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Grace (played by Alissa Skovbye) was the daughter of Jefferson and they both were very close. At the market, when she and Jefferson passes by a toy wagon, she spots a white, stuffed rabbit and asks Jefferson to get it for her. The merchant (the Evil Queen is disguise) tells him that it costs one silver coin. Jefferson tries to offer her his last bit of money, which is eight copper coins, but she refuses, stating the economy was the reason she could not take his offer. As Jefferson tries to bargain with the merchant, Grace says that it she didn't really need it and wants to leave since others were waiting. She was told by Jefferson to go to the neighbors while he was on an important business trip and that he will be home in time for tea.

In Storybrooke, she is Paige and she now believes that she is the daughter of another family and is no longer aware that Jefferson exists. At the end of the episode "Hat Trick," she walks by Henry and greets him. In "Lady of the Lake" she is reunited with Jefferson.

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Jessica (oddandbookish) I would love to find out her backstory.

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