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No rules, tell the group a little about yourself. What is your favorite genre to read and write, what you do in your free time.

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Ann Swann (goodreadscomann_swann) | 2 comments Hi! My name is Ann Swann and I love to read anything and everything. I also write anything and everything. So far, I've published four novels, but one of the publishing companies folded so I'm republishing that series--The Phantom Series--and the first book should be out in another week or so.

I also publish with 5Prince Publishing. All for Love is my Women's Novel, and Stutter Creek (coming June 1st) is my first Romantic Thriller.

I've also done a self-pubbed sci-fi short -- Chems -- on Amazon. You can read excerpts of all my work at

Sorry, Erika,
You asked!

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Donna (donnahawk) | 2 comments Hi, my name is Donna Hawk (Regehr). I'm publishing under Donna Hawk. I have two books out that are lightweight romance/paranormal. The first one is set in the southwest U.S. The second is about a haunted house and a murdered girl. Currently, I'm working on a YA fantasy trilogy which I'm hoping will be available July-ish. I'm actually finishing the third book. I'm an indie author. I love to read (mostly fantasy) but don't have as much time to read as I'd like.

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V.S. Nelson | 2 comments Hello everyone. I'm Virginia and I write under the initials V.S. Nelson. I currently have two books on the shelves. Cupid and Penelope, a cute short tale where Cupid finally finds love after joining a modern circus. The first book in my Sekhmet's Guardians series, Eternal Lovers, was released 1/2/2013. Book two, Eternal Nights is due out May 1szt followed by Eternal Blades in December.
When I'm not writing you'll find me curled up on the couch with a good book or a crochet hook and yard in my hands.

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Louise Malbon-Reddix (LouiseMalbon-Reddix) | 1 comments Hello Everyone!! I am Louise Malbon-Reddix and I wrote - Stand In Your Anointment - This Too Shall Pass to come along side anyone who has gone through some type of loss and are going through the stages of grief. Widows and widowers or really anyone who has suffered the loss of a dear loved one.Just wanting to help someone else not to have to go through it all alone! Check it out here or on

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Sue Julsen (suejulsen) Hi guys and gals! I'm the author of the bestselling Bitter Memories series; currently 3 books in this series, with the 4th coming later this year. Book 1 isn't a feel-good book, but it is the true story of my life after being kidnapped at 3 yrs. old by my father, then living a life on the run, hungry, abused and terrified. The language is raw, the content is graphic, but there is no way to sugarcoat child abuse. The others in the series continues my story after my mother's death (book 2)and after my adoption by my mother's brother, a cop, and his heavy-handed wife (book 3). In these 2 I lighten things up a bit and include fictionalized murders for my uncle (the cop) to solve, plus a love story or two. The 4th will continue parts left out from the other 3, bringing out what my readers have been waiting for -- I talk about my big brother! I also have a book of poetry and short stories of what inspired each poem. Also non-fiction, these poems come from different times in my life while searching for peace from my past. This book is also in audio, and it is awesome! You can check find out more about me and my books on my website:

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Diana Febry (dianaj) | 8 comments Hi everyone
I am a writer and a reader.
I try to review everything I read. I enjoy reading crime/thrillers/YA/Womem's lit/Family Dramas and historical dramas. I am character led rather than plot.
The books I write fall into similar genres.
I am from the UK, a married mother of two teenagers. My passion outside of books are horses.
I look forward to meeting some of you but I'm not terribly good with the whole technology thing. I'd much prefer a quiet chat with a real person in the corner of a villlage pub.

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Diana Febry (dianaj) | 8 comments Ann wrote: "Hi! My name is Ann Swann and I love to read anything and everything. I also write anything and everything. So far, I've published four novels, but one of the publishing companies folded so I'm rep..."

Hi Ann
I enjoy romantic thrillers so keep me posted on the release.

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Diana Febry (dianaj) | 8 comments Virginia wrote: "Hello everyone. I'm Virginia and I write under the initials V.S. Nelson. I currently have two books on the shelves. Cupid and Penelope, a cute short tale where Cupid finally finds love after joinin..."

Hi Virginia
the plot for Cupid sounds fun!

