Surrender Your Love (Surrender Your Love, #1) Surrender Your Love question

So what did you think?
Carole Carole Mar 16, 2013 04:22PM
I found this book very intriguing, but it leaves you with a cliffhanger.
Did you find this as good as the crossfire series?

I enjoyed it . . . I wouldn't compare it to Crossfire (personally).

I knew we were going down the road of love . . . but the cliffhanger kills me!! so many questions:

- is the lawyer scamming her?
- why is Jett protecting her?
- why does the father want to property so bad?
- what will happen once she meets this old dude?

UGH! I hate cliffhangers . . .

Pam I really liked the book. I am just getting tired of all the 3 and 4 book stories that I have to sit here and wait for. I have 6 stories at last count. ...more
Oct 01, 2013 02:08PM

loved it x

I just couldn't get the ' I'm in love with you' n 'you don't want me for my money like the others' what gave him that idea what made her different ??? She wasn't friendly or receiptive to him until she knew that he is the boss. The story became interesting to me only in the last chapter.

I thought it was okay. It was one of those that I may buy the sequel to, or I may not. I didn't really connect enough with the characters to feel a strong need to find out what happens in book 2.

i finished both books. i throughly enjoyed both. i can't wait for the 3rd book.

I hated this book. I bought it because I thought that the story would get better. It really didn't. I even started reading another book that I finished.

Just got done reading this. I thinking Old Man and the lawyer are scamming her. And Back mine keeps coming up with this have too do with Jett's father,that has do with someone was killer there.

Why does Jett need protecting her from who. In book 2 he told about Club has do with the house?

I did not really like this book. It was in need of a good editor. This writer has promise, but needs guidance.

I liked it ok, and will probably read the next one, I do think she needed more character development for Jett. and I thought there could have been alittle more "Nice" interaction from her, before he became her boss. And I don't tust Sylvie..just something bothers me about her.

Melissa I didn't love it, that's for sure! I tried really hard to get into the second book and just couldn't do it. ...more
Mar 27, 2014 06:15AM

Thought it was pretty average carbon copy of similar storylines. Not interested in the sequal at all

I did really enjoy this book. The cliffhanger is driving me nuts and I liked their relationship. Generally, it drives me nuts when the girl is solely dependant on the guy (her boss, her lover, etc.) but I did like that she had a backbone-ish.

Hopefully the next book will be interesting. I felt like the author was really descriptive on things that didn't matter or didn't need explaining. Not a huge favorite, but I was definitely interested and looking forward to the next one.

It was ok very readable,
Will probably read the second too far

I am so confused at the ending - i'm a bit dopey - but i didn't get then why the estate was under contract for $40M? why then if he already had his offer accepted did she get so pissed and assume he was using her? he didn't need her if his offer was accepted? also why was Sylvie & him in contact??

i've read better. it was very boring.

I loved this book! I gave it 5 stars on my blog Momma Romance

I think it really depends on the type of book you like. That said, Crossfire is still sitting in my #1 spot, I think this one will be in my top 10 for awhile but havne't figured out where it will land.

I loved the book. I loved the sequel. I do not like cliffhangers but, really, I'll buy the third and final book. And I will read it too. I have to buy all of the long series books. I won't novellas until they are all released. I understand when writers get writers block but, I hate being left hanging for months until they finally get fifty pages written. At least with novels you get longer storylines.

I didn't like it I read the first three chapters then skipped to the last few to find out what happened. Did like her style of writing or character development.

I like this series so far. It's not the best, but it keeps my interest. I thought this one was a little better since it involves a little more mystery in it. I will buy the 3rd one so I can get all of answers. But let's face it, Jett is hot and that's why we keep reading. ;)

I did not like this book.

Really liked this book a great deal, the characters, the plot, the twisting turning of the events that take place and the promise of a GREAT sequel with the line of "But, I'll never stop protecting you"! Now that, is a sequel in the making all by itself.

My only question and many may feel the same or not, but I am a little worried about the sequel. I have found many times in the past that I wait for the sequel and my hopes are dashed by the author who has literally just put a bunch of words together to get the sequel out. I am hoping beyond hope that this is NOT the case with this book.

I loved the way JC Reed wrote this book, it was an easy read and for the most part, I could not put it down, that is why I hope the second book in the series is good.

I am most excited to learn about what comes with the relationship between Jett and Brooke, I have a plot already drawn out in my head, let's see if it comes to fruition!

Good Work J.C. Reed, and thanks for taking me into the world of this book, it was great!

i LOVED this. i can't wait for the last installment TREASURE YOUR LOVE. x

deleted member Mar 20, 2013 08:52AM   0 votes
I really liked this book. Does anyone else get any bad vibes from Sylvie? I don't really like her for some reason...maybe it's her jealousy and mean girl tendancies?

I enjoyed the book but the ending was a complete shocker to me. Now I'm forced to read the next one :)

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