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message 1: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Plummer I look forward to every new book.

Jane I loved this but it altered everyone's life and made me wonder what the future holds for Maisie.

message 3: by Mic (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mic I agree. At first I was concerned that the author was ending the series but I am hoping she is just widening her scope so to speak. India would seem to fit Maisie's inner journey.

Bridget I also wondered if the series was ending but at the very end there seemed to be the idea that maybe it is just changing focus.

Jane I hope your right. I Have enjoyed these so much I'd hate to think that this is the end. Checked out author's website but couldn't find a hint. But I did sign up for her newsletter.

Quiltyknitwit Lots of big changes! Have enjoyed the series. (Maybe the title of this discussion could be changed from "Marie" to "Maisie")

Diane-OP Yep - this is one of the series that I have to read each new title the minute it comes out. I am sure that the arc of Maisie's life will continue to grow - I'm not worried that the series will end. Lots of potential for new characters and experiences!

Bridget I saw on her facebook page that her next book is not Maise but she will return in 2015.

message 9: by LJ (new) - rated it 3 stars

LJ The new stand-alone book, The Care and Management of Lies sounds really interesting. I love Winspear's thoughtful prose and I expect this book will be every bit as good as the Maisie Dobbs series. And yes, this discussion title should read, "Maisie" Dobbs not "Marie" Dobbs!

Nadine Perhaps the author is being smart. She's taking a break from the characters and changing things up a bit. So often a series gets tired and the plots repetitive that I just want the author to stop already.

I listen to these stories in the car, and have enjoyed how Maisie and the people around her have grown and matured. I would love to see a next book.

message 11: by Betsy (new) - rated it 1 star

Betsy I liked Maisie early on, but as I read more I liked her less and less. She's too perfect and unbelievable as a character.

Michell Karnes I agree this book seemed to be an ending to the series....moving Billy and Sandra and of course Maisie on to new things. I was also beginning to feel Maisie just couldn't make up her mind as to marriage which was irritating to me like she was leading on James. There are two books after this one though (not counting the stand alone novel) which I am glad about. The next in the series is titled Dangerous Place. The synopsis reads as if the series has jumped forward by 4 years. I am headed to the library today to check it out. Book 12 is titled Journey to Munich due to be out in 2016. At least there is more to come for Maisie and all of her followers.

message 13: by LJ (new) - rated it 3 stars

LJ Just started the 11th book. How I have missed Winspear's elegant prose!

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