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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Gonna post my charrie soon, wanna go through the plot again?

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Yeah, I'd like to go over the plot :)

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Are you still here? :)
I remember you said that you wanted the plot to be comedic with two people hating each other. Do you want them to be boy/girl and eventually fall in love?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Yup and yup :)
(sorry I didn't post the plot sooner)

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments It's okay :) So you want to be the girl?

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments I'll start making my character if I'm being the guy. I don't mind playing either person. (:

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Yep, I'd like to be the girl :)

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Kk! As for the plot how about the guy & girl are in high school together and hate each other, and then they're forced to be partners in a project? Or something along the lines of that. :)
I'll start making my character.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Okay, how about it is in their Spanish class and he's he's really good at it, and because she sucks at it, she has to be his partner and go with him on a school trip or something?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments How about I play all girls in this, just because if I'm playing a guy that's trying to flirt with my girl, it feels strange.

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Melody wrote: "Okay, how about it is in their Spanish class and he's he's really good at it, and because she sucks at it, she has to be his partner and go with him on a school trip or something?"

Sounds good. :)
I'm fine with playing guys! Except I don't really want my character to actually be Spanish.. would it be fine if he's just really fluent in it?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Yup XD :)
Gonna create my girl :) Mine's going to be age 21

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Plot:
-A girl and a boy = worst enemies
-Boy, fluent in Spanish
-Girl, Let's not talk about it XD
-Boy has to tutor girl, staying with her for trip(?)
-They are partners in a project
-Eventually fall in love :D

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments So they're going to be in college? I'll make mine 22... because I'm awkward when it comes to big gaps in age when it comes to romance :P

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Lol same, and for some reason, younger boys and girls... It weirds me out :)

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments haha I find it awkward when the girl is older than the guy, but I guess that makes me a hypocrite because my parents are like that. >.<

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments That's what I meant to write! But for some reason my brain isn't working with my nerves because I've been writing like that the whole week (._.')

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments That's okay ^_^ I'm a bit stressed too. I've got a big test coming up. o___O Sorry for the late reply btw, working on my charrie and multitasking :)

Name: Jeremiah Brown
Nicknames: None. He gets especially annoyed if you call him Jeremy.
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight / heterosexual
Appearance / FC:
(view spoiler)
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 137 lbs
Traits: Basically the same as the picture above; brown hair, brown eyes, white skin, and facial hair.
Style: He has a laid-back style, comfortable but still shows that he cares about his looks. Somewhat hipster.
One: (view spoiler)
Two: (view spoiler)
Features: Has a scar on his upper left arm, and won't tell anyone where he got it.
Personality: Jeremiah tends to boast about everything and anything. His family is somewhat rich (richer than the students at their school, at least), and he lets that be known. He thinks he's above everyone else and often acts like a "snobby rich kid," for lack of a better phrase. :) Jeremiah is also a "player" and dates whenever and whoever he wants. However, he doesn't trust easily. He tends to talk a lot, but the people he actually trusts and likes are minimal. Jeremiah's also a definite risk-taker and will do almost anything when dared.
Habits: He tends to drum his fingers when he's bored, nervous, etc.
Family: His father left his family when he was thirteen; now, he only has his mother, and his sixteen-year-old sister. His father was abusive and used to hurt Jeremiah, causing the scar he has on his upper left arm, and is also why he doesn't trust easily.
Home: Lives in an apartment nearby the school.
Other: Plays the drums. (view spoiler)

Still working on it!

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments My Character:
Isabella Dawn
Issy, Bella, Issy-Bell, Bell, Dawn
24th August
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
Height: 5 foot 10
Body Mass: 132
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour / skin colour: Dyed red / Caramel (tan)
Lip biting: (view spoiler)
Hair twirling: (view spoiler)
Dressing Styler:
Outfit One: (view spoiler)
Outfit Two: (view spoiler)
Outfit Three: (view spoiler)
Outfit Four: (view spoiler)
Distinctive features:
Her Tattoo: (view spoiler)
Her Glasses: (view spoiler)
Bella is really wise and determined. She never backs down from a fight and never backs away from a challenge. One time, when she was 9, a boy dared her to climb a tree, and jump down from it. So she did, resulting in a broken arm.

She is really caring, she has donated so much money to charity, and adopted so many of those unfortunate animals from WWF. She also owns 2 puppies -dalmatians.

