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Adding New Books > Combine "new edition" to the existing ones

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message 1: by Mariana (new)

Mariana Vasconcelos | 1 comments I've added the book with the ISBN 9725751248 and I would like it to be combined with the other editions of The Master and Margarita, thank you

message 2: by lafon حمزة (new)

lafon حمزة نوفل (lafon) | 3557 comments Done.

message 3: by Dianna (new)

Dianna Love (authordiannalove) | 4 comments I'd like to have the Kobo & BN links added for Last Chance To Run, ISBN 9780988607958 (I tried to figure it out, but can't)



message 4: by Emy (last edited Mar 16, 2013 02:13PM) (new)

Emy (emypt) | 5034 comments Vendor links should never be added to book records.

The "Get a copy" links are user generated NOT set by the site. If a user wants to use that vendor, then they will configure the buttons on the record personally. For example, mine all go to UK site since B&N is useless for me :) Does that make sense? Basically, as I understand it, the site button works as a pre-programmed search, so it will by preference search on ISBN/ASIN/BNID then by title if no standard number is found.

message 5: by Dianna (new)

Dianna Love (authordiannalove) | 4 comments Okay. I'm slowly working my way through all this and I'm not even sure I have my page set up as an author page yet. Still a little confused on that. :) thanks for explaining it. I think the Librarians Group is wonderful. I appreciate having someone ready to answer a question.

message 6: by Emy (new)

Emy (emypt) | 5034 comments Re the author page, you seem to have two profiles - a claimed GR author profile and a user one. Contact Support if this has been like that for a while and you want them merged fully. :)

message 7: by Dianna (new)

Dianna Love (authordiannalove) | 4 comments ok, thank you.

message 8: by Dianna (new)

Dianna Love (authordiannalove) | 4 comments I sent a message to help, but haven't heard. Is that the right place to contact "support"?

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

message 10: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 43546 comments Mod
Got #9.

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