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message 1: by Javier (new)

Javier Bonafont | 4 comments I have a short story collection that is available on Amazon and iBooks. The stories are somewhat like Lovecraft, PK Dick, etc., in that they are fantastical but not space opera type of sci-fi. I'm looking for folks with blogs or columns about short fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. that would be willing to read and review it on their site. I have 25 promo codes for free amazon kindle copies if you email me and tell me where you would review it. I have a few paperback copies as well that I am mailing out. More here:

thanks for your interest and help in spreading the word.

message 2: by Javier (new)

Javier Bonafont | 4 comments Sorry, I'm an idiot, the promo codes are for the iBooks version for iPad. I'm not sure how to send out free kindle versions. But I can always mail out a pdf of the collection to folks who want to review it.

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