She is loyal and understanding for her friends, but holds a grudge and can get very upset easily. She doesn't have a lot of dignity for herself, she will sing or dance anywhere in public but doesn't like PDA -Public Display of Affection e.g. making out.

-She has 2 dalmatian puppies (both boys)
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
-She is crazily afraid of heights
-Can swim, but not well, so she is afraid of drowning

Need to finish!

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments THOSE DALMATIANS. So cute. :o
Aw gosh. Yours is more detailed than mine. I need to work on mine as well.

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments I'll be back later, I need to go do something right now. But I updated my character's bio a bit. :)

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Back! We can start the roleplay now, if you want. :) I'll be a bit poofy though. And I'll probably update Jeremiah's bio throughout the RP.

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments ooc: k so I'm gonna do it in past tense if that's okay :)

Jeremiah entered the school, nodding to his friends. He ignored their calls to join them; he was already late for his Spanish class. Jeremiah walked up the arduous stairs to the small classroom that the school pathetically called their Spanish classroom, casually opening the door and stepping inside.
"You're late," Senorita Magdalena commented with an icy gaze.
"I'm aware," answered Jeremiah. He sat down at the only empty seat, besides... oh. Isabella Dawn. The animal lover. He rolls his eyes. Of all the seats, did this one have to be the only empty one?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments ((I always do it in past tense :) also, i'm gonna do it in first person))
Gonna write it in a few

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments ooc: okay ^_^ do you want me to change into first person or should I leave mine third?

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments ((U can do the nx post in 1st person gonna write it now so bare with. I watched Africa United and cried, the film is so sweet. The boy... Awww))

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments ooc: I've never heard of that movie before... then I googled it and realized it's probably because it wasn't released in the US. :P It must be a good movie if it made you cry though! I cry in like every emotional movie and book though. :P

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Melody wrote: "((U can do the nx post in 1st person gonna write it now so bare with. I watched Africa United and cried, the film is so sweet. The boy... Awww))"

Oh, wait. Did you want me to write the next post?

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments No lol. Gonna write it now. Sorry had to have a shower :)

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments I used a hand to bring my red hair over my shoulder and continued to draw my puppies inside my sketch book when a boy sat down next to me. Wasn't hard to tell it was a boy from the smell of cologne. I glanced to the side and my fingers tightened on my pencil when I saw who it was. Jeremy. Gawd-damn. Brown. Why? I would have preferred being on the Titanic than being here. I decided to ignore him and continued to sketch my puppies in my book. I had no idea what Miss was going on about anyway. Speak Gawd-damn English then tell us in Spanish, I thought, wanting to knock some sense into her... With a brick. I tucked my silky red hair behind my ear, because it kept getting in my way and put my head in my left hand, drawing with my right, seeing as I'm right handed.

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments ooc: Sorry I wasn't on!

I yawned as our teacher rambled on and on about Spanish verbs and pronouns. I'd learned this months ago, so I wasn't particularly interested in reviewing what I'd already learned. Not for the first time, I wondered why there weren't any advanced Spanish classes.
I glanced in the corner of my eye to that Isabella girl. She was drawing puppies in her notebook. I covered my mouth to hide my laugh. Puppies? Who the hell draws puppies in their notebooks?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments ((Bic? OOC?))

I carried on with drawing one of my puppies; MichaelAngelo. (view spoiler) Yeah, he was named after the famous artist, sculpture dude. My other puppy was named Leonardo. And his last name was Di Vinci. I'm so addicted to art, it's a real big hobby, and I want to be either a nude artist or a fashion designer when I'm older. Decisions, decisions. I started doing some smudging when out of the blue, my dumb Spanish teacher asked me a question; "¿Te sientes bien?" Senorita Magdalena asked me. I shrugged, my eyes widening a little. She rolled her eyes -rude!- and said in Spanish (why?!?!) "¿Cuál es el problema?"

What to say? I didn't even know what she said in the first place. But from hearing the word problema in the sentence, I'm guessing she said, You have a problem, which is rude. I shook my head and opened my mouth to say something. "Errrrr." Smooth move, I thought to myself, internally kicking myself. How did you say, I have period pains?

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments bic is back in character and ooc is out of character. :)

Isabella shifted uncomfortably as Senorita Magdalena asked her a simple question. How did she not know what that meant? We learned this on the first day.
I decided that Isabella and Magdalena were making this class unnecessarily longer than it needed to be, so I helped Isabella out a bit. "She's asking you if you are alright," I told Isabella. "Obviously."

