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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Awesome! So you are good with the idea I sent? If so, we can make characters :)

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Haha, wow! Im doing it from my phone. And yep, the characters are right :)

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Name: Sabrina Carter 
Nickname: Carter

Age: 21 almost 22


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Personality: One of the boys is the easily was to sum up Miss Carter. She is confident, determined, and very competitive. She doesn't abide by the law if it hinders her plans. In general, she is a nice person, but very blunt and is considered a smartass. She trusts almost no one. But those that she cares about are her top priority usually. She seems simple to figure out, but she's rather complex. Relationships aren't her best stand point. She does just what she enjoys. If something stops being fun, she kicks it aside. 

Name: Weston Aims 
Nickname: Wes

Age: 26


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Personality: He doesn't question his own judgment. He's rather confident in his decisions and actions. He follows his dreams and doesn't look back at his past just for regrets. Mistakes don't hinder him, just makes him stronger. He's rather smart, but he's classified easily as a jock. He's got the confidence, the drive, the cockiness, and the independence. He's the guy that makes guy friends easy who all look up to him, gets girls to fall for him without meaning to, and the open book that is just sometimes hard to read. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter's eyes were on the ceiling, each piece of the white plaster blurring into her vision. She ran the motions through her mind again. One, two, three. One, two, three. Four, five, six. Four, five, six. Where had her step went wrong?! What caused her to be so off balance to Stumble of all things!? 

Her bare back--besides where her bra straps where--was sunk deep in the carpet of her and her roommates living room. Her arms were out beside her and her mostly exposed legs also feeling the carpet's softness. 

One, two, three. One, two, three. Four, five--freaken six! Where the hell had she gone wrong in her tango routine?! Thank God her partner saved her ass and kept them in the competition. Carter was huge into dancing. Teaching was her job downtown at a studio for all ages and competitions were her other points of income...when she won. Which was relatively often. Maybe that was thanks to her brilliant partner though. Just a few months ago, Carter had graduated with a bs in physics, loving the subject to death. it went hand in hand with dance. 

About that time is when Carter heard the giggle of a girl coming through the thin, weak walls to the room on the other half of the building. They lived where apartments A and B were on one hall and C and D were on another. She and her roommate lived in B and C was separated by just that hear-everything through it wall. Seemed like one of the boys had yet another girl for the night. 

Wes had just barely gotten--what's her name? He didn't recall at the moment--thru the door before her lips were pressed to his. She wasn't good at it. Kissing, that is. The other thing...well, she didn't have to be good. He was. So, the sooner they got their lips apart, the sooner he'd get to use his skills and not hers and his mixed. 

Wes begins to guide her through the living room. She ran into the couch, then a small table, then another. It was too far away and she was just that bad of a kisser. The wall was closer. Maybe a good push against it would knock her breath out and give him a break from those lips. So, he lips his arm under her ass, lifts her up, and proceeds to slam her to the wall...the all to thin, weak wall. It gave. 

((this okay?))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter sat up quickly, arms propping her up and dark blue eyes falling to the wall behind her roommate. Carter's eyes were wide as the mural her roommate had painted on the wall crumbled and collapsed. 

Wes couldn't manage to keep him and the girl from falling through. They went all the way thru the wall and smashed into something else taking it with them as gravity kept his hold. Wes was in a confused daze as the dust cleared and he saw what had happened. 

((I'll make him help your girl up and the nameless one after your reply :).))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter was on her feet and over to the scene just as Wes was sitting up and starting to pull whats her name off of another girl. "I am so sorry," he told, ignoring his roommate's question. Carter reached for Bianca before Wes had the chance to get the red head situated. 

Carter's bare feet stepped on the broken canvas her roommate had been so intense with. "You coulda used the door ya know," she said as she tried to help Bianca up. Carter's somewhat amused stares went to the boys, flickering between them both. 

"I prefer to make an entrance," he distantly said while standing as Carter got Bianca up. "Are you okay?" he asked, routing back to the original question that had been evaded so quickly. His gaze fully focused on the poor victim.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter took a step away from her roommate, not exactly wanting to catch any of her rage. But, when the other both spoke a very bad pun, she couldn't help but laugh at the poorness if it. She covered her mouth, though, still smiling under her hand and eyes sparkling with a bit of amusement at the wanna be joker. 

