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Nancy Roberts Be the last to comment on this and win a digital copy of The Fire King by C.S. Marks!

Mommasaysread This is an awesome novella!

M.S. Bump.

Bella I want

message 5: by Elyssanda (new)

Elyssanda Signed in JUST SO I could sign up for this... I am a sucker for Chris' books... and this would go sooo well with the signed Elfhunter copy I won from her a few years ago on KB.

Bella Ellyssandra, have you read the new Elfhunter?

message 7: by Elyssanda (new)

Elyssanda No, I haven't re-downloaded it from the 'Zon. hmm..

message 8: by Elyssanda (new)

Elyssanda Oh darn!, I just checked. Seems I already own this. between Finals the week I bought it (Dec 4th), Christmas, Son's wedding, New Year's, the new semester starting, and a death in the family, it was a rough month, and I wasn't reading much. Well, i know what has moved to the top of my TBR pile... after I finish the two papers due this week. GL all.

Nancy Roberts're busy!

Mommasaysread are you still standing?

message 11: by Elyssanda (new)

Elyssanda Honest? I'm barely reeling through life atm.. things are slipping, but I can only do what I can do. The hard part is weekend trips to San Francisco (to help cleaning up the estate) from TX, and back for school. my internal clock is soooo screwed up. 3 days west cost time, 4 days central time..

Nancy Roberts Well Guess what! Now you have a book to read! you win the copy of Fire King

***contest officially over***

Nancy Roberts send pm me your email and I'll gift it through Amazon!

message 14: by Elyssanda (new)

Elyssanda I already have it, but thanks anyway Nancy. Last post above mine was Mommasaysread.. give it to her.

Nancy Roberts She has it too:0. That's ok Thanks for playing!!!

Christi Barnes i'll take it!

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