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments "Yeah... Of course," I said, giving him a smile, my teeth mashing together. I turned back towards the teacher -a really bad one of that- and replied, "Muy bien," which I'm not sure if you could even use for that question. Senorita Magdalena frowned at me, but eventually turned back towards the board. Didn't she know I was the worst Spanish student in this college? I only did Spanish because.... Ohhh, I was Spanish. But I spoke German better, where was the sense in that?
As soon as she turned around, I carried on with my drawing, adding extra detail. This was sooooo going to be drew on a bigger canvas and hung up on my wall. And only 10 more minutes of the lesson left. Thank the Lord.

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments ooc: okay.... I don't know Spanish so this might be awkward since I'm using Google Translate. :P

The bell rang shortly after that, and everyone sprinted off to their next class. I was about to follow when Senorita Magdalena stopped me. "Esa chica necesita ayuda en español," she commented. I smirked. "Si," I answer. "Quiero que la ayudara," Senorita Magdalena told me. My smirk faded. She wants me to tutor Isabella? She's impossible. Senorita Magdelena nodded to me, letting me go to my next class. I let out a big sigh, knowing that tutoring Isabella won't go well.

ooc: you can start another scene if you want. :)

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments ((I'm using google translate as well XD))

I headed to my art class, totally pumped. Today we were going to do nude drawings!! It was disturbing yet exciting. You got to base it on anything you wanted, and a lot of girls were choosing Justin Bieber -please- yet I was choosing an angel, with long dark black hair, hiding her private parts. Her skin a soft peach, and her wings a white pearl. The part where her skin and wings met would go from her skin colour, eventually to the colour of her wings.

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments ooc: late post is late omg sorry ;__;

I chugged the remaining contents of my drink and tossed it into a nearby trash can, definitely not looking forward to Spanish later on in the day. I joined my friends nearby the entrance of the school.
"Dude, where have you been?" asked Cal, slapping my arm. "We haven't seen you in forever!"
"Busy," I responded coolly. The first bell rang, and I walked inside the school without another word to my friends.
Cal caught up to me. "Whoa, sorry if I annoyed you," he said. "Didn't know you were on your man period." he snickered.
"Why don't you shut the fu-" I began to say, turning toward him in anger, when I accidentally run into someone in front of me. I got up immediately, looking down at who I accidentally tripped. Of course. Isabella.
"You should watch where you're going," I suggested snidely, piicking up my books and walking away.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments I groaned as an elbow went into my side, turning around to see.. Jeremy?! Could my day possibly get any worse? Apparentely yes, since he blamed it on me. I shook my head, sprinting to catch up with him. I grabbed onto his arm, saying "Who do you think you are? The Queen of Sheba?" I asked, raising an unamused eyebrow and hearing some snickers from his so called 'friends'. I was walking backwards so really hoped the jerk wouldn't make me walk into anything. I rolled my eyes, and kept my focus on Jeremy. "Anyway, could you stop following me? It's getting from the point of creepy to the verge of calling the cops," I said with a lazy shrug, hearing some more
chuckles. I ignored them and proceeded to walk towards my art class, heart beating noticably quicker.

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments "You two would make a great couple," joked Cal gleefully, my friends laughing with them. I clenched my fists. They're idiots, Jeremiah, they're not worth your time, I told myself. I took a deep breath.
"Whatever," I responded casually. "She isn't my type, anyway."
Still, her jibes unsettled me. Isabella was an annoying asshole, and I know I shouldn't let her get to me, but sometimes, she can be so infuriating...
"Mister Brown?"
I looked up. Professor Evans, the performing arts professor, raised his eyebrows at me with a slight smile. "You're a tad late. Got lost?"
"Please," I answered. "I've been in this school for years." I slipped one of my backpack's straps on my shoulder and followed him to the classroom.
Of all the professors, I found I connected to Professor Evans the most. I don't know why. Maybe it's because in his class, I can escape in the music and forget about my troubles. Like tutoring Isabella. I cringed at the thought of it.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments I walked sat down in my seat in my art class, thinking about what I had said to Jeremy. Because, yes, it was true. It was really creepy getting stalked. And I know I only bumped into him a couple of times, but when it's someone you loathe.... I shook my head, it could feel like a million times. I started to finish my current drawing; a puppy I saw in the Battersea Cats and Dogs home. (view spoiler)