Wes shot Sean a glare before looking back to the raging painter. Weren't artist peaceful souls? Apparently not. But, he couldn't help probably make it worse, voice rising a little to match hers. "Look, I didn't realize it was going to break and this happen! I said sorry, I know it doesnt save your painting, but that's all I can say. I can pay to get the hole fixed--obviously I would. But, beyond that, I can't really do shit, so don't be so pissy." Well, that meant he'd have to work his ass off at work in overtime. Oh well. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Wes wasn't exactly sure how to react--well how he should react. So, he did it the way he normally would. "The fuckin' wall was poorly fucking constructed! It shouldn't of given for something that mild! And it's my damn apartment, I shouldnt have to be in my room if I want to shit! Damn!" He didn't bother standing around to argue with the little, over reacting bitch again, turning and going back through the hole followed by the red head who didn't rebuttal. 

Carter just smiled at the boy that came over and made another poor joke. She looked to the other boy as he went off on Bianca again. Then, she looked to the other. "You're not made to be a comedian," she assured him, patting his shoulder amused still. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter just gave a small nod and glanced to her roommate. This night wasn't so bad, her mind was now off of her misstep and in a land of "that would never happen in a million years" sort of thing. She went to their couch and plopped down. 

Wes turned to his roommate, the anger still clearly still written across his face. He couldnt stand people who couldn't just relax and find fuckin' humor in something like that. It was, ultimately, funny. He said sorry and said he'd pay! What else did the horse want?! He didn't say anything to Sean yet, waiting for the reason why he was told to stop. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter listened to her roommate, understanding what she meant. "Yeah, no, I totally get ya. If I were you, I would of been pissed. Had someone of stumbled onto stage and messed me up, I woulda slugged the bugger. You know I would." Carter grinned to Bianca in assurance. Then she let her smile fade a little. "He just felt like your yelling was overdone. He wasn't able to say or do anything else and felt you should understand it. But, he didn't get it because it harmed your passion."

Wes listened to his roommate, taking in a few forced breaths to try and calm down a bit. "Funny, yeah. Thus why that bitch pissed me off. Humorless bitch," he muttered the last bit. "But yeah," he said while rustling a hand through his hair. He looked to the red head. "I'll take you home." He started to head to the door, knowing she would follow. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments "Well looky there," Carter said with a fake enthusiastic voice, "things are pickin' up for ya slugger." She grinned and sunk deeper into the couch. "So how's Rick, or Rock, or Ross, or Dave. Whatever the hell his scummy ass's name is?" she questioned, referring to a guy her roommate was involved with--well what Carter though Bianca was involved with. 

Wes let out a groan. "Why would I want to stay? It's a pretty straight forward story. I broke the wall, I pay for the wall," he said with a but of an eye roll. He was fine with staying and giving his side of the story. But, he wasn't exactly willing to interact with that girl. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter figured as much about the Blake boy. He was an ass and not in the attractive way. He was just a dick. "Reed is doing great as always," Carter said casually. Then, she rolled her eyes and let out a long, dragged out sigh. "He's got a date tomorrow with some girl that looks like she was birthed by a barbie." Truth be told, Carter defiantly liked her partner. Hard not to. Tango can make anyone fall in love. 

Wes glared at his roommate who was obviously not going to let him escape. "You know me so well," he said sarcastically towards the latter part of Sean's words. Wes watched the girl he was with shift uneasily as she went towards the door and waited on Sean. 

((okay :).))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Rolling her eyes, Carter let out a bit of a groan. "I don't want him," she said, trying to convince herself that more so than to convince  her roommate. Truthfully, Carter feared rejection and feared what it would do to their partnership if things didn't work out. There wasn't much hope of finding a partner as good as him. So, it was better safe than sorry. 

Wes simply shooed off his roommate, not bothering with a reply as he plopped down on their couch back first. Wasn't it already a bad enough thing he had to deal with seeing Kimmy earlier that day? Of course not. He had to have this happen as well. 

