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Lezlie walked in with Forest.

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"you like?" Lezlie smiled,"I have.Tv and game systems."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Forest nodded. "I haven't been in a nice house in ages."

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Lezlie smiled,"well you are welcome to stay as long as you want."

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she smiled."of course."

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"down the hall too the left." she pointed too the hall

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she smiled and walked into the kitchen

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” He looked at his hair for the first time in ages. Then his hands. "My god..."

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"are you okay?" she asked mocking on the door

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she shrugged and walked back to the kitchen

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” He frowned and shrugged it off and went to the kitchen.

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"you hungry?" she asked

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"what would you like?"

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"come here and pick something out."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” (( ello ))

He glanced around in the fridge and cabinets. "Have any pizza?"

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she nodded pulling out two small bags of pizza,"how many pieces of what?"

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” (( what's up ))

He grinned. "6 slices," he said enthusiastically

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((nothing, you?))

She smiled,"okay."she put them in the oven

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” (( not much... watching tv ))

He watched the oven with hungry eyes. He hasn't had a pizza in a long time. "How long does it cook?"

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"15 minutes."she said

((i see))

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” (( Yea multi-tasking... fun stuff ))

"What temperature?" He asked looking at her.

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Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Forest smirked. He turned the temperature up and made the pizzas cook faster.

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Lelzie rolled her eyes and waited for the pizza.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” He brought the pizza out of the oven, perfectly baked. "It's faster."

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"nice."she sliced it and put 6 pieces on a plate for him.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” He counted the pieces as they came on his plate. "Thank you." Then ate very fast. He loved the taste.

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she ate two pieces of the pizza.

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"so what do you wanna do after were done eating?"she asked

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she shrugged,"whatever."

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"yes."she nodded

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"okay, what would you like to play?"she smiled

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((would you mind joining?))

"hmm.....i dunno...i have lots."she told him

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