The Adventures of Ben Gunn The Adventures of Ben Gunn question

The Adventures of Ben Gunn
Neil Griffin Neil Mar 16, 2013 01:34PM
30 years back I started to write a rock opera based on this book, which has inspired and bemused me since childhood. Who would like to join me to finally breath life into this project?

Allan (last edited Aug 25, 2013 08:35AM ) Mar 26, 2013 08:01PM   0 votes
Well, the material is copyrighted, so you should probably begin by getting written permission from his children who I believe own the rights. I love the book, but it's a shame more hasn't been done with it.

A long time ago a BBC TV series was made of the book. I vaguely remember watching it, but I do remember. The tapes were lost, but someone somewhere has to have a copy. Anyone out there know?

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