Kimmy was the girl. Ya know, the one that managed to get Wes to fall in love. She was a good girl, true and blue. And she made him calm down a bit. It was an impressive task to do. But, things went bad when Kimmy broke things off after a little over two years. She didn't give a reason, but the tears in her eyes and rolling down her face said she didn't want it to end either. But, she stuck by it. That was a little over two years ago and the pain still existed when Wes sees her. So, Wes took the first girl he found that night an brought her home to mend the feeling brought from his encounter with her. And now...a hole in their apartment. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter didn't have a response for Bianca, knowing that she was right. Maybe a few more times of saying it would make her believe it. That's about when Leon came in. Carter dug her knees into the couch and turned so her stomach was on the back rest part and her arms on the back of it, facing the kitchen and the area the hole was in the living room next to the bar. She didn't say anything, just watched. 

Wes had closed his eyes only to open them up again as soon as someone knocked at the hole. He sat up, looking to the artist. He didn't offer her a smile, still disliking her. But, he rose to his feet and went over to the hole, stepping thru to talk to Leon in the girl's apartment. "Leon," he said simply. "Your walls were not made to support anything."

((Its all good :). I'll let you play him for now since Sean isn't in the room :) if that's okay?))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter somewhat agreed with Wes in the matter or the wall's poor support. What if a tremor had of come along? They would be fucked. Simply fucked. She understood the no insurance part. But, the flimsy wall was something she felt need for speaking of. "Are there even any support beams running through the wall?" she asked, voice not sounding harsh or mean as she brought the conversation to her. "It's a big hole and not a single beam. Not saying it's lay to ensure the structures are at all sturdy, but it would be nice to know the walls are basically a small slab of plaster and a pray nothing bad happens."

Wes had reached a hand to the back of his head to scratch at the lower part of his head while Leon spoke, raking thru his mind just how much this would cost. So much for savings and any freedom from work. He was thankful to hear someone else's voice come into the mix before he had to tell his full story. It wasn't a long story and it was a simple mistake. His gaze ventured to the girl that hadn't been screaming at him earlier. He even took a glance to the other girl...the artist. But he averted his eyes. He should probably forget about her reaction. It was understandable. But, forgetting was for another time. Now it was time to resolve the wall issue. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter was used to her roommate being this way. The girls were similar in ways, both having burning, passionate souls. They just expressed them differently. Bianca tended to express hers through art. Carter's was thru dance. However in extremes, the two lashed out in anger to let their fury fly. So, she remained quiet and let Bianca flame. 

Wes was stunned, unable to so much as move or utter a word as the girl that had attacked him verbally only twenty minutes--tops--ago defend him now. His eye were locked on her, though. Was she bipolar? Or did she just have the tendency to attack whoever was being stupid at the moment? Should he say anything? He settled for not speaking. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ((he's your character :). Do what you shall with him ^_^. I've got stable back stories for my two. I'll bring the background in through time so it's shocking to the characters you own to, if that's alright? Oh, and if you wanted minor characters that have things for your two characters like I have for mine (Reed is his the dance partner's name and Kimmy the ex of Wes) you can and I'll play with them when you need? That way we have outside conflict :).))

Carter should have been more shocked than what she was. She had seen Bianca react this way many times. There was a quick moment of outburst followed by rationality. "It shouldn't be hard," added Carter. "We could put up a board or even a plexus glass so we can creep on yall," told Carter before Wes got a response in. She added a wink to accompany her jokin nature. 

Wes had a small tug at his lips at hearing Bianca's latter statement about the wall. But, he hadn't got his word in before Carter took the ropes. His smile only turned to a bit more of a smirk at her joke. "What would you guys prefer to do? Like I said, I'll fund the fixes if you would prefer Leon get it done..."

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter rolled her eyes at the boy that winked her way. "I walk around how I want in my apartment," she told truthfully. Though, she usually kept clothes on in the amount she wore now. "You should get to cleaning this. That's the least you can do since you don't have to fix it," Carter told Wes. "By the way..." she looked between them, not having really caught their names. "What's yalls names? I believe I get to know since we sorta share a large apartment now." 

Wes was fully accepting of cleaning the mess. It was true it was the least he could do. "I'm Wes Aims," he told, "And this is Sean DeVall. And you ladies are?"