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Sue Julsen (suejulsen) Hello, everyone. I'm the author of the bestselling "Bitter Memories" series. There are currently 3 books in this series available on Amazon as e-books, with the 4th being written now. The paperback versions are no longer in print, but will be returning soon on CreateSpace with new cover art. I also have a book of poetry with short stories that inspired the writing of each poem. This book is in e-book and audio format. You can listen to a sample, and it is awesome!
To find out more about me and my books please visit my website:

Goodreads blog can be found at:

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Jackie Herman-O'Neal (JackieHermanONeal) | 2 comments Hello, Jackie Herman-ONeal here, I'm a writer and editor. Since last year, I've been an avid runner and 5K participant. Mexicolore recommends my new children's book, Moctezuma’s Zoo: A Tale from an Enchanted City

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Lewis Nene (lewisneneauthor) | 4 comments Hi all,
I've just joined Goodreads and I'm still finding my way around the site.
I've read a lot over the years (English at Uni, teaching it, etc).
I like most things except for horror/crime/thriller - although even there things come along and I try out the latest recommendations. My main passion is literary fiction.

I've been writing on and off for a long time - scripts for theatre and radio, prose fiction for kids and adults (and bits of commercial non-fiction stuff along the way). I've taught English and Drama over the years.

I had a crime novel published ages ago and talked to the BBC about adapting it but got nowhere. I also decided that crime writing wasn't for me.
I did a fair bit of work in kids' fiction after signing up with an agency but after ten years decided to move on and try my hand at another adult novel.
I've recently posted the result of that work - 'Nothing you can do' - on Kindle and have been trying to get reviews from people other than friends/family.
I've gone back to writing for kids and am currently working on a new novel.
Anyway, something good must be coming from being on here as my book* took a big jump in the right direction the weekend I signed up.
Thanks for having me. I look forward to meeting you all.

*Link to 'Nothing you can do'

message 13: by Lewis (last edited Apr 18, 2013 12:24PM) (new)

Lewis Nene (lewisneneauthor) | 4 comments I should add that 'Nothing you can do' is contemporary fiction.

The main character, Sam Dickens, is a kitchen designer to the great and good in Cambridge. The reader follows his attempts to try and come to terms with a death in the family.

In a series of counselling sessions Sam thinks therapy will ‘fix’ things.
Helen James, a reluctant therapist, is inclined to believe that some things can’t be fixed, only suffered. As painful as it is, she persuades Sam to write his story.

It soon becomes clear why Sam feels broken. He fears there’s nothing you can do about the terrible, unforgivable choices we sometimes make.

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Georgia Flanagan | 2 comments Hi! My name is Georgia Flanagan and my first published book is Voices Within, a journey of Gemma searching for her spiritual purpose in life after being abused as a child. I don't believe in coincidences, I believe that everything happens for a reason. I am very open minded and my book touches on telepathy, reincarnation, soul mates, guardian angels, God and faith, child abuse and adult problem children. I love to read, especially romance, adventure, spiritual, and suspense. In my spare time, when not working on the sequel, I love to work in my yard and explore neat little shops with unusual items. My web site is:
Thank you!

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Randy Massey | 3 comments Randy Massey here my friends. So very thankful for being involved with this group and I hope we can all be a blessing to each other. Just turned 60 (oh my!) but feel like 30! Excited about starting my writing career (finally). So, my days are spent at work detailing for a large structural and misc. steel company and evenings / weekends are spent at home doing what I love most: writing, Facebooking, Twittering, etc! My passion is for fantasy adventures with a touch of romance thrown in. Crazy about great movies filled with fantasy worlds, special effects, and superheros! Avid reader, when time allows lol! May all of you be blessed in life and looking forward to sharing "life" with you.
Smiling with a grateful heart, Randy

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Hello group. My name is Michael Compton. I live with my loving wife, Cherokee in the great state of Kentucky. I have two novels, both at Amazon. Both offer the readers a look into the "What if?" I have classed both books as Sci/Fi/Fantasy, but both lead the readers into thought provoking ideas as to what things would or could have happened in life at different points in history, for what ever reasons. We spend most of our time studying the bible and enjoying each others company. My wife is also seeking a career in writing books for children, so we are always busy seeking new ways to improve our talents as writers, and also ways to further promote the works we have. God Bless you all, and look for my books in the appropriate places at Goodreads.

