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2. Know the signs to suicide.
E.g. Sudden changes in the person, pushing friends/family away, etc.

message 3: by Sierra (new)

Sierra (skippingstones4) 3. Be willing to listen and help.

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4. Don't turn your back on someone who's going through a bad patch.

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 16 comments 5. tell them encouraging things.

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6. Try and get them to seek help needed.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) 7. Don't interrogate them by two police and a guidance counselor for over three hours at school and then call their mother so she will come and get all emotional and upset and she and their father will give you long talks and treat you weirdly for months on end.

Michelle Sedai of the Brown Ajah (michellekobus) 8. Don't tell them to "just get over it." It doesn't help, and can actually make things worse.

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Sierra (skippingstones4) 9. Stand up for people who are getting bullied, be the person to make a difference.

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10. Be like Rachel Joy Scott, who tried to stop bullying. Help others, who feel left out, unloved. Be like her. She tried to make a difference, which started a chain reaction.

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11. Don't ignore the signs.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) 13. Don't change the topic when they bring it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gabrielle (gabshi) 15. Encourage them to smile. Even if you are unhappy, smiling boosts your brain and makes you think you are at least somewhat happy.

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16. Give them chocolate.

message 15: by Sierra (new)

Sierra (skippingstones4) 17. Help them find a hobby to take their mind off of things.

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Redange Thompson | 3 comments These recommendations might all be true but you have to remember that not all potential suicide persons show any of those signs some are very. Good at hiding it

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Gabrielle (gabshi) I was. That's for sure.

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Redange Thompson | 3 comments I suggest you tell yourself that dispite the problem nothing is more important than life itself its a blessing

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Try to talk to someone.

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21. Hang out with them and do stuff you didn't do before. Do that, and that could change their mind.

message 21: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) If suspecting a victim of possible suicide simply sit down and talk to them. Reassure them that you are there for them. Listen to their reasoning. Relate their problems to yours or other friends problems. Help them realize they aren't the only one with these struggles. With this they should be reassured that they are not messed up in anyway. In dire circumstances call 1-800-SUICIDE.

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Don't ignore people who are depressed or acting differently

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Gabrielle (gabshi) Tell people you care about them. That you're there for them. Give them hugs, even if they don't want them.

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Elise (elisemae) | 6 comments Be there for the person and tell them they are not alone. My friend had this issue and I kept telling her that I'm here listening. I helped her through thinking of suicide. If they push away and/or get worse call suicide prevention. They will eventually realize you're there to help.

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