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Tommo & DeMalo
Lori Holberg Lori Mar 16, 2013 07:38PM
Does anyone beside me think that there might be a connection between Tommo and Demalo? Slim went on about how he reminded him of someone he's seen before and we just assume that Tommo's father died but how can we be sure?

Wow...I would've never thought Tommo to be DeMalo's son but man oh man that would be genius. Im so excited for this book I am hyperventilating. Can't wait to see what happens

This would also mean Saba fucked a guy old enough to have a fifteen-year old son.

Spoiler, you're right. Though it's actually handled in a pretty badass way.

you know what I like the bit about Tommo being possible DeMalo's kid it would be nice. but nonononononono DeMalo and Saba

I liked the idea of "mysterious hot guy" in book 1 but now I just really hate DeMalo. I reaally don't want her to be pregnant with his baby she's supposed to be jacks like if her and jack had a baby woohoo I don't care but now I'm just reallllllllly mad at stupid Saba. I really absolutely adore Tommo and I got super mad when Saba just like used him and dropped him I mean seriously she was warned by weirdo witch kid and poor Tommos first love ripped his heart out and stomped all over it. But I'm glad she's not like with him because he deserves better and Saba and jack HAVE to be together so maybe he will end up with some girl in the third book and I hope DeMalo and Lugh DIE DIE DIE!!!!

Noah Czerny OH MY GAWD YEAH.
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Lydia Yes!! I don't really like many of the characters to be honest, I don't like Saba and Lugh, even the he's meant to be like an angel ...more
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Anyone else curious as to what's going to happen when everyone starts finding out about Saba and DeMalo? Personally i hope Lugh blows a gasket and goes into cardiac arrest, Jack loves her anyways, and Tommo finally gives up

I'd wondered about Tommo's apparently dead father and about Slim's suggestion, but I'd never made that possible connection in my head—it's quite brilliant though, really! I'd figured he might not really be dead, so that could be a likely possibility. I really like Tommo though, and feel so sad for him—first with losing his father, then Ike's death, and Saba's basically ripping his heart out—so if that was the case, I would just hope discovering Demalo as his father wouldn't cause him to join him in his ways. I know his heart could easily have been hardened and his mind numbed through all that's happened to him, but I would remain to hope that he, as well as Saba (though she seems to know her side now that she knows Jack didn't turn against her [I knew all along he was good!!!] {but what about her open mind?!}, who knows anyway?) would not choose Demalo's side—who really seems to be the future's Hitler, what with "making the world a better place" by being discriminatory and genocidal (not necessarily against a particular race as Hitler was, but all the same, by sending away or killing those who "aren't good enough").
Anyway, good thought—definitely could be a possibility.

I agree. SPOILER, but at the end of rebel heart, i don't remember the exact words, but someone remarked that people needed to be careful when it came to people's hearts. Tommo obviously had feelings for Saba and he obviously felt used. After seeing her with Jack at the end, Moira Young left it so that he seemed like a good boy on the verge of being pretty mentally unstable. The bit about Tommo being Demalo's son is pretty creative, though. Either way, i think Tommo will get revenge on Saba for what he will see as messing with his feelings.

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