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Welcome new members, happy you joined my group. I haven't been around much lately, so much to do I'm up to my eyeballs. Keep posting and enjoy being here, Erika

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Georgia Flanagan | 2 comments Erika wrote: "Welcome new members, happy you joined my group. I haven't been around much lately, so much to do I'm up to my eyeballs. Keep posting and enjoy being here, Erika"

Thank you Erika, happy to be in your group! I certainly understand and can relate; life can get crazy busy!! I hope to check in atleast once a week.

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Sue Julsen (suejulsen) Author of the bestselling Bitter Memories series, and other books, too. Check it out on my website:
Facebook pages:

Please visit and click "like" while there!

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Christy Sloat (kssmommy) | 3 comments Hey Hey Hey!! My name is Christy Sloat, I am a YA Paranormal Author. Here is my website I am the author of the Best Selling series The Visitor's Series.

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Sarah (lieu2010) My name is Sarah. I'm a reader. I enjoy reading from several different genres and have so many books to get caught up on. :-D I must say hi, to you Christy Sloat. I have your book, The Brown House and can't wait to read it.

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Sue  Pilski (bubbasbookmama) Hi there! I am Sue from BUFFALO,NY. I am a huge bookworm! I am happy to be on Goodreads!! I have made so many great pals on here! And most of the Goodreads authors are very receptive & so down to earth!!! :)
And I am pleased to be a part of this group!!

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Fiona Ross (fionafaithross) | 1 comments Hi, I'm Fiona, from East Devon in the UK. SF is always top of my list, but I'll read commercial, womens, some supernatural and some fantasy. I love many classics too. Those are my reading tastes. Writing? I have a very specific focus on the interaction between humans and technology, but I write in more than one genre, so I'll write YA and adult. I fancy having a go at something gothic before too long, but it won't vampires. Maybe steam punk. Far Out by Fiona Faith Ross

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Christy Sloat (kssmommy) | 3 comments Hi everybody! I'm Christy Sloat. I write Paranormal/Romance/Fiction. My books from The Vistors Series are here:book:The Brown House|16194581]UnfoundThe Crimson Key
They are Paranormal and based on a REAL house that my husband grew up in. Yes, its haunted. I also write Paranormal Romance with my Past Lives series. Think, Love that lasts a lifetime:The Many Lives of Avery Snow

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J. Else (jelse) | 2 comments Hi all! If you're a fan of historical fiction, I hope you'll consider my self-published work.

"The Forgotten: Aten's Last Queen" is set in ancient Egypt.

The Forgotten Aten's Last Queen by J. Lynn Else

"I am King Tut’s wife, but my name is barely a whisper in history’s memory. I was the last of my family to survive the Aten revolution. I had a child at age 12 and was forced to marry three times. But that didn’t mean my story ended badly. My name is Ankhesenamun, my loved ones called me An, and I will stop at nothing to save my family."

Here are a few links:

On goodreads -

My webpage - where its currently up for sale -

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Anne-Rae Vasquez (annerae) | 2 comments Hi everyone,
I'm Anne-Rae Vasquez, author of Doubt (book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy) which was just released at the Raindance Book Festival in Canada last week.

My book launch team and I are kicking off this week of our book launch tour by doing a Rafflecopter Giveaway of $20 Amazon Gift cards, a signed copy of Doubt, ebook copies of Doubt, power charm bracelets and keychains to ward off evil (in the theme of Doubt) and other fun stuff.

Win $20 Amazon gift cards by entering the Rafflecopter Doubt, Among Us Trilogy book launch - Ends Dec 15, 2013

Go to:

Good luck and look forward to getting to know you. :) Doubt (Among Us, #1) by Anne-Rae Vasquez

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Haven Francis (agirlandherbooks) Hi,
I'm Haven Francis. My New Adult romance Love Is Relative was published last month. I love that these groups are on Goodreads to offer support! Thanks.

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Ruthie (rmadison67) | 1 comments I am Ruthie Madison and I write Christian Romance and have three books published. The Past Hunter: When the Past Comes Calling andJesus Paid It All

Both are Smashwords. A Second Chance at Love is my first book which you would have to get through

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Brenda  Ashworth Barry | 1 comments Hello, I'm Brenda Ashworth Barry and my book was just released which is Seasons of Love and war. A historical romance, family five part Saga.

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Brian Benson (bknight47) | 10 comments Hello Gang: I'm Brian Benson and my second book Twin Killing was recently released. It's the sequel to my 1st novel Cob Search For A Serial Killer...

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