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Hogwwarts,differences between book and movie

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Michael I havent read the harry potter books yet,i read the first 2 when i was very young and i dont remember anything so i dont think that counts,but i have been a lover of the movies since they first came out.I have always had mixed feelings about the hogwarts castle in the movies,not loving it,but sorta liking it.So my question is is the book version better,what differences are there between the 2 castles,does it look exacly like it does in the book,the movie version i feel is kind of unusual at times is it the same way in the book,also were you dissapointed or loved the version in the movie.

Nique I'm on the same page as you I read the first book and part of the second one when I was very young and don't remember anything specific from the books, but I LOVE the movies and recently watched all 8 on a week long marathon.

A friend of mine who loved the books said she was disappointed in the movies. I have also fond myself curious about the difference between the books and the movies and whether the books are worth returning to.

Kosha I LOVE the Harry Potter series, and I think that the movies could have been better. The Hogwarts Castle is almost like it is described in the books, except with a few minor differences. The books are definitely worth returning to, especially as most people (including me!) believe that the books are a lot better then the movies...

Leanne Honestly, I've only managed to get through to the middle of the forth book, but that's only because I kept getting distracted. While I was originally never a fan of either the books or the movies, I came to love the movies and decided to secretly start reading the first book.

Now, I personally love the books I've read quite a bit, and am often thinking things that happened in the books are in the movies and am then slightly disappointed when they're not.

I would definitely suggest reading the books (I'm going to finish the series when I get a proper chance to!) as they ARE better than the movies. :)

Stephanie I have read the first 5 books, and i feel like some vital information was left out of the movies, u can get a much better understanding of exactly whats going on in the books.

Star Fouse Books are always better than the movies. lol You can just fit so much more into a book than a movie will allow. I was disappointed in the first few movies though. I felt they were equal to a poor attempt at making cliff notes of the books. I still watched them though. I absolutely LOVED the last Deathly Hallows movie though! I guess in order to make a good movie out of Harry Potter you have to span it to last 6 hours. rofl

Mercedes I was watching one of the clips on one of the movies and JK Rowling said that they could have made many more movies and the die-hard fans still would say that the movies didn't live up to the books in some way. Personally I enjoyed all of the books and certain things I imagined another way. I also am one who nit-picks when they leave out what I feel is a key part of the story or change it in some way like when Neville gave Harry the gillyweed in The Goblet of Fire movie, in the book it was Dobby. In The Half Blood Prince it is Tonks that finds Harry after Malfoy leaves him on the train in the book but in the movie they used Luna instead.

As far as how I imagined things, I could never have imagined the ministry and the weasley's residence (the burrows) quite the way they did in the movies but I will say that Hogwarts castle lived up to and exceeded my expectations. I think one location that didn't live up to what I had in my mind's eye was 12 Grimmauld Place. While reading the book I had something different in my mind and what we were shown just didn't fit.

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