((will do!))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ((I'm about to fall asleep :(. I'll reply tomorrow :).))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter was glad that her roommate clarified her name. She didn't exactly enjoy being called Sabrina by many. Currently only one person outside of her family called her that. Reed. But, she allowed him and liked how it sounded when it rolled off his tongue. She found herself getting stuck on the thought of him again and quickly decided to shove it away. Though, her luck would never allow such a thing. Cell phone sounded from the small table next to the couch. She made her way to it by finally standing from the sofa and to her feet. She reached for it, seeing his name across the screen and answered with a smile. 10:21 PM and he was calling her? This had to be something. Right? Surely...

"Hello?" she answered, her voice evident of the new excitement.

"Hey, I was wondering if we could extend practice tomorrow. We could start earlier and stop for an hour around noon, grab lunch together, and then start back up?" he asked. Her heart may have stopped a bit at the words "grab lunch together," but he and she did that often, so it probably didn't mean anything differently than what it normally did.

"Yeah, that sounds good to me. I could use the extra time..." she trailed off, the thought of her mistake starting to come forward again.

"Are you still on about that? It wasn't your fault. I think I may have stepped a little to short," he lied. He always did that, tried to make her feel better.

Wes went to a kneel as well as the others and began to help toss things into the wastebin. "Think he would go for it? It'd be a good bit off the rent if we managed to get him into that," Wes said to his roommate with a bit of actual hope to his voice. Though, after the argument Leon had with all of them, the odds of such a thing were low. Regardless, it was worth talking about.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ((sorry if it seemed Carter oriented. She had someone to talk to, thus why it was longer lol))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments "You never mess up," Carter said with a little frown. 

"I mess--" he was cut off by Carter. 

Her ears had managed to catch both conversations and she spoke to the three in their room. "It wouldnt be a big deal if we had to leave it there. We can block it easy enough." 

"Was that directed to me?" asked Reed. 

"No, no," Carter said back into the phone. "We had an incident in our apartment with a wall. I'll text you when I get done helping clean things up, okay?" Carter said. Reed closed up the conversation and the two got odd the phone. 

 Carter made her way to the mess, starting to help as well. 

"I'm not sure how much it would drop, but a good bit. If y'all are willing to do that, I'm down for it," Wes told the girls. "But, don't expect us to act any differently than what we have when that wall was whole." He smirked as he looked between the two. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter knew by the drop of Bianca's phone, Bianca had no message or calls from Blake. The jerk wouldn't talk to her for awhile then randomly pop right back up. He was a dick like that. Carter didn't comment, they would end up with their girl time, a huge array of food, and their fat asses sitting on their counter top shoveling it down while bitching about talking bout their issues. It was ritual.

"I don't hide things," Wes defended, the truth being completely there. He was an open book, the pages were just sometimes written in a different language. Regardless, after translating the words, one could know all they needed about Wes. The only thing he hides most is Kimmy and how it messed him up. So, he closes up when emotion is involved. But, beyond her and emotions, things were open. "And the only reason you have nothing to hide, Sean, is the fact you do nothing worth hiding," Wes told Sean with another smirk while glancing to him. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments It was bother Bianca more than normal...it must have been longer than Carter recalled the boy had not talked to him. She knew she would be hearing of it soon. 

"I'm sure you're fantastic and keeping secrets, Sean, considering you're an open book," Wes commented. But...the way Sean had paused between what Wes said and Sean's reply suggested there was a bit Wes didn't know. Was Sean hiding something? Wes and him had always been close...was there really things left he didn't know? Not that it was a huge deal, but Wes just never thought there was anything huge left to figure out about Sean. 

"Open or not, I think this can wait until tomorrow--the cleaning I mean," Carter interrupted. Bianca seemed to be in a rush to finish. "Bianca and I need to get some rest. I have to get up early tomorrow."

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Wes couldn't help but over hear the girls. He wasn't trying to ease drop. Actually, he was trying hart not to hear the two. Though, the bit of info was interesting. Both girls seemed to have boy issues. "I think I'm off to bed," he told Sean, heading towards his room. 