When I was done, I felt, no, rather smelt Miss LaVodka peer over my shoulder. Her name was really Lavodika, but every called her LaVodka because she absolutely stank of that shit. I shook my head, and proceeded to my angel, Miss giving me approving praise, while I held my breath and nodded, not wanting to be a passive drinker or anything. As far as I knew, I was never going to drink. None of that underage etc. shit for me. No sir-ree. I twirled my hair around my index finger, getting some claps on my back from a couple of my friends that I finally wasn't drawing another animal. I laughed along with them, my friends being a few of the easiest people to joke along with. But Estelle..., I raised my hand and blocked her before her next slap.

"Could you not slap me?" I asked her, my teeth gritting. "Even if it is as a 'friend'." I told her, raising a pissed eyebrow. Her slaps were down right hard - even if they were meant to be for praise. She looked me up and down and kissed her teeth and I widened my eyes in surprise. "This friendship is over," she told me, smirking, turning around to do her stupid drawing. I turned back to mine, my cheeks red, dumb bipolar bitch I thought, annoyed. My fists clenched, and I hid them under the table, not wanting to loose my temper and hit her one.

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments ooc| I am so sorry for not getting this up earlier. ;___; School has been terrible, as usual.. just thought you should know that I am mainly going to be online on weekends, as school is stupid and I'm hanging out with friends afterwards.
Again, I'm super sorry :c Post coming next!

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Correction: Post coming later.
Again, I apologize :c

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments ooc| Again, I'm really sorry. :c I am such a bad roleplay partner.

I followed Professor Evans into the classroom. I took my seat at the drumset. I put down my backpack, unzipping it and digging for my drumsticks. Professor Evans declared, "Now that we are all here, we can get the ball rolling. Does anyone need a tuning pitch?" A couple of students raised their hands. I sat back in my chair, waiting patiently as Leila pressed notes on the piano for others to tune with. This was my symphonic orchestra class; while I enjoyed playing percussion and drumset for them, I didn't particularly enjoy the seriousness of orchestral classes. I much preferred my jazz band class, named Lefthand Jazz.

When the orchestra was done tuning, Professor Evans raised his arms, ready to conduct us. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. There were no percussion parts in this piece, so I had to wait again to actually play.

At least I had the company of Marissa and Peyton, the other percussionists in the symphonic orchestra. Well, having the "pleasure" of their company wasn't exactly the definition of a swell time, either. The thing is, Marissa and Peyton were in a dear, loving relationship. In other words, they made out as often as possible. And here they were; instead of respectfully listening to the orchestra play their piece, they were hiding behind the percussion stand where we kept our equipment and kissing aggressively. I looked away. If I were in a relationship, I'd much prefer a girl who'd like me for my personality, not my making out skills.

Three-fourths of the class passed and I still didn't get to play anything on my drumset. Professor Evans apologized to us, saying that he needed to work on songs without percussion because they needed the most work. Of course, Peyton and Marissa told him to take his time, they could wait. I, however, was bored out of my mind, wishing that I could be in Lefthand Jazz class. At least there I got to play a few pieces.

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments ooc| Kinda bad, sorry.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments I sighed, glad that art was finally over. Unusually, I was the first to leave the classroom. A lot was going on in my head, stupid stuff, funny stuff and a couple of songs. I wondered if I was ever going to finish my art work, if Estelle would grow up and stop being a bitch and I was also softly singing along to Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. I was walking at quite a fast pace to the school's library, trying hard not to sing loudly, but the lyrics escaping my mouth: "You make me glow, but I cover up," I sang then coughed as I passed a girl who gave me a dirty look. I shook my head, was the whole world angry at me today?
I eventually entered the library, after having to cross the school's premises, the sun beating down on me, making my red velvet hair glow as well as my skin. I sat down near the back, where barely anyone came, and sat down on a bean bag, feeling myself sink down into it. I flicked open a magazine near me, scanning it while singing quietly to myself, "Puttin’ my defences up
‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I’d have a heart attack
" Sighing, so far, a lot of things were on my mind and if I spoke to my mum, she would've told me that I was stressing over nothing. But I couldn't because she wasn't here and wouldn't ever be back again. I bit my bottom lip, trying hard not to think about it, but the thoughts entering my head anyway, and I quickly pulled my knees up to my chest, placing my head on my knees, my hair covering my face.

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