacket out of my backpack. Luckily, we've grown out of our palace clothes, so I made us a whole other wardrobe.

I thought about all the facts I knew about her, in case we had to fight her. I hated fighting. Rose was better.

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I was getting kind of scared now. Kyle and Rose were acting really weird, and I knew something was out there. I turned around slowly.
"What is going on." I asked.

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"Okay, so we're trying to hurry you up. You walk slowly. I hate it in the forest." I say, hoping she'll believe it. I knew it was too much.

"That's just because the flowers said I had a better voice, and the other mad Wonderlanders scare you. Oooooh! Clowns!" I say, covering for her.

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I wasn't scared anymore. I was confused.
"You know that you can trust me. right?" I asked them. they didn't say anything so I turned around and walked faster.

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Jade jumped out of the tree and walked around bored

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"It isn't you," I whisper, "It's the girl in the trees. I've seen her at my mom's castle. Little Jabberwocky."

"We don't know if we can trust her. Like Rose said, it's little Jabberwocky." I whisper.

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"Oh ok, I see now!" I said, but still walked a little faster

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"So, how much farther to warmth, food, your mom's castle, or all of the above?" I ask her, hoping she says like four more feet.

"Your stomach isn't the most important thing in Wonderland, Rose." I tell her, not too loud.

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I laugh.
"About 15 more minuets. Think you can handle that?" I tease her. I turn around and wink at them.

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'NOOOOOOO!!!!!' I wanted to shout. 15 whole minuets?

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I laughed when I saw Rose's face.
"I was gonna save it for later, but you can have it now." I pulled out my last biscuit.

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I started nibbling on it. From the look my brother was giving me, I knew he didn't like my nibbling. One more regular bite and it was gone. "Thanks. I shouldn't be hungry for," I say looking at my watch, "another 30 minuets."

"That's what you say." I tell Rose. My sister is such a pig.

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I stiffled another laugh. I was really enjoying myself with them. that hardly ever happens. we kept walking, until the palace came into view.
"See! Almost there!" I said as I pointed to the palace.

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