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message 1: by L'Poni, Empress of the Space Dragons (new)

L'Poni (lponi) | 245 comments Mod
I'm very surprised nobody suggested this. I liked Reign of Fire (although it felt like it was more about the people than the dragons) but I wish there was more background info on the dragons. I kinda wish it had that 'Jurassic Park' theme I was hoping for when I first saw it. During some points of the movie, I was wondering why the dragons didn't eat people. They were starving so it would make sense that they would eat 'em but they didn't! Setting them on fire looks like a waste of food. Although the movie had some clichés, it was an overall good movie. The post apocalyptic theme reminded me of video games (FPS games specifically). If Reign of Fire was a game, it would be completely awesome. Have any of you seen it?

message 2: by Cole (new)

Cole (spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
I have!!! Was very good. I just didn't mention it because the dragons weren't characters in them selves. Still, there are dragons!!! Very grim and awesome movie! A must see by dragons fans!
It would be a cool game!
Jurassic Park is a good comparison.

message 3: by Beverly (new)

Beverly (bjbixlerhotmailcom) I have seen the movie a few times because I bought my own copy of the DVD. Really loved the movie. I occasionally do like to see a movie where the dragons are the bad guys. These dragons were vicious and uncaring. L'Poni does have a very good point: why didn't these dragons eat any of the people?

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