Carter listened patiently, not caring that Bianca was going on about Blake. It was normal for any girl to do. "No, it's fine," she assured. "Practice is completely different than what you're going through. You're having huge unwanted feelings for an asshole. I'm not," she climbed over the back of the couch, stopping on top of it and sitting so her butt was on the back of the couch and her feet were pressing into the couch cushions. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Wes went to his room as well, striping off his shirt and tossing it to the floor. Following that was his jeans and boxers, not bothering with clothing in his own room. He slipped into bed and drifted into sleep,  closing off any thoughts that may hinder his sleep. 

Carter nodded to her friend, standing to her feet and heading towards the fridge. "Dont call him," she warned. "As soon as you do, he'll hook you again. He likes to keep you around, B, if only for a good night's fun from time to time." Carter knew what that was like. Hell, what girl didn't? She dug into the fridge and fished out the ice cream, popping the top off and handing it to her. 

((do you have any good ideas for another rp? Something different and fun? Intriguing and addictive?))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ((ive always liked biological things. Wanna do one with that? I'll come up with something more solid an back boned :).))

Carter nodded to her roommate, but a yawn soon came to her. She was tried. It had been far too much going on in the day and night. "Bianca, I think i need to head to sleep," she told her roommate with a small, sympathetic smile. 

((I'm about to head to bed myself...))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ((Awe...B has horrible taste in men!))

Carter vaguely tossed in her bed when the main door was open and she thought she heard voices. But, she was too deep in sleep to actually register anything. So, she remained in bed and drifted back under. Morning came quickly, though, her alarm ringing out bloody murder. She sprang from her bed almost at the screeches and rushed to shut the thing off. It was too early. But, she had to get to pratice. After practice, her day still wouldn't be over, having a class to teach at 5 pm that night as well. She had a long day a head of her.

The sound of the girl's alarm woke Wes, as it normally did. Their rooms were back to back--but with a thicker wall than the other one had been. Lucky for him, she was always getting up either later than he was or at the same time. Thus, it was helpful in ways. He wondered which girl it was that was only seperated from him by a wall, but didn't bother with finding out just yet. He started to get ready for work.

Carter walked from her room and was headed for the door when she noticed a jacket tossed carelessly on the floor...his jacket. He was here. That scum bag was here! Carter stomped to B's door and pounded away, the wood rattling under her fists.

((bout to go do a dissection. I'll be on some later))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments "He's in there, isn't he," Carter said harshly, not even asking it as a question. Her face completely showed off her disapproval. She knew how things could be with guys like blake and girls like them. But, there was a point when things had to stop. And B had long passed that point Carter believed. 

Wes had gotten from bed, not paying much attention to the knocks. He had heard all sorts of noises in the girls' place even before the wall fell. So, he learned just to push it out of his mind. Now, though, it was a bit louder as he stepped into the living room with just a pair of old black soccer shorts on. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ((not a problem! I'll be back on later. Have to go to class. But, reply when you can :D))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments It was somewhat difficult for Carter to not just lash out how naive and dumb she thought it was of her roomie to allow Blake to be there even after all of the terrible things he had put her through. But she kept herself from doing so. Carter just turned on her heel and walked from her roommate. She swung the front door open and let it slam behind her.

Wes didnt exactly have a set time that he functioned best. The morning may not be his most elite time, but it wasnt the worst depending on his mood and how things were. Though this morning may not have been exactly his most fancied hour. He glanced to the hole just in time to see Carter storm from her front door. "Seems like mornings dont fit any of us today," he grumbled.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Carter stomped her way down the stairs in a hurry but also doing it loudly to get some of he frustration out. By the time she had made it to the base floor, Carter had gotten most of her steam out. She decided just to walk the blocks from the somewhat edge of the ghetto she and her roommate lived in and into the main part of the city. She pushed on the glass door of the studio her and her partner, Tucker, taught and trained in. There were a few other instructors, but they had far less shifts than them two. The door was already unlocked so Tucker must have already been there.

Wes focused on Sean as he made his comment. "They put up with me breaking the wall," he reminded. "I think I can handle a bit of their drama for awhile." He glanced towards the gaping hole again, wondering just what it was the girls where even having drama about at this hour. He had an hour before he had to get down to he mechanical shop he worked at.

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