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message 1: by Kat (new)

Kat (kaitlins16) There are so many books out there that people have read and recommended for others, that have been added to countless to-read lists. We love those books, and can find a lot of people to discuss them with. But what about those other books--the ones not widely discussed, the ones that many have never even heard of? Some are published from the same companies as those well-known books, and others are self-published ebooks. Which not-well-known books would you recommend for your fellow YA Bookaholics members?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

How To Be A Goddess by Sarah Nestler ~this one!

message 3: by Kat (last edited Mar 16, 2013 07:11PM) (new)

Kat (kaitlins16) I've got a few that aren't well known in the terms of ratings:
Mutiny (M.E.R. Series #1) by Jacqueline Gardner Driven by Lisa Nowak Falling (Bits and Pieces #1) by Shirley Miranda Winter Solstice (Bits and Pieces) by Shirley Miranda Princess (American Princess, #1) by Courtney Cole The Wedding Cake Girl by Anne Pfeffer Indelible (The Yara Silva Trilogy, #2) by Lani Woodland Intrinsical (The Yara Silva Trilogy, #1) by Lani Woodland Six Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon, #1) by S.M. Reine Witch Song (Witch Song, #1) by Amber Argyle
(The books on the left have the lower number of ratings and towards the right the number is bigger.)

message 4: by Grace (new)

Grace | 2 comments Life of Pi amazing

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Crewel (Crewel World, #1) by Gennifer Albin the best book i've read for ages

The Repossession (Repossession, #1) by Sam Hawksmoor quite good and the heroine is really awesome - no love triangle!

message 6: by Monica (new)

Monica | 8 comments Idk of these have been posted already cause I'm on my phone and I can't see the pics but: The Maze Runner by James Dashner is amaaazing and so is Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. :3

message 7: by Monica (new)

Monica | 8 comments and Fallen by Lauren Kate as well

message 8: by Aly (new)

Aly (thelittlelibrarian) Celestra series by Addison Moore! Also the Forever Young series by Sawyer Bennett is awesome, she's in the works of writing book two :)

message 9: by Jake (new)

Jake | 3 comments The Vast Fields of Ordinary by Nick Burd
This is a really good one

message 10: by Andrea (new)

Andrea | 4 comments Some of my favorite books are books that aren't the "biggest" books around. Like Across the Universe by Beth Revis (not the Beatles version) and Legend by Marie Lu.

message 11: by Kat (new)

Kat (kaitlins16) Across the Universe is a great book. I tried to read a little bit of Legend, but it didn't catch my interest before I had to return it to the library. I do like dystopia books, but I'm not as into that genre as others that I read. It would be a great book for big fans of that genre.

Claudia the Night Owl (claudiamancilla) | 102 comments Hey guys try this The Rise of Renegade X (Renegade X, #1) It's about superheroes!I loved it.

message 13: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Enchantment (Channie, #1) by Charlotte Abel Taken (Channie, #2) by Charlotte Abel

Leopard Moon (Moon, #1) by Jeanette Battista Hyena Moon (Moon, #3) by Jeanette Battista Jackal Moon (Moon, #2) by Jeanette Battista Hunter Moon (Moon, #4) by Jeanette Battista

Death Whispers (Death, #1) by Tamara Rose Blodgett Death Weeps (Death, #5) by Tamara Rose Blodgett Death Speaks (Death, #2) by Tamara Rose Blodgett Death Screams (Death, #4) by Tamara Rose Blodgett

Awakening (The Watchers Trilogy, #1) by Karice Bolton Cataclysm (The Watchers Trilogy, #3) by Karice Bolton Legions (The Watchers Trilogy, #2) by Karice Bolton

Amethyst (Guardian, #1) by Heather Bowhay Linked (Guardian, #2) by Heather Bowhay

Jenny Pox (The Paranormals, #1) by J.L. Bryan Tommy Nightmare (The Paranormals, #2) by J.L. Bryan Alexander Death (The Paranormals, #3) by J.L. Bryan

The Bloodstone Saga The Complete Collection (The Bloodstone Saga, #1-4) by Courtney Cole

Promise (Soul Savers, #1) by Kristie Cook Purpose (Soul Savers, #2) by Kristie Cook Power (Soul Savers, #4) by Kristie Cook Devotion (Soul Savers, #3) by Kristie Cook

Coexist (Keegan's Chronicles, #1) by Julia Crane Conflicted (Keegan's Chronicles, #2) by Julia Crane Consumed (Keegan's Chronicles, #3) by Julia Crane

Phoenix Rising (Maggie Henning & The Realm #1) by Lisa Morgan Phoenix Burning (Maggie Henning & the Realm, #2) by Lisa Morgan Phoenix Shadow (Maggie Henning & The Realm #3) by Lisa Morgan

Bound (Arelia LaRue, #1) by Kira Saito Oppressed (Arelia LaRue, #4) by Kira Saito Possessed (Arelia LaRue, #3) by Kira Saito Punished (Arelia LaRue, #2) by Kira Saito

Blessed (The Watchers, #2) by S.J. West Cursed (The Watchers, #1) by S.J. West Forgiven (The Watchers, #3) by S.J. West

these are ones I got the first one free and the rest were really low priced and I enjoyed them oh and most of them are lendable so let me know if you would like to borrow any and I'll make sure they are and am happy to loan

message 14: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth oh and some of these have angels in them for the angel challenge this month hint hint lol

message 15: by Jillian (new)

Jillian Brooks The Unearthly series is fantastic!

message 16: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth most of these I really liked

message 17: by Perenelle (new)

Perenelle | 250 comments The Demon King (Seven Realms, #1) by Cinda Williams Chima The Exiled Queen (Seven Realms, #2) by Cinda Williams Chima The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms, #3) by Cinda Williams Chima The Crimson Crown (Seven Realms, #4) by Cinda Williams Chima I've reread this series a bunch of times, and it was fabulous, and I've recommended to some of my friends at school, but they've never heard of the series. I got one of them to read the first book, Demon King, but she never finished it :(

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

I read it up to um I can't remember the name it was set in Australia and it was about this religious cult... Divine Madness? Anyway they were ok they just weren't fantastic the writing was a bit bland and I didn't much like the characters... then our library didn't have the next one so I gave up on them.

message 19: by Perenelle (new)

Perenelle | 250 comments There's the Shadow Children series. They were great :)

message 20: by Emilie (new)

Emilie Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally A Little Less Girl by Tess Oliver Dream Chaser by Angie Stanton Bridger (Bridger, #1) by Megan Curd Dolphin Girl by Shel Delisle Those are just some of the ones i love<3

message 21: by Kat (new)

Kat (kaitlins16) I've read A Little Less Girl and Dream Chaser. Great books.

message 22: by Katie (new)

Katie Boord (katieboord) | 28 comments Crewel by Gennifer Albin
The Leviathan series by Scott Westerfeld
Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
The Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale

All of these books are amazing!

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes Crewel!!!!

The Stravaganza series by Mary Hoffman

message 24: by Sara (new)

Sara You guys have to read "the false prince", it's amazing!
The False Prince (The Ascendance Trilogy, #1) by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Leigh (bibliosky) (leighsalv) Strangers in the Gale by Joe Occhipinti
Really good YA Sci-Fi!

message 26: by Dick (new)

Dick (Dick00) | 4 comments Secrets of the Realm by Bev Stout Secrets of the Realm is a GREAT YA novel with good reviews that few have read yet.

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