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message 1: by Hope ♡ (new)

Hope ♡ | 162 comments Mod
Have the name, if you are a MOD, about how many people are in that group, and a little description to it!

message 2: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa (alyssums) Once Upon A Time fans, I'm the mod :D, Ummm *blush* only 2, and it's a group for all those people out there who are obsessed with Once Upon a Time, the tv show! I have a very intense passion about the show and have debates or just fangirl about it ALL the time! Pretty much you can talk to other Oncers and swap info and blah blah blah, i'm not good at descriptions :$

message 3: by Hope ♡ (new)

Hope ♡ | 162 comments Mod
Please, join her group! Save her group!

message 4: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa (alyssums) Aweh thank you :) it's kind of pathetic lol :P

message 5: by Hope ♡ (new)

Hope ♡ | 162 comments Mod
Nothings pathetic!

message 6: by ash. (new)

ash. please join!! need more Once upon a time fans :)

message 7: by Hope ♡ (new)

Hope ♡ | 162 comments Mod
Help Ashley out please!

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