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Where the lighting and music for the famous plays are controlled by the directors and student directors. Not to mention the view is rather nice, seeing as how it's set high above the seats.
Careful though- Wouldn't want you to fall, now.

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Ash Shelley (AshShelley) Spencer impatiently shoved the wrong key at the lock to the Auditorium Booth, jiggling it uselessly a few times before withdrawing it, not without a heavily exasperated sigh, and tried the next one. If the stupid janitor hadn't given him the whole key ring and just went with the single utensil he actually needed, Spencer could be inside the damn room already. Finally shoving the correct key into the slot, he near violently jerked it open with a loud bang as the door hit the wall without obstruction and rattled mildly. Huffing in displeasure, Spencer began lugging the box of various electrical wires and speakers up the stairs and into the genuine room, dropping the container with distaste. "Jesus Christ," Spencer grumbled to himself.

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Pencil in hand, Derek continued scribbling notes along the paper before him. Glancing from the settings the lights were currently on, he changed a number and the blue orb along the stage morphed into green. Perfect for the dream sequence that would be called for during the last scene of The Elephant Man. He smiled to himself and copied down the number before setting down his pencil to rake his now free hand through his mussed brown hair. His drama teacher had recommended the assignment to him as independent practice, giving him a last of well-known plays to try and figure out the lightings for. While it had been awhile since she'd mentioned it, Derek found himself still practicing using the idea. It sure as hell was clever.

Hearing the sound of a door knob evidently fighting with a key, Derek arched an eyebrow just as the door was flung open. He twisted around in the wheely chair he was seated in, slipping the pencil he'd been writing with back behind his ear. Graphite smeared down the side of his left hand, evidence of his previous writing as he stood up to head toward the person who was clambering up the stairs. "Need-" By the time he'd made his way over to the steps though, Spencer -evidently the person who'd just entered- was already dropping the box on the floor. "-help?" The last word was sort of weak and he stared down at the cardboard holding the expensive wiring and speakers. The fact that they were being held in a flimsy box alone was enough to make him blink, never mind how Spence had just kinda dropped it. It was enough to make him wince. Walking over to it, he crouched down and pulled open the flaps. "Not a big fan of lugging crap around, huh?" His voice was light as he began unpacking.

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Ash Shelley (AshShelley) Spencer jumped as a low, accent-thick voice came from out of nowhere. Turning and discreetly swiveling his head all around to look for the source, Spencer caught sight of Derek sprawled in the corner before he crouched by the box he'd just deposited. Grumbling cutely, Spencer shook his head. "Very much not, methinks. Not a big fan of anything school-sanctioned, especially if it's forced exercise; aka, work for poor souls trapped by the Devil," he chuckled softly, running his fingers through the choppy strands of his newest haircut.

"Anyway, Ms. Gale told me to bring you, like, everything in the storage room down the hall so.... I should prolly get on that before she has another hernia about how I'm disrespecting the theater by texting during a show..." Spencer huffed.

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