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a discovery of witches

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Sights I read that david auburn is writting a screen play for this book. I really hope he read the book and tries his best to keep to that story line. I'm soo tired of reading books and then watching the movies and being extremely disappointed. This book is awsome the story must be kept it wouldn't make sense otherwise. Diana and Mathews stories are the book the witches and vamoires this is better than twilight if done correctly and that means sticking to the book.

Emma If this is true, I really hope they don't miss out any of the details. I was disappointed at some details being missed out of lord of the rings and the harry potter films, it's just not the same!

Sights I know what you mean I read all harry potter books and they sure did miss and change a lot of things. Its just like the host. I saw a preview to the movie looks completely off. Not like the book I'm soo disappointed.

TheCuriousDeer I fell in love with this book when I first read it so I'm scared about how a film would turn out.

The book has so many small and interesting details and I just know a film won't be able to get it all in!

I didn't realise they were making a film of The Host. I thought that it was an excellent book - much better than twilight. I hope that turns out ok too!

Emma I didn't mind twilight and the host is on my to read pile so wanting to read it before I see the